Monday, April 03, 2017

Meme vs Lyin' eyes

Here is the meme in the papers:

Did Donald Trump collude with Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton? Did Barack Obama politicize law enforcement and intelligence-gathering to spy on Trump and destroy his presidency?
Nonsense of course.

Uh, fellahs: It wasn't Russia, it was hackers. Left wing anti government anti globalist hackers who released the information of government shennanigans to the public.

Yeah, Russia helped them, because Russia does this. But when British or Mexican politicians or the pope openly condemn Trumpie boy, was that the UK or Mexico or the Papists interfering with the election?

What is being ignored by the meme is forgotten:

Assange gave an interview about how google and facebook are spyin' on you, but the NSA and the CIA are spying on everyone, not just the bad guys.

I'm so old that I remember when Wikileaks was part of the left wing fringe. However, since Hillary's emails were hacked and released, the meme is "russia Russia RUSSIA" followed by "Russian for stole the election for Trump".

No, they didn't hack the voting machines, stuff the ballot boxes or let illegals and dead men vote: They merely reported stuff, including dirty tricks.

you know, reporting stuff that used to be reported by the WAPO (e.g. watergate) or 60 minutes?

Judge Jennine notes:

Jeanine Pirro: “...(They)  still haven’t figured out what exactly Russia did!...
 Instead of admitting that the woman was so desperate for power that she sets up a private server to both collect money and run the government — and you know the rest. And by the way, the Russians didn’t write her emails, the ones that sunk her. She did!
why yes.

one of the things reported was about the plan to make the party hacks steal the nomination from Bernie.

So the UKGuardian reports: Bernie told his minions not to hate Trump voters.

Well, yes: I'm so old that Democrats weren't owned by Goldman Sachs, and used to back workers rights and jobs that paid well so people could support their families... and if this meant "protectionism", well, bring on the tariffs.

And Zito at the NYPost warns that it wasn't just the rednecks   that are supporting Trump, but there is now a danger that the blue collar union types, who are tired of being ignored, will support him that the crumbling "blue" cities might be the next to morph to Trump country.

They were the people who made the stuff that made this country great, mostly blue-collar, mostly union members, mostly middle-class. They worked hard, they played hard. On Friday nights, when their shifts ended, they went to the neighborhood bars; on Sundays they prayed for their sins. And, in between, they coached their kids’ softball games or volunteered at the concession stands.
Politically, they mostly have been New Deal Democrats, believing that government was there to hold together the social fabric; they depended on it as much as the government depended on them.
Until,.. it didn’t anymore.

oh yes And one of these days, the meme about opioid overdoses will notice that the epidemic is mainly about drugs and drug precursors from China being smuggled in via the Mexican cartels. (and now local labs have figured out how to make it, but of course to make it, they still need to get precursor chemicals, which is smuggled in too).
and soon, even stronger stuff.more info at Wikipedia.

Uh, build the wall?

I could place my conspiracy theory here: the drugs are being let in to keep the dispicables quiet, in the same way we saw the civil rights movements of the inner city quieted by pushing marijuana and heroin in the 1960's... or cheap gin trying to stop the slums of London from erupting... or alcohol to keep Indians from stopping whites from stealing their land... or the Opium wars to destroy China so Europe could take them over.

But that's just me. I love conspiracy theories: It's easier to blame a mythical bad guy than to say the real problem: Personal sin, psychological problems, a biochemical weakness, and a society that winks at getting high instead of condemning the behavior.

So what is needed in the US is someone like Wesley to say: Keep sober.

no one doing that, outside of the Fundies I guess.

The Pope and the US Catholic minion bishops are too busy pushing green religion, or shouting against those who want to regulate immigration to keep criminals etc. out... I wonder: Do any of them worry about their people dying of drug use?

and why does the Pope tell us not to use airconditioning, but doesn't tell us using drugs to get high is a in... oh yes, he cries over drug addicts, but doesn't see that the core problem might be religion, or lack thereof. No "hard love" approach here, folks: only mercy to sinners, forgiving them 70 time 7 times (and pretending they actually are repentant ).. this sends a strong message that you are winking at their "sin", so of course, the result is that they will go out and sin again until they die of overdose...

Oh, the Pope is doing his best to cure the problem, but it has little or nothing to do with Jesus: his approach is to call a commission to study the problem. Sigh. He loves the idea of expensive rehab to cure these poor victims "restore their joy" is his expression.

Hmm... so does that mean the next time things go bad, they are entitled to chemical relief? maybe he needs some advice from Buddha about that. (/s)

at least Trumpie boy's commission includes not just "ten step" types but law enforcement guys.

Duterte's war on drugs is condemned by the Pope's mions of course, but hey, it did send a message: Stop pushing drugs or you will die.

He even is threatening big shots with drug pushing links, so those same big shots are pretending they are only defending human rights when they try to remove him.

so the liberal press here reports "the crime rate is down but the murder rate is up"... what they ignore is that most crimes were never reported to the cops, because people knew that justice would never happen.

For example, when  thief pulled Ruby's necklace off her neck when she was getting on a bus in Manila, that crime was never reported (it was only costume jewelry not gold). But the result was fear of traveling on public transportation.

Now she feels safe.

and a lot of the "extrajudicial killings" are by people seeking justice: The courts didn't work, and now they figure they can get away with vigilante justice.

But no one will admit that such things happen here (and yes, they also happen in the USA, and if the "BLM" types continue to make the police hesitate to stop crime, these murders will go up too.

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