Wednesday, May 17, 2017

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Philippines will send workers to Beijing, and is willing to negotiate about the West Philippine sea. 
Remember, Obama refused to help the Philippines and told them to take it to court instead of stopping the islands being built... and now only a shooting war will get them out.

Seth Rich's death finally made it into the news.  Now some are reporting he was scheduled to testify to the FBI the next day. Uh, wonder if Mr Comey sat on that story for a year.

I seem to remember there was another guy "accidentally killed" the day before he was scheduled to testify last year.

and then there is the conspiracy theory that Bill Clinton fired the head of the FBI the day before Vince Foster committed suicide.

Place conspiracy theory here.


Iran is holding an election. AlJ report here.

"The nation", however, is not a monolithic entity. It is a dialectical proposition. It is gendered, classed, racialised and ethnicised. One should never mistake the rhetorics and politics of bourgeois nationalism for the dynamic effervescence of the layered consciousness of the nation at large.
Rouhani is a globalist neoliberal par excellence - the Hillary Clinton and Emmanuel Macron of the US and France put together. Building on the nuclear deal he made with 5+1, he can open the Iranian market to foreign investment, strengthen the middle class, reduce the rate of unemployment, categorically disregard the impoverished segments of the society, and preserve the ideological foundation of the Islamic Republic at one and the same time.
His opponents from Raisi to Qalibaf are obscurantist, nativist charlatans. Just like Marine Le Pen and Donald Trump, they sing the song of the poor as they single-handedly collect the riches of the status quo.
Corrupt charlatan or corrupt lying establishment candidate? They compare the election to the US's election, except of course that the Mullahs are the puppet masters, not Goldman Sachs/Soros/the Illuminati etc. (/Sarcasm)


The WAGD story of the day: Ebola is back.


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