Wednesday, April 19, 2017

family news

The modem has been placed so I can now get a decent signal in my room.

Ruby's friends have gone home, and she's busy chatting on her cellphone.Auntie Ruby is a shoulder for a lot of them to cry on. Lots of her friends are depressed and even express suicidal thoughts. I worry because his is now a big thing explored in teen dramas, and doctors know that teens are suggestible in such things.


These are middle class kids, whose parents both work and have little time for kids, and many probably don't have extended family since they live in Manila.

I feel like elling them: Go to the slums and help street kids, and then feel sorry for yourselves. But I doubt they are in a church that emphasizes such things.


we are still not sure where she will go to high school, since her father wants her to attend a B high school here and she wants to go to one in Manila. As Drudge says: Developing. Especially since we still have to probate Lolo's will and will probably get thrown out of here if he wins the honor to do this. Never mind local law forbids throwing a surviving spouse from her home that they can't own as a non citizen.


Our night watchman has now been forbidden, with the excuse that he gets drunk.. no replacement since I refuse to let the boyfriend sleep here, and don' t trust a stranger. so now it's George the killer golden lab protecting us.


in the meanwhile, we are sharing my large computer, which is a Chinese built Lenovo and a piece of s___. Several things wrong with it so far, and it's not worth it to upgrade the memory and replace the screen since he screws are falling out of the bottom and the keys are sticking all the time.

Joy won't be back until the weekend. My step son is happy.

The roof leaked during the rain, but not badly.

Happy happy happy.

Actually things are quite nice here: No recent earthquakes, the latest monsoon rains cooled us off, and no body is sick.

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