Thursday, August 03, 2017

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The "putting a foreign object in the fallopian tube makes you sterile" problem. from the WAPO

no, I've never had this done on my patients, but given the problems with IUD's and the cover-up of those problems for years, I am not surprised. A lot of us stopped using these after a few our patients started to get infections, pain, heavy menses or pregnancies (often that miscarried). And since in my practice we didn't have that  many women with IUD's, I suspect the problem might have been higher than reported officially. Most docs stopped using it due to our own experience, but it took lawsuits for the powers that be to stop pushing it... and now I read it is being pushed agains, even in teenagers who never had a pregnancy so have more risks... which is now denied.

And what about the huge HIV rate in African women who used DepoProvera? Medscape link Lancet article

one of the reason for the lowering of the pregnancy rate in teenagers is the use of Depo Provera...

Available since 1992 in the United States, some experts believe that the use of this method since 1992 among adolescents who are at high risk of becoming pregnant is one factor responsible for the declining rates of adolescent pregnancy in the United States.17

which we used because the dirty little secret is that some teenagers can't remember to take the pill...

of course, I am cynical about all of this: Experimenting on women? Sure. Making money on women? Sure.

But I am old enough to remember when women had lots of babies, and in today's world, it is hard to have five or six kids and support them.

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