Sunday, August 13, 2017

When Presidents are hated

Trumpie boy is hated by the deep state, and by the European elite.

What else is new?

I was working in Africa when Ronald Reagan got elected, and the BBC (we got our news via shortwave) and the few newspapers/magazines we got were hysterical about this cowboy who was going to start World War III. It was a lot worse than what Trumpie boy is getting, mainly because in those days the USSR was funding all those peace demonstrations and the true believers still obediently echoed the meme of the day: Evil America and their dangerous president.

Remember this: 1982 in the NYTimes


so why did they protest?
There was relatively little evidence of the political purpose of the demonstration, which involved about 100,000 people. The few banners were mainly used to carry stones stretcher-style to the square. Some demonstrators chanted slogans such as ''Reagan Is a Fascist,'' and many wore stickers saying, ''Reagan Go Home.'' Slogans, some in English, such as ''Kill Reagan'' and ''Send Ray-Gun Home on a Cruise,'' were sprayed on buildings around the square...

fast forward to 1987, LATimes 

Organizers of Thursday's march, backed by 140 organizations that included many peace groups and leftist organizations opposed to U.S. policies, claimed that 80,000 people took part, but police put the total at about 24,000. Outbreak of Violence Marchers shouted anti-Reagan chants and carried banners with such slogans as "USA, International Genocide Headquarters" and "Reagan is a Murderer."

but if you surf down a bit you find this factoid that didn't make the headline

West Berlin authorities have been uneasy since East Berlin youths rioted earlier in the week, incensed at having been prevented from getting close enough to the Berlin Wall to hear rock concerts in the western part of the city where Berlin's 750th anniversary is being observed. East Berlin policemen wielding truncheons scattered the rioters, many of whom chanted "The Wall Must Go!" and "Gorbachev, Gorbachev!" Mikhail S. Gorbachev, the Soviet leader, has embraced a new policy of openness that has allowed public rock concerts in Moscow.
In other words, Reagan was hated by the left....and the rumor is that Reagan's deep state advisors objected to the famous line in his speech for being "unpresidential".

but of course, the PC rewriters insist Reagan had nothing to do with the fall of communism. And that it was the East German protests that led to the fall of the wall.

Of course it was more complicated (that WAPO article doesn't even notice what was going on in Poland in the 1980's...uh, John Paul II and Solidarity ?).

As one Asian friend told me back then: It may take years, but it will not be forever. People get tired of being pushed around.

 the wall is symbolic because it was petty: and showed the tyranny of ideology over humanity.

so, Mr Trump, what about that wall you are discussing today?

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