Wednesday, April 05, 2017

PC Jesuit censors Native American speaker

Father Z says that a jesuit in California said he'd boycott a routine meeting of a lawyer's group if a Native American was allowed to speak there.

So Archbishop Chaput politely withdrew so as not to cause problems.

Unlike a famous Okie who thinks she had a Cherokee grandmother, Chaput is a card carrying member of the Pottawatomie tribe in Kansas, and well known for his speeches to the Kateri circle meetings years before he got promoted to the big leagues of Catholic politics.

His real sin, however, is that he is a Catholic...

which is why he was sent from western dioceses where there are many Native Americans to a troubled diocese destroyed by the popular "Uncle Tony"(and his gay cliques).

But then we got a PC pope, so unlike all of the previous bishops in that diocese, he still is not a Cardinal.

he is into Nuances: So he is on the "evil" list for his "half hearted" support of (some of) Trump's policies.

it's not the first time Chaput has caused trouble... once when he was still in Denver, the NYTimes misquoted him out of context, and he objected (and had the tapes to prove what he said).

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