Saturday, July 22, 2017

Philippine news

SP has a long summary about the clan feud behind the siege in the south, along with explanations why urban warfare is so hard...I like the headline: Not a refuge but a eathtrap.

there are reports that nearby countries report their crazies have connections with our problems, and even help them. Hopefully they will learn to stay home where it is safer.

in the meanwhile, there is supposed to be a cigarette smoking ban for health reasons. Sounds like the foreign NGO's are here. HELLO: tobacco causes health problems.

SHABU and marijuana only kills your soul, families and society, and is deeply connected to corruption and crime. Priorities please.

The main problem here is corruption. But most of the elite are related to each other, and family comes first. And most of the elite follow the agenda of overseas elites.The locals have little say in the matter, but never mind. So Duterte is hated by the international elite but loved by ordinary folks, who are the victims of the druggies and of the corrupt politicians.

It's like the local  Catholic church's emphasis on green issues. Tagle is running for pope, so must go along with this absurdity...

Lots of pressure by outsiders for us to clean up first world issues while ignoring the problems in front of their nose.

another day, another bank heist.

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