Friday, June 02, 2017

News and other things

I've been at the dentist all morning, and came home to find the dog ate my electric wire to the computer. ( time this happened: But this was another dog). Why just that wire? I's a Chinese computer so maybe it tastes differently.

The attack in Manila is now reported as a robbery gone wrong, but usually they underreport terror attacks, and there is a real worry about Tagalog ethnics being radicalized while working in Saudi, so  my take is that it is a "lone wolf" attack. No report if the dead were locals or tourists, but most died from the fire.

we have the drug rehab center down the street, and the halal meat shop around the corner, but no problem. The main danger is violent robbery.

The president left the Paris accord. It was a treaty that President Obama signed without allowing congress to vote on it, as the constitution insists they need to do. I preferred he put it to the vote, but hey, live ty the unilateral presidential pen, die by the unilateral presidential pen.

A lot of the "reparations" would of course go to crooked politicians, in the same way we see the money sent to the typhoon victims, the rice for the poor, or the fertilizer for poor farmers ended up in the bank accounts of politicians.... and we aren't even the most corrupt nation in the world.

of course, you will only watch sound bites. He makes a lot of good points. I was under the impression he was nuts and unorganized, but this speech like a few other recent ones, seem to make sense. Fracking and natural gas is one thing that changes things. Poverty and unemployment kills too.

I'd better watch it: I seem to be morphing from a Bernie Bro to a Trumpette. And I'm not the only one.

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