Friday, July 21, 2017

Peace in our time!

Because it worked so well in 1938:

EXPERTS WARY THAT U.S. COULD TRADE CHINESE SOUTH CHINA SEA CONTROL FOR NORTH KOREA DENUCLEARIZATION: I say this cynical trade and sell-out won’t happen but somebody sure needs to write about that. (HINT: It’s Option 3.) (Bumped from earlier this morning, but now with additional hint.)
HINT 2: Read the North Korea options essay (second link). This trade won’t happen. However, there are people in southeast Asia who are scared it might. It is a course of action option– a very bad one. However, I think it’s a deal Beijing’s imperialists believe is possible, which says something about Beijing’s imperialists. 
what is more worrisome is that this is a military think type essay

and then the US wonders why Duterte makes anti American remarks.

China needs to take over this open water sea lane so that they can block the sea routes to Japan and Korea... and they are now trying to take over a shallow area to the EAST of Luzon, with the idea they will eventually take over all of the Philippines.

The elites probably would be okay with this (as many of them were when Japan tries the same thing... one of the dirty little secrets of WWII).

But the last time China tried it, they failed.

And unlike the Philippines, VietNam and probably even Indonesia will fight back.


heh. All they want is Peace peace peace!

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