Thursday, August 10, 2017

rewrite the history books

the next propaganda deluge will insist the Korean war was America interfering with a Korean civil war, and hey look at all those American atrocities.

Bruce Cumings's book takes a fresh look at the often unjustly ignored conflict. Characterizing its beginning as a civil war in which America should not have intervened, Cumings exposes the atrocities committed by all sides during combat. He is chair of the history department at the University of Chicago, author of The Origins of the Korean War, and winner of the Kim Dae Jung Prize for Scholarly Contributions to Democracy, Human Rights, and Peace. 

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the back story is that NoKo leftists have been pushing this idea for years in academia there, and the backstory is that this is partly  local politics (a reaction against their strict dictatorships that ran the place for years).

and after all, everyone knows that if the communists had taken over the south, all of Korea today would resemble the Marxist paradise of the North;

In every resume, the guy touts that he won the "kim Dae Jung Prize for .... peace"

I'm still trying to find who is behind the award... the closest I found was a local university in southern Korea that was the hotbed of revolt against Park in 1980....

 I'd like to "follow the money" here, but never mind.

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