Saturday, August 12, 2017

Headlines below the fold

According to AlJ, hundreds of thousands of Syrians are returning home.

over half a million so far this year: Equal to the number in the entire year of 2016. But another 800 thousand were displaced internally in Syria so far this year: for many for the second or third time.

and ISIS is losing... not just to Assad but to others. Has Trumpieboy's okay of bombing them made a difference? And what about the Kurds? Turkey? Anyone?

as they say: It's complicated.

Of course, the massacres and wars there have gone on for 3500 years, so don't blame religion.


Well, sweetie, don't get your knickers in a knot: it's a southern thing to call someone sweetheart or honey instead of hey you.

my husband Lolo used to call everyone "honey", including the dogs. And since he is from northern Luzon, I suspect the practice is not limited to the southern US.


remembering the 1925 eclipse.


Josh Caplan spotted this outside google's offices in California: on twichy via Instapundit.

the difference between the US and China is that in the US, hysterical easily upset females can shut you down: in China, it is the government. and India is banning some Internet archives sites on the wayback machine because... copyright.

side note: The film The Circle has a chilling view of the future with everyone interconnected, but also shows the good side of this.

Ah, but the good side in the film assumes that the gatekeepers will be benign... even when they put a 'search for this person" it is usually only done for criminals.. but then one guy dies fleeing a mob after someone just wants to see where he is..

it is a boring film but makes you think. Emma Watson plays it emotionless, but the best character is Tom Hanks playing an evil twin of Steve Jobs...

why Kitties make terrible spies.

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