Saturday, August 12, 2017

Xenophon redux

The Last Centurion is on Scribd? Who wudda thot?

I read it years ago on Baen... the funniest part (black humor) for me was the start: describing how bureaucrats botched a job to stop the bird flu. I worked in the IHS, and know how bureaucrats put regulations before patients (or common sense)...

in other words, it is a wickedly subversive right wing fascist book...

but I agree with Sarah Hoyt: reading "forbidden books" tend to make one think.

she writes a lot about the PC takeover of science fiction and gamers, (sad puppies and gamergate) by rabidly pc feminist cabal...  which has been subverted because of Amazon and the ability to self publish.

but if I remember correctly, the rest of it resembles Xenophon's march to the sea.

interview with him here:

and you know, even though I don't agree with these writers' opinions, I actually fear to post this blog post for fear of retribution.

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