Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Stories below the fold

Strategypage: China building ( buying) a port in Pakistan, plans to make a road by making tunnels through the Himalayas.

backstory is that Pakistan will have to keep the Chinese workers safe from terrorists.

then there is this:

Raheel Sharif, a retired Pakistani general is now in Saudi Arabia to lead the IMAFT (Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism).
lots of stuff going on. read the whole thing


GetReligion has links to what is going on in China.

Islam, Buddhism, Christians, and sects are being pushed around.


ASEAN summit opens today in Manila.

So there will be a non working holiday there to cut traffic problems.

Saudi amnesty to allow illegal workers to leave and then return to their jobs.

They have had a push to open jobs for locals that were done by outsiders.

background on the crackdown on illegal immigrants here.

most overstayed their visa.

Why did Marvel comics include the symbols of hard line Islamicist groups of Indonesia?

the group is known for it's hate crimes and is trying to destabilize Indonesia and change it to a Muslim state.


in local news, the MB (paper edition) noted that there has been an increase in theft etc. reported to the cops.

I wonder if this is an upsurge of crime or if it just means more people are reporting crimes. In the past, most people didn't report crimes, knowing that the cops will want a gift to find the guy and/or the guy will get back at you, or will never be found.

the elites who have their hand in the cookie jar are filling a complaint against Duterte.

why are they hyperventillating against Duterte, when other countries governments kill a lot more innocent civilians? Because he threatens the money of the elites who have ties with drug and gambling money.

when the very court system is corrupt, and the international elite wine and dine her, maybe someone should notice.

one lovely lady steals millions, gets George Clooney's wife to have the internationalists pressure to get her off.
A theft without a thief. Right.

StrategyPage notes

This war caused more Filipinos to see police misbehavior up close and in bloody detail. Thus after about six months of the war on drugs opinion surveys showed 85 percent of Filipinos approved of the violent crackdown but at the same time 78 percent were fearful they, or someone they knew, might become a victim of the increased violence. After the drug war was resumed in early March under new rules (and lots of corruption prosecutions) the fear began to subside and a poll at the end of March showed the number of fearful Filipinos has declined to 73 percent and the government wants to keep the trend moving in that direction. This unease was based on the growing instances of corrupt cops using their new “license to kill” for personal gain. 
and of course, the number of those who "know" someone who might be a traget is high due to extended family and friends here.


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