Thursday, April 06, 2017

The art of the deal, international edition

Trump-Xi meeting...

 I found this analysis at AlJ interesting:

All that talk - people say - is rhetoric. It's bluff. What people in Beijing think is that Trump - the dealmaker - is using a "trade war" as the threat to get action from China in other areas. "Do more to rein in North Korea or your economy will suffer"; "stop militarising the South China Sea or risk a big tax on your cars"; "Don’t want 'One China' questioned? Then stop selling us cut-price steel."
But the Americans, Chinese academics think, are asking too much, too fast. They think Chinese negotiators would prefer a slower approach.

yes, but the "slower approach" under President Obama allowed China to destroy fishing areas in the west Philippine sea to make artificial islands  and the "slow aproach" allowed north Korea to build missiles and the A bomb while starving their own people.

In the meanwhile, while the world accuses Assad (and his ally Russia) of gassing civilians in Syria, Assad claims the bombs only hit the chemical weapons being stored in the local warehouse.

It's not even clear if this was chlorine, mustard gas or a nerve gas agent. Reuters says it was Sarin. Or maybe "Sarin and Chlorine". And they note several groups have used poison gas: even after saying they would not do this, the Assad government still continued to use chlorine, which is hard to prove.

so why use sarin now? I mean, it didn't exactly kill more folks than ordinary bombs (gas is a weapon of terror: Most people would prefer a clean bullet)

supposedly this is a test to see Trump's response.

well, that hasn't taken long: While the MSM was hyperventillating on Melania's ring, Trump has put troops on the ground and let the US bomb Mosul to help the Kurds and Iraqi troops in that fight.

But the way things are being reported in the news, it makes one wonder: Is it a false flag, to get the US on the Sunni side against Assad and Iran? a good military CSI could tell the difference between stored gas containers and a bomb containing poisoned gas. Ah, but would you trust the CSI analysis?


BBC experts doubt the "they only hit stored weapons" meme and explain why.

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a former commanding officer of the British Armed Forces Joint Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) Regiment, said it was "pretty fanciful".
"Axiomatically, if you blow up Sarin, you destroy it," he told the BBC.

AustenBay's analysis:

Demanding Russia and Iran answer for facilitating a major war crime by their Syrian client is not drawing a red line. But Bashar al-Assad knows that the Trump Administration is making it clear its Syrian chemical weapons policy no longer relies on Russia. Assad will conclude a punitive strike on his regime is now a possibility.

Things are crazy there, but essentially it is the return of the Persian empire, or a rerun of the Sunni Shiite wars.

Obama was working to pull back American power in the region and trying to make peace with Iran. Alas, this might have been seen not as a hand of friendship but as a weakness to be exploited. Sigh.

Trump has met with several Sunni county leaders in the last few weeks, and his son in law went to Iraq to talk.

So when the WAPO posts a weird story about Russia (post election) being helped by one of the Gulf states to get a secret communications link with Trump, one wonders: The MSM thinks this is about Russia stealing the election, but I think it is the Sunni conglomeration trying to get communications going to try to get Russia to back away from Iran, and maybe agree to a Syria's toxic president.

yes, I know: The pacifists hate Blackwater and mercenaries, because they tend to shoot first and ask questions later, but are you aware that they are provinding security in the delta region of Nigeria?

it's about protecting the oil wells...

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