Friday, May 05, 2017

Family news

I have been sick the last week, so don't ask me what is going on.

Our female dog Spot, who is shy and came from the farm (and was probably bullied by the dogs there) had five puppies.... under the step of the front pourch, which is only 8 inches open and a smaller cave underneath.

Our previous farm dog, MamaDog, did the same thing. Afraid of the other dogs I guess.

So we rescued them, only to have her put them back in there last night. Sigh.

Luckily our ex janitor came with the driver to help Joy with deliveries, and since the dog knows him, we managed to get all the puppies out, alive and well, when mom went out to eat etc.

Sigh. Four black (from the black dog up the street) and one white with black ears (like the dog down the street). Luckily none from our aging Papa dog, whose puppies tend to die on us.

In the meanwhile, after chasing the cats out of the back bedroom, after the janitor left, one of the black feral cats put her five feral kittens in the room. You can't touch them. All the black cats had belonged to the nearby supermarket, who brought them in to keep mice out of their storage area. They migrated here when that store closed.

Another grocery will open in the same area in a week or two. That will be nice for me, but with the palenke nearby and many middle class preferring to shop at the large supermarket in the mall, I don't know if they will manage to stay in business. Sigh.

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