Sunday, March 19, 2017

Snowflake melting

via Instapundit:

SJW with a degree in feminist/latino studies finds this offensive.

she elsewhere tweets: "as a woman I want to break the glass ceiling".

well, as someone who was a physician when only 8 percent of physicians were women, maybe I should point out that maybe she should persue excellence and knowledge instead of a whining feminism that can't see her ignorance may be the problem, not a hypothetical glass ceiling.

This is, after all, basic history. You know: World War I?

Google is your friend.

And the fact she gets upset at seeing an airplane that has a cross on it shows she is a bigot. True, it is politically correct bigotry, but bigotry nevertheless.

For the clueless, this is one of the Red Baron's planes.

( the biplane is a Fokker CIII Albatross, but he also flew others, including the famous Fokker D1 Triplane).

As in the most famous flying ace of World War I.

You know, the nemesis of Snoopy:

In contrast, Snoopie flew the Sopwith Camel,

why "camel"? 

A metal fairing over the gun breeches, intended to protect the guns from freezing at altitude, created a "hump" that led pilots to refer to the aircraft by the name Camel.

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