Friday, July 14, 2017

How bad is the news? Well, I'm watching AlJezerah

CNN is all anti Trumpieboy all the time... (as if releasing news of Hillary's dirty tricks against Bernie was treason). 

who the fuck cares? One wag noted that Hillary's server was so poorly protected that not only Russia but any teenager in his mom's basement could have hacked it. So why the paranoia?

I mean, if Wikileaks is a Russian front, then why did Private Manning receive a "get out of jail free" card from President Obama, ignoring the damage to the military and the US by that leak.

Just ignore the body in the corner, the fact that Podesta was dumb enough to open a pfishing email, Hillary's illegal server that hasn't been checked out by the FBI, or the classified emails on Anthony Wiener's computer, the same one he surfed porn sites (which is a common way for your computer to get spy viruses and Trojan horse infections).

The BBC is getting almost as bad, but if I want to see what is going on at least I have access to AlJ on our TV cable. Yes, they are pro Palestinian and anti American leftist bias, but hey at least you know the bias when you read their stuff.

So while you were shouting Treason at Trump Jr, are you aware that with the civil war in Yemen the civilians not only lack food but now there is a cholera epidemic? 

Or that #Fontgate could bring down the Pakistani government?

Or that China is pushing India around in a way similar to how they pushed us around (which explains why Modi made nice with Trump).

or that the Panama papers scandal (another hack job by a whistleblower that revealed lots of politicians doing dirty stuff with money) has resulted in an investigation of corruption in Brazil that has led to the ex president of Brazil going to jail? (but it's not his fault because, the article explains, everyone is corrupt).

Egypt's Christians are warned of more attacks coming.

And then there is Qatar, who is playing both sides and the Saudis are angry: Well, maybe they won't have to shut down AlJ...

and if you look carefully, you will find that most of Mosul has been liberated. 

Presumably this will only get into the news when SJW's find dead bodies they can blame on US bombing of ISIS that killed these innocent terrorists and their human shields.

but the real backstory is the corrupt government and the majority Shiite Iraqis hate the Sunnis because they were behind the tryanny of Sadam.

And as the article points out: When reconstruction of the city starts, expect a lot of the aid money to be diverted by corrupt politicians etc.

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