Saturday, May 13, 2017

Art lesson of the day


"[T]wo students jokingly placed a store-bought pineapple on an empty table at an art exhibition this month at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen..."
"When they returned a few days later to the exhibition... they were shocked to discover their pineapple protected by a glass display case, instantly and mysteriously transformed into a work of art."

In a moment of whimsy, the students Lloyd Jack and Ruairi Gray placed a piece of fruit on a table at an arts festival in Aberdeen, Scotland. CreditLloyd Jack

The flip side of janitors throwing out the exhibit as garbage, which has happened several times in avant gard UKArt museums.

But ti got worse:

Before long, the work, which the two students titled “Pineapple,” had been deconstructed on art blogs and social media worldwide; parsed in Paris, Texas and Tokyo; and even featured on Canadian television. Some on Twitter lauded its “genius,” while others ridiculed it as the latest example of conceptual art’s plodding banality.


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