Thursday, May 25, 2017

Philippines in the news: oh Duterte is winning, so expect the story to fade.

Philippine city back in government control.

and the gov't is claiming that the usual idiots used the social media to spread lies:

“The news being circulated by these terrorists and their sympathizers are spurious and are meant to spread lies and disinformation,” Arevalo said. “It is propaganda to attract foreign terrorists’ support and recognition,” he added Arevalo also said that the reported ‘eyewitness account’ that Amai Pakpak Hospital has been occupied and the people there were held hostage is also untrue. The Marawi City Hall, he said, was also not occupied as was earlier reported.
the main scandal here is not the attack, but that the government wasn't aware of their plans. The backstory: The MILF and others trying to make peace are now in trouble for keeping quiet (although one must add that they probably have relatives in the group, so family trumps politics).

This is in contrast to the attack in London, or some of the attacks in the USA, where friends and/or family members had reported the bozos as dangerous, but they were cleared because of pressure of political correctness.

I was watching TV, and even the usual opposition people are muted in their replies. LINK

thisis because some of these groups have imported bomb makers...and they could attack Manila.

We live with this: but actually we are more in danger from political feuds and drug addled criminals. The NPA is around, but quiet, except for when some of them morph to kidnap, kill or steal to get money. (for example, the hit on our nephew was ordered via the ex mayor, but the hit men were ex NPA).

part of the fall out: Pressure on the communists/NPA, who could be caught in the middle where martial law is declared.

They are fading out, and are in negotiations with the president, but this could be their death knell if more jobs and less corruption result.

But their "leaders" living in luxury in Europe are calling for war.

“The necessity of waging revolutionary armed struggle becomes ever clearer. Thus, the New People’s Army (NPA) must be ready to accelerate the recruitment of new Red fighters as Duterte’s martial law convinces more and more people to take up arms against the rotten system,” the CPP statement read.

sounds like they are reading the MSM instead of asking the opinion of the locals. And as the article points out, they don't exactly control the "boots on the ground"...

StragegyPage take on what's going on here:

 The security forces had been receiving a lot more tips about Abu Sayyaf activity this year and several them led to a building in Marawi City where the wounded (in a recent battle) Hapilon was recuperating. The military underestimated the number of gunmen (not all of them Abu Sayyaf) available in the city to protect Hapilon. The mid-day raid soon escalated to a larger battle involving hundreds of troops and at least fifty gunmen trying to protect Hapilon. They did this by calling in more gunmen and attacking multiple targets in the city, including city hall, a Catholic church (that was burned down) and a university campus. By nightfall the electricity was cut to most of the city and the Islamic terrorists had taken over a dozen civilians hostage. This appears to be a typical ISIL suicidal last stand. Abu Sayyaf and the other Islamic terror groups have taken heavy losses over the last year, both in terms of manpower, public support and, most importantly cash flow. Even religious fanatics have expenses and these have increased for Abu Sayyaf while income declined. It was time for a bold and desperate move.

And, yes, there is a connection between this and the drug war here:

President Duterte ran Davao City for two decades so he is familiar with the region. Mindanao is also where most of the Moslems live and long a center of criminal activity like the drug trade and smuggling.

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