Friday, May 05, 2017

Crazy news

Dilbert says the loyal opposition will now be changing their meme from "Russia stole the election" to "everything Trump does is crazy".

But like his tweet that Obama was spying on his people, a few weeks later we are finding about a lot of stuff about people who were spied on, while the Russians did it story has faded except among the Hollywood types. Heh. One of these days the meme will notice the 3 million illegal immigrants deported under Obama's watch (as several Catholic bishops noted back then), or the huge number of drone or missile strikes (which the anti war folks have documented but don't get much publicity)

The Facebook talking points are that his Jackson comment was crazy, but as I pointed out, Jackson stopped secession during his term, and if later presidents had half his cojones, the South might have compromised...
but I actually read this as a threat against California who like South Carolina back in Jackson's time doesn't want to follow federal law, and is even vowing to secede....threats not to follow the law or to secede, also by the loyal opposition.

So now his craziness is trying to make a peace plan in the Middle East.

 If you read what is going on, he has met with a lot of guys in the Middle East, and by throwing  couple of bombs on bad guys appears to be "a strong horse". In the meanwhile, the collapse of the "Russia elected Trump" narrative, it means he might just make friends with "Putin again. Sounds like he is laying the groundwork there for something...

As for his proposed trip to the Middle east to try to get the religions to make peace: Well, if he is crazy trying to do this, then so is Pope Francis, who just did the same thing this week.

Using religion to stop the war probably won't work, except that it was proposed originally in one of Tom Clancy's books.

In the meanwhile, the "human rights" folks are hyperventilating because he plans to meet with Duterte.

There are a lot of things going on in the West Philippine sea: And Trump knows that Obama could have stopped China from building islands (instead of pressuring President Aquino not to respond) but now it's shutting the door after the horse has fled... he knows that nothing short of a shooting war will get them to leave.

In the meanwhile, applying pressure might stop the next step, i.e. Benham rise. War there would not be nuclear but would be economic. On the other hand, North Korea is a possible nuclear power, with missiles that can hit Tokyo and Seoul, not to mention their links with Iran which could help that country get the bomb.

But there is hope. The international press meme, over and over again, is about how all those innocent drug dealers were killed by the cops, overlooking that some of them were drug dealers killing those who gave the cops information, or private payback for crimes that never got to court.

the real problem is corruption. This SP article is on the Philippines, and this one on the drug cartel/political killings in Mexico shows how corruption works, and is almost the same story on what we face here.

but I did read a story yesterday about that the US press has finally noticed how the Pinoy social media is pushing back against the anti Duterte snowflakes... college students here are uber-rich and of course that makes them love communism/socialism, but there is also a big growing middle class who say law and order first and tell your parents to stop taking bribes and kickbacks. The poor? Mostly socialist too but back Duterte, probably because they hate the rich elite who have exploited them for a couple of centuries, and they are hoping he will get rid of corruption so they can get jobs and thrive too.
Ruby says all her facebook friends follow these memes: Duterte bad, Trump bad, LePen bad. Uh, Le Pen's father was an SOB but don't ask me about what is going on there.

no links for some of these stories, since I have done a lot of surfing in bed on my tablet, and of course in the hot weather, the internet goes off and on.

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