Friday, June 23, 2017

Resettle the refugees!

StrategyPage has an article on Colombia: FARC is disbanding, meaning their hard core will just go direectly into narcogangs and the military can go after ELF and the Narco gang criminals.

But in the meanwhile, there is a major refugee crisis there, with folks fleeing Venezuela.

Unofficially it is believed nearly a million Venezuelan refugees are now in Colombia. Since late 2016 most of them were not looking to resume careers but to escape death from hunger, disease and a growing number of other problems. While many go to Brazil or North America over 90 percent now head for Colombia because it is all they can afford.
 How bad is it? Even Russia and China are pulling out...

I have a son in Colombia, but not in this area. His main danger is from the nearby volcano, which has been quiet for the last ten years.

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