Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Logical errors of aggressive atheist memes

From SenseOfEventsBlog:

Ah, but he missed two:

Strawman arguments:

e.g. if a Christian lady who believes in creationism makes a dumb remark at a school board meeting in Oklahoma, therefore it means her opinion is the norm for all 2 billion Christians, all of whom are ill educated bigots.

And then there is the confusion between science, which is a process of questioning and testing, and scientism, which is a philosophical argument (not a scientific one) that insists truth can only be found in scientific data... thereby making science itself a religion that cannot be questioned and those who say "nay" are heretics beyond the pale.

The problem is that this in itself is a philosophical statement that can't be proved:

and remember: I you actually get close to winning the argument by using logical and facts, they will accuse you of mansplaining and be written off as a bigot..

and if that doesn't work, and if the arguer is a feminist, you will be accused of hurting her feelings  then she will break out in tears to prove she is right, and you are wrong/evil/bigoted.

Because hurting the feelings of a protected class in today's world trump facts, as Dawkins and other atheists found out.

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