Wednesday, July 12, 2017

coffee bubble phobia


Fear of seeing bubbles floating on your coffee.

actually it is a fear of seeing holes in stuff, bringing up nightmares suggesting that a bug has burrowed into the plant or person.

Nelumbo Nucifera fruit - botanic garden Adelaide.jpg
The holes in lotus seed heads have been claimed to cause anxiety in some people.[

most of the images if you google the disease are imaginary holes that are quite disgusting.

probably an innate fear of being infected with parasites, according to the article. But why is it I suspect most of the "victims" are affluent folks who never saw a botfly infestation?

Of course, carbuncles and botfly infestations are pretty awful looking, and I've seen (and treated) these diseases.

To get the botfly out, you don't cut: You cover it with lard, vaseline, or bacon and the fly burrows out it's hole  either to eat the yummier bacon or because it can't breathe.

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