Sunday, April 23, 2017

Ginger coca cola

A new flavor of CocaCola is being introduced into Asia: Ginger flavored coke.

released for some reason first in Australia, but the real aim is the Chinese market, where it will be marketed as a "uang" (warm) beverage to balance "Yin" (cold) food (yin yang food balance)

I have been reading how SJW in US colleges are bullying those who borrow stuff from other cultures, but here, businesses (mainly US but also Chinese and local businesses) do this all the time.

I mean, not only can you get Pinoy style sphagetti at McD, you also get rice with your fried chicken... and simiilarly, you can get hamburgers, fried chicken etc. at the local copycat franchise, Jolibee.

when you read about evil preachers pushing hate, just remember, coca cola and other companies are pushing the opposite story (and by the way, buy our stuff)... not jus in Asia (or the US) but all over the world.

this song is English but the commercial is from Portugal:

and the Pakistani version: Love your wonderful counry

South African commercial:

and the Philippine commercial is about... family.

and friendship

and of course, fun....they also have this one about visiting Borachay:

the SJW have stuff about how evil it is, (in Africa, our nurses joked it was American poison, but drank it anyway... it was safer than drinking the water).

And you know, not only can you buy it all over the place, but since the stuff is bottled locally, so you can find bottling plants all over the place, meaning jobs for locals.

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