Thursday, April 27, 2017

Rewrite the history books

someone was carving up a mastadon in California 100 thousand years ago.

or maybe not. Discussion and links to original paper at link. (Western Digs link, original article was in Nature).

then there is this:

“If there were hominins in California 130,000 years ago, what happened to them for the next 100,000-plus years?” he asks. This is indeed a vexing question that Holen’s team does not address in its paper.

But in a separate Nature opinion piece, one the paper’s peer reviewers, Dr. Erella Hovers of Hebrew University, offers a modest proposal: The mastodon site, she says, may be evidence of another hominin species — like Homo erectus or Homo denisova — that reached North America before modern humans even migrated out of Africa.

hmmm. ..Brendan Frasier
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