Friday, July 07, 2017

Wild potatoes

I was aware that the Potato plant comes from the Andes, because my son's birth place in Colombia was famous for growing potatoes.

But I was not aware of the "wild potato" in North America.

Apparently it was used in the Southwest as food, and now archaeologists say it dates back 10 thousand years.

article from DesesetNews HERE.

The Escalante Valley, in fact, was once called Potato Valley, but over time the area's connection to the tuber began to diminish. Pavlik said 1866 diaries from men in the 1st Calvary mention the miniature spud, as well as "old timers," recalling their pioneer heritage. It was also a staple at the dinner table during the Great Depression. There are only three varieties of wild potatoes in North America, and these unassuming tubers are tiny compared to their bigger, domesticated cousins that are twice baked and stuffed with overflowing goodies.

more information about wild potatoes here at the International Potato center. There are about 150 variations of wild potatoes which could be used to increase the biodiversity of the cultivated plant.

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