Saturday, April 01, 2017

The Latest fad: Cats in hats

 the Oregonian reports on the fad of knitting hats and making your cat wear 

Say the words and you get dramatic reactions. And not just from the cats.
One camp says that cats are inveterate nudists, and that dressing them up is likely to test the limits of your catastrophic (no pun intended) health care coverage.
And the other camp? They says it's fun. It's harmless. And it's darn cute.
Sara Thomas, author of "Cats in Hats," falls into the second camp. And she's got a new book packed with happy-or-at-least-not-murderous-looking kitties modeling all manner of hats. Not only that, but it's got knitting and crochet patterns so you can re-create the look yourself.

because dressing  up cats makes them sooo happy.

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