Thursday, July 06, 2017

Farming: We haz that

up to a few years ago, we had farmers using plows pulled by a water buffalo but nowadays they tend to use a hand plow, sort of a large rototiller

--- there is less archeology here in SE Asia, of course, and the Chinese archeology is often (like Eurocentric archeology) tainted by jingoism, but part of the problem is that the soil doenst preserve bones well, and of course it is wetter here than Egypt.

Apparently the earlier settlers in Europe/the Middle East were displaced or intermarried with those from the Middle east or Anatolia, who farmed.

Ah but then the Horse and wagon people migrated to Europe. See The Horse, the Wheel and Language... which I'm still trying to work my way through.

so, were the dark skinned indigenous people here displaced by farmers from Taiwan? maybe not...  PhysOrg article

n terms of agriculture, Donohue and Denham show that many of the domesticated plants and animals common in the region appear to have arrived before any Taiwanese influence—and from multiple sources. Chickens and pigs most likely came from mainland Southeast Asia, and bananas and sugarcane from New Guinea. Such evidence challenges the notion that the region owes its agricultural history solely to Taiwanese migrants.
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