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The Bullies are coming!

Grammar police post of the day

I am always reading "X does Y" in science articles, but the grammar implies that X is a sentinent being that deliberately does Y.

Latest Example is from PhysOrg:

Underfed worms program their babies to cope with famine

the actually they don't.

what happens is that babies in utero who are exposed to hormones by their mother's starvation have genes to cope with starvation turned on in utero, so the genes are already turned on and help them cope better after birth.

usually this is carelessness by science reporters, using the active voice in the headlines instead of the more correct passive voice.

But one even finds such shortcuts in popular science done by scientists. From Astronomy cast: turns out that nature figured out how to use electricity long before humans did. Lightning storms are common across the Earth, and even the Solar System...

no, "Nature" did no such thing. Nature has no ability to think or plan, let alone "figure out" how to use something. Unless, of course, you think that Zeus showed Gaia how to use his lightning bolt.

One of the reasons that science flourished in the West was because the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions denied the reality of all those gods and angels who used to run the place. They insisted God made the plan and the laws, and that when men explore the laws and facts of nature, they are learning about reality and about God.

So Venus is no longer a goddess, and the planets are no longer pushed around by angels: it's the gravity stupid.

Of course, I still believe that God is behind the coincidences (or as Einstein quipped: God does not play dice), but it's sort of nice knowing that we don't have to worry that mother Gaia will wake up and destroy mankind as she tries to do in the climax of the Percy Jackson series.

of course, we might destroy nature ourselves with our minivans and airconditioners, but hey, that's another argument for another rant

Philippine news

the backstory behind the Obama Duterte wars is that for years, China was left to push us around, and then the US used this to insist we reopen the local military bases. In other words, we are not equal allies but just a pawn in his "pivot to Asia"...and again will have foreign troops stationed here.

what is rarely mentioned is that Obama has essentially refused to help the Philippines fight against international terrorists and has even removed US troops from their job of training our local troops and in using sophisticated means to find these bozos.


Washington deployed special forces soldiers to Mindanao in 2002 to train and advise Philippine units fighting Abu Sayyaf militants in a program that once involved 1,200 Americans.
It was discontinued in 2015 but a small presence has remained for logistics and technical support.
War on terror? What war on terror?

In other words, Obama has discontinued the needed help against the Abus, as part of his meme that he won the war on terror, but for years ignored the Chinese chasing out fishermen from their usual fishing grounds and the poaching by Chinese fishermen in those areas and while they destroyed the ecosystem by tearing up the sea bottom and building military bases on shoals.

Indonesia shot back when they pulled that stunt, but hey, the Philippines was ordered not to react violently.

 but now Obama is going to use us as a pawn to pressure China... then if anything happens, he can make the Philippines the scapegoat.

 Washington has since shifted much of its security focus in the Philippines toward the South China Sea, where the two countries have shared concerns about China's territorial claims.
not to mention using "human rights" to push the Philippines around when they try to clean up the growing power of the drug cartels. Guess they don't want to upset international banks by exposing those who help the cartels in making money by destroying people.

this article parrots the usual argument of the multinational elite think tanks want the war to go away by ignoring drug use.

But then the writer gives the game away:telling the story of how a UN group held a conference of groups and wrote the conclusion before the conference opened:

...the UNGASS failed to produce anything remotely responsive to the clamor for more effective approaches. Some 195 civil society groups attending the special session complained about the conference process itself—the 23-page outcome document was prepared by the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna one month before the conference
 What is interesting is the comments, including that Marcos stopped a lot of the cartels by taking one big shot out and shooting him.

Maybe if they did that to the bankers who assisted the cartels things might change.

a short snippet about only one of the several banks cited from the UKGuardian article I cited above:

Wachovia was fined $50m and made to surrender $110m in proven drug profits, but was shown to have inadequately monitored a staggering $376bn through the casa de cambio over four years, of which $10bn was in cash. The whistleblower in the case, an Englishman working as an anti-money laundering officer in the bank's London office, Martin Woods, was disciplined for trying to alert his superiors, and won a settlement after bringing a claim for unfair dismissal.
and as the Guardian adds:

No one from Wachovia went to jail – and, said Woods at the time of the settlement: "These are the proceeds of murder and misery in Mexico, and of drugs sold around the world. But no one goes to jail. What does the settlement do to fight the cartels? Nothing. It encourages the cartels and anyone who wants to make money by laundering their blood dollars."
China is a lot more corrupt, but at least once in awhile they do take out the worst of these drug smugglers and shoot them.

and while the US and the UN and the EU are busy lamenting the drug killings (and lumping all murders including private killings, political murders, and murders by drug gangs into their talley) China at least will help us on paper. They are building a drug rehab center near here, for example.

The main cartels behind the problem here are from China but the Mexican cartels are also moving in.

why? because they can... or they could.

no, killing low level dealers doesn't stop someone from taking their place. But it does scare some to refuse to continue selling drugs, and more importantly it makes some people spill the beans on the major players.

They now are on notice that they might indeed be made dead while being arrested (or if they are lucky, they can wait to get tried in court... we haven't even convicted the politicians behind the Maguindanao massacre yet).

where are the human rights folks when it comes to mentioning the thousands killed by drug cartels in Mexico?

and although it is smuggled in via Mexico, most of that killer Heroin substitute is manufactured guess where?

The real stories behind the headlines

Instapundit's editorial in USA Today reminds people what the election is about:

We need to be talking about five wars, the national debt, rising health care costs and corruption.

well, maybe make that four wars: Syria is about over, and Putin/ Iran/ Assad have won.


is Gender theory, so beloved of the radical feminists, incompatible with science?

Ms. Airaksinen describes just how far modern feminism takes this belief:
[M]erely mentioning biological differences can be wrongthink. Or worse, as I learned in one of my classes, it can be upsetting to genderqueer or transgender students. Thus, some of the root causes of what makes men and women differ — hormonal, neurological, and biological differences — is left out of the discussion.

Obviously, culture does play a large part in shaping behavioral differences between the genders. But to deny the prominent role of biology in our lives is dangerous nonsense. ...  Unfortunately, feminist ideology has already undermined academic freedom. Despite such well documented biological and psychological differences between men and women, some scientists have admitted being afraid to talk about them out of fear of being labeled "sexist."

and I won't even mention the problem that modern gender theory is doing to the idea of marriage, family, children, or freedom of religion...


International security analyst Austin Bay takes off his defense news hat to warn:

Let’s be blunt: Democratic Party operative Robert Creamer used terror to wage war on honesty. Until forced to resign his post as a “consultant” with a Democratic Party-aligned organization named Americans United for Change, Creamer ran what amounts to a domestic U.S. political terror and propaganda operation dedicated to undermining the 2016 U.S. presidential election—“rigging the election,” to use the current term....
The election rigging scheme he commanded relies on street thuggery. That means physical fear—terror—is a core component of Americans United for Change’s crooked enterprise. Street thuggery is very low-level terrorism, but it is a type of terrorism nonetheless and it is wrong to call it otherwise. ...
Street thuggery as an arm of politics is violent, criminalized politics on an ugly downward slope to much worse, the worse including lynchings and pogroms. If you don’t think street thuggery is terror then consider Kristalnacht.
no, its only political terror if done by politically correct enemies.


Don't worry: the SMOD will rescue us from a Trump administration. via Twitchy:

"this election is still going to be an absolute nightmare, but I'm glad it will end with an extinction level asteroid impact."

Not SMOD! We expect corruption from Hillary Clinton, maybe even Donald Trump … but NOT from SMOD!

this is from a political operative who not only defended Clinton I from impeachment but managed to double dip while working at the State Department.

Silly me, but I thought that was illegal.

Mills’ employment arrangement has raised questions regarding potential conflicts of interest, in Mills' case about how one of the State Department’s top employees set boundaries between her public role and a private job that involved work on a project funded by a foreign government.[19] Under Federal ethics laws, employees are prohibited from participating in matters that would have any direct and predictable effect on themselves or an outside employer...
her take on this when questioned: conflict of interest? What conflict of interest?

and Wikipedia has her quoted joking about helping to miscount the Election data in Haiti.


and if the SMOD doesn't kill us, global warming will.

Remember Doggerland and shudder!

the Gratuitous LadyGaga post of the day

Hats are back!

And she is smart enough not to fall into spouting political comments against Donald Trump despite being pushed repeatedly to do this by the BBC interviewer. (She has endorsed Hillary FYI and says she will do a good job, but refuses to criticize Trump or the Trumpettes, probably because she has working class roots).


this seems to be a more toxic political season than usual in the USA:

Ace reports that Esquire did a hit piece against celebrities who "refuse" to endorse candidates.

the aim of it is both chilling and enraging. Repulsive left-wing totalitarians like John Hendrickson want to insert their political agenda into literally every last corner of American life and punish not just those who disagree with them, but also those who wish to simply NOT engage in politics every single waking minute of their day.
As the saying goes, "You will be made to care."

better to keep silent: Look what happened to Dilbet when he didn't toe the line....
you will be noticed by the "#Hillbullies" or even forcibly removed from the social media.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

You want to live like your grandparents?

ahile back I discussed water and that Lolo had a deep well drilled so we can be independent for our water supply.

having an electric pump that can be run by one of your generators is a big help for floods, typhoons, or just when the electricity goes out in the dry season when the hydroelectric dams are inadequate.

But for those of you who think living in the good old days close to nature, just remember that body lice is not a nice thing to have, and the alternative is backbreaking work hauling water and wood to take a bath.

Of course, the poor just went dirty and the rich had lots and lots of servants....

So today's blog read is from PenAndPension blog

that discusses the problem of keeping clean in 18th century Europe.

Being clean was expensive. All water for washing or bathing would have to be fetched in buckets from a well or a stream. Then it had to be heated by burning suitable amounts of wood or coal. To heat enough even for a shallow bath would take a good deal of fuel — fuel which otherwise could have been used for cooking or heating a room.

via TeaAtTrianon

yet the myth that people in Europe did not bath is not quite true, since bath houses for the poor were available in some parts of Europe.

For most people, having a private bath was not an option – it was simply too costly and too time-consuming to have their own baths. That does not mean they went without bathing, for public baths were very common throughout Europe. By the thirteenth-century one could find over 32 bathhouses in Paris; Alexander Neckham, who lived in that city a century earlier, says that he would be awakened in the mornings by people crying in the streets that ‘that baths are hot!”
In Southwark, the town on the opposite side of the Thames River from London, a person could choose from 18 hot baths. Even smaller towns would have bathhouses, often connected with the local bakery – the baths could make use of the heat coming from their ovens to help heat their water.
In her book Clean: A History of Personal Hygiene and Purity Virginia Smith explains,”By the fifteenth-century, bath feasting in many town bathhouses seems to have been as common as going out to a restaurant was to become four centuries later.
Bathing in Islam and in Hindu countries are often encoded in religious laws, so saw Europeans, who came from colder climates, as dirty.

Even in Africa, people often bathed in local streams, which alas were full of Snails carrying schistosomiasis.

however, Vikings did bathe regularly.

What we do know from the excavation of Viking burial mounds is that personal grooming tools are some of the most common items found. Items such as razors, tweezers and ear spoons have been found. In fact combs seem to be the most common artifact found from the Viking Age. We also know that the Vikings made a very strong soap which was used not only for bathing, but also for bleaching their hair. Vikings bleached their hair as it seems blond hair was highly valued in the Viking World. We also know from the accounts of the Anglo-Saxons that the Vikings who attacked and ultimately settled in England were considered to be ‘clean-freaks’, because they would bathe once a week.
presumably they would take the bath with their very own rubber duckie 

Factoid of the day

almost 100 thousand hijacked devices fueled the recent internet takedown.

Image Credits:

Follow the money

from CNBC:

Wall Street is heavily invested in a Clinton victory.
Securities and investment firms have poured nearly $65 million into her campaign coffers, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Goldman Sachs employees have donated $284,816 to Clinton and just $3,641 to Trump, who has received $716,407 from Wall Street.

Live not by Lies

From Alexander Solzhenitsyn:

At one time we dared not even to whisper. Now we write and read samizdat, and sometimes when we gather in the smoking room at the Science Institute we complain frankly to one another: What kind of tricks are they playing on us, and where are they dragging us? Gratuitous boasting of cosmic achievements while there is poverty and destruction at home. Propping up remote, uncivilized regimes. Fanning up civil war. And we recklessly fostered Mao Tse-tung at our expense—and it will be we who are sent to war against him, and will have to go. Is there any way out? And they put on trial anybody they want and they put sane people in asylums—always they, and we are powerless. Things have almost reached rock bottom. A universal spiritual death has already touched us all, and physical death will soon flare up and consume us both and our children—but as before we still smile in a cowardly way and mumble without tounges tied. But what can we do to stop it? We haven't the strength?

hold the wrong opinion in the US, and you will merely be bullied.

But speaking truth to power in many places in the past and even in some places today and and you will face more than being unfriended on facebook or having a sign stolen from your front yard.

So how many people today will remember the 1956 Hungarian uprising? from Austin Bay:

On October 23, 1956, Hungarians began Eastern Europe's only Cold War armed rebellion against Communism. Unfortunately, their attempt to free themselves would falter and fail, defeated by Russian tanks.
But we took the risk; 21st century Hungarians remind our forgetful world. We put lives on the line in a fight for basic freedoms — free speech, freedom from fear of a totalitarian government and its savage secret police.
On October 22, 1956, students in Budapest announced they would rally the next day to protest government injustices. The next day, 100,000 people showed up to cheer as students read a document with 16 demands addressing political and economic issues...
writer James Michener's book A Bridge of Andau is the classic report on the uprising.

and this blog about geography includes an explanation of what went on at that bridge

Then came the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, crushed by Soviet forces. Hungarians supporting the revolution or those simply fleeing violence escaped towards the border, running up against the canal. They found a single modest wooden footbridge, the Brücke von Andau (German) / Andaui-híd (Hungarian) as a passageway to freedom. About 200,000 refugees fled from Hungary and perhaps 70,000 of them used the Bridge at Andau (map) until the Soviets destroyed it. The bridge wasn’t replaced until decades later, reconstructed in commemoration of its historical importance on the 40th anniversary of the revolution.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Learn about the history of Capitalism by watching....Poldark?

Article discusses the economic struggles in Cornish mining which are the background for the melodrama of Poldark.

Professor Steven Fielding – director of the Centre for British Politics at Nottingham University – points in a recent article to the radical context of the original books: "The first Poldark novel was published in 1945, the year Britain elected a Labour government intent on building a more egalitarian society. Graham's work was shaped by that context." Fielding even sees the maid-marrying hero as "a kind of 18th-century Robin Hood" whose "romantic life echoes his ambiguous place in the social order". Yet Ross "was not quite a socialist. The hero was instead a One Nation figure, a man of elevated birth who considered he had responsibilities to look after his tenants and workers." 
The article goes on to tell of the not so glamourous story of mining, i.e. the poverty and health problems of the miners, and the problem of mine disasters (which are part of the backstory of the miniseries)

Ah, but "globalization" 50 years later lead to the closing of many of the mines and the Cornish diaspora.

the Warleggan character is the one who symbolizes the new man of the industrial revolution.

related item: Professor Bob's podcasts lately have discussed the "robber barons" behind America's industrialization.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend post of the day


transcript here.

full film here .... No I haven't watched it but presumably he is against Trump and ridicules the ordinary folks.

But like Sanders, he has more in common with Trump than with Clinton who is the minion of the big corporations.


it's the groping stupid

Apparently, a man who has wandering hands or propsitions a lady is the antichrist. What ever happened to the Bill Clinton feminists who said one grope is allowed.

But there is a larger issue here. From Chronicles, via Tea at Trianon:

The Obama administration began something new in American history, an attempt to deprive mainstream Christian bodies of the ability to run their institutions according to the dictates of their religious beliefs. There is little doubt that a Clinton administration would intensify this assault on the autonomy of Christian institutions.
Indeed, Clinton has spoken of the need of Christians to change their beliefs to conform to today's leftist consensus, and the Clinton emails released by Wikileaks show that close advisers to Clinton created organizations to help undermine the "middle ages dictatorship" that is the papacy and end the "severely backward gender relations" that supposedly mark Catholicism. The Supreme Court, though, put up a roadblock to the Democratic Party's assault on religious freedom in its 5 to 4 decision in the Hobby Lobby case.
But, with the death of Antonin Scalia, that decision now hangs by a thread, and whether it remains good law will be decided by the justice chosen to replace Scalia. It is virtually certain that a justice chosen by Hillary will cast the deciding vote to overturn Hobby Lobby and give the green light to a renewed assault on religious liberty. After all, the last Democratic justice who deviated from leftist orthodoxy on social issues was Byron White, appointed by John F. Kennedy in 1961.

and then there is this: from Instapundit:

WHO COULD HAVE SEEN THIS COMING? Insurers use California’s assisted-suicide law to deny treatment for terminal patients.
That’s not a bug to some, but a feature.

Behold the evil of Cats

First came evil cows (cow farts and belches erupt methane, a green house gas).

Now, the green types have placed Cats in their cross hairs.

evil Kitty

From Mom Jones, a tongue in check report on the evil of cats.

complete with lots of videos.

Brush Up Your Shakespeare

Yes, there are good stories out there

GetReligion, which usually publishes stories about how the press just doesn't know much about religion (i.e. they don't "get religion" as the saying goes), has two nice stories for you to read.

The first is from the LATimes about nuns who are dedicated to caring for the dying. Yes, the modern hospice movement started with Dr Cecily Saunders, a pious Anglican, but nuns who cared for people in homes have been doing this for quite awhile.

 the priests or Eucharistic ministers came weekly to give the sacraments. It was a comfort.

And often clergy praying with our patients lead to their dying comfortably in peace.

the scond story is from a Knoxville paper about a motorcyclist who was thrown into the brush in an accident and who two days later was found when someone just happened to stop at that place to get a drink of water.


Ah, but in God's world there is no such thing as "coincidences"...

Father Z reminds us that it is St Crispin's day, and relates the legend.

so why care about Shakespeare?

from the film Renaissance Man. a 1994 comedy about a teacher trying to teach literature to clueless recruits in the intellectually shallow days of Clinton I....

The reason for classics is that they teach lessons that are timeless, unlike the popular stuff which is out of date in a decade or two...

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

philippine news

the cook reported a local barangay politician and his driver were shot dead a few days ago.

No, not the drug wars, but politics: 

from the Manila Standard:

Yes we are looking into politics as one of the motives. You have to look into that because he [San Jose] is a politician,” Madria said, adding other motives being looked into are love triangle and business rivalry.
San Jose’s elder brother Lauro sought justice for his slain brother, saying authorities should exert all-out efforts to find the killers and bring them before the bars of justice.

they are blaming the present mayor, who denies it, but there is an ongoing feud here between the previous mayors who killed and later attempted to kill more members of our present mayor's family... so it's either payback for the previous murders or payback for winning the seat away from someone who thinks he should have won.

I don't know enough about politics to know who is suspected to be behind the hit, but since our nephew was killed in one of the previous hits against the present mayor's relatives, we are affected by such things.

s it may have been payback.

On the other hand, maybe city funds will now be used to  improve the city: even though there is no election in the near future, there are new sewage/drainage canals being dug all over the place....(usually public works are done for a few months before elections, to get votes).

the local paper has a bunch of stories on hits and deaths.

coompare and contrast: StrategyPage has an article on Mexico's drug wars. They had 2000 deaths a month for the last few years.

the bad local news

Tat the last typhoon almost missed us, but we had heavy rains and mild winds that hit mid harvest, meaning that almost ripe rice was flattened and newly harvested rice didn't get dried in time and will be moldy. Sigh.

Lolo bought us our own rice drier after this happened a couple years ago.... but now I hear that "I didn't have money to get it fixed" so we lost much of the profit of our last rice crop.


the big lie

strategyPage has a long essay on the history of the big lie, and how it was made into a fine art by the Soviets.

Yes, but the good news is that although the lie can still be spread, the internet has alternative sources of information.

for example, a lot of the anti Catholic lies spread in the past to support Elizabeth I against others who had a stronger claim to her throne are still believed by the clueless: one of these days they'll notice Elizabeth ran a state of terror that was a lot worse than Bloody Mary, or that the many massacres/starvation/lack of basic civil rights/deportation of minor criminals into slavery in the colonies of the Irish could be done with impunity because years of Anti Catholic/Anti Irish propaganda made much of the public see the Irish as subhuman.

but hey, haters gotta hate, and in this election year, they are all in full swing again.

Copyright stuff

I have trouble watching or downloading some movies on Youtube because of copyright laws (we don't have them, so You tube won't let us watch them for fear we'll steal them)

But it works both ways: Project Gutenburg has Canadian and Australian sites, and some of their books can't be downloaded thanks to Copyright laws.

this title most likely remains copyrighted under United States law, where works copyrighted in 1923 or later can remain under copyright for up to 95 years after publication. It may also be copyrighted in European Union countries and other countries where copyrights can last longer than 50 years past the author's death. 
translation: You can't read them unless your library has them or they are popular enough to be republished.

This week, Project Gutenburg Canada has Nevile Shute's books, but not if you are in the USA... 

actually I have a couple of his books here, but was happy to get PiedPiper, which I hadn't read but saw the movie.

he is more famous for A Town Like Alice, and his classic anti war film, On the Beach.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Dieting advice

Duh. A scientific study shows hardly anyone reads those "mandatory" food labels in fast food joints.

and the UKMail says to lose weight, enjoy your food (if you enjoy it, you might be willing to eat smaller portions).

so here is a gift for your favorite dieter: Brussel Sprouts

Sprouts: love them or hate them, there is no avoiding the bowl of sprouts on the dinner table at least one day a year! But if you were to surprise your friends and family with this box of chocolate sprouts there may well be more cheers than boos. Looking incredibly life like, these bright green, handmade 'sprouts' are made from solid Belgium chocolate. Presented in an attractive gift box, they will make a great fun gift for sprout lovers or haters.

factoid of the week

Brian Sibley, who writes plays for BBC radio among other things, discusses how they recorded Ballard's story Between the Ears using a head shaped microphone to make the biaural listening more close to reality.

lots of photos at the link.


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Stories below the fold

Think this election is dirty? Dymphna recounts past elections which were worse.

When Andrew Jackson ran for president the public was told that he was bigamist and that his wife, Rachel was a coarse pipe smoking backwoods harlot who would humiliate the country in front of European visitors to the White House. John Quincy Adams was accused of gambling (he bought a chess board and a pool table) and of giving his maid to the Tsar of Russia while he was a diplomat there. There were whispers that James Buchanan's fiancee did not die from illness but committed suicide because of something she learned about Buchanan...

what's past is prologue audiobook of the day: Drugging a Nation.

no, not about Soros' Open Society's plan to legalize all drugs in the USA, but about how the UK pushed Opium on China to weaken that country.

Yeah but you didn't need opium: Cheap gin kept the London slums from rebellion, and cheap whiskey worked to stop the Irish and AmerIndians from winning their many rebellions.


ForWhat they were blog links to an article on the human genome and the migration of ancient humans. For later reading.


The Baby alarm that destroyed Twitter:

Instapundit links to an article on how the devices connected to the "internet of things" were used to take down the internet.

well, it could be worse. They might be controlling your car to cause an accident, or kill you by turning off your pacemaker...


MarkSteyn discusses how taking a selfie when you are getting a facial will result in punishment by the PC.

and NeoNeocon defends the use of makeup.


I don't know about Planet Nibiru, but astronomers are now discussing Planet Nine.


and the UKTelegraph asks the most controversial question of the week:

Did Poldark assault Elizabeth, or was it consensual sex?

it's ambiguous in the book...

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Movie of the week

If you want a nice movie to remind you that most people are good at heart (but not one like the sentimental claptrap of the Hallmark channel), go see the new Eddie Murphy movie Mr Church.

Ignore the complaints of the SJW that it is just another movie about servile black people. It is about caring and what makes a family.

Wikileaks and Duterte: the press hates them both for not following the meme

This will have consequences: Guy Fawkes hits again...

Twitter etc. who have silenced the non PC commenters have been taken off line  by the  young men in pajamas who live in their parent's basement.

Hackers have power this election cycle. They even managed to hack private non secured emails containing top secret information.

but the hacker wars with China and Russia have actually been going on for a couple of years: and not just evil enemies: hacking non secure email is so easy that even a high school kid can do it,

StrategyPage  has had quite a few articles about the details over the last few years, if you check out their website.

The latest article notes that jamming of enemies' signals has been going on since the 1970's, but that now the military is clamping down on... nose art. You know, the dirty pictures on the nose of the drones/missiles/airplanes?

Of course, one of my friends who was USNavy is hyperventillating on Facebook about a marine who smacked her on her backside like men do to each other in football as she was leaving after conversation... So it is a morale problem. Sheesh.
Every women can tell similar stories, which is why Trumpie boy is in hot water with the women vote.

But as we used to say in the good old days: Don't make a federal case about it.

but one does happen to worry about priorities.

Which is one reason that Duterte is making nice with China despite the press claiming Obama has done a "military pivot to Asia".

Military pivot my foot: Obama has sat back and ignored calls for help, and only now that China has destroyed the ecosystem building artificial islnds with military capacity, and an election is near, that Obama decides to push in their face by sailing the US navy near these islands.

As for the "anti American demonstrations" a few days ago in the Philippines that got in the headlines: I had to laugh. That was done by an activist leftist group, aka communists, who demonstrate all the time.

They can get a demonstration up against the US any day they want to. And they can even hire bodies for 500 pesos a day if they want a crowd: since this was a small crowd, it looks like the regulars are just doing one of their routine protests: nothing new here.

they were demonstrating against US troops being allowed back into their former bases, and this is an on going meme for the last 30 years.

but the US press is making a big thing of it, just as they make a big thing of the anti drug war but for years ignored the drug gang killings. And here in the Philippines, it looks like the US press is making war against the right of the Philippine people to decide how they want to govern themselves.

Body found tied up and killed before Duterte? local news. Body found tied up and killed now: Evil Duterte's drug war.


the anti Americanism, however, like some of the NPA, a lot of this is indeed grass roots: My maid belongs to a sister group who fights for farmer's rights.

And it is not anti Americans, who are liked, but against a US policy of telling the Philippines what to do, like not to make China angry by letting your fishermen continue using their traditional fishing grounds and especially not to antagonize them by using the military to defend the fishermen, as Indonesia has done.

but then you have the usual idiots in the US and ellite press hyperventillating that the local cops ran over some demonstrators, when what happened is that the demonstrators were attacking and hitting on the truck, and the driver moved forward.

well, given the tendency to shoot demonstrators here, it sounds like the cops were being polite.

Presumably the driver should have left them pull him out and beat him up?

Come to think of it, the advice to slowly keep moving was why Instapundit was banned temporarily from USA Today and Twitter.

so we have come a full circle: Insist you have the right to defend yourself, and you are banned by an establishment that ignores the paid demonstrators who attack you.

But ignore another part of the backstory which is the demonstration was actually about the worry that the US military in the south will help the government kill the leftist militants, not just the Islamic militants.

Duterte is actually a leftist who is sympathetic to the NPA (or the MILF for that matter) because many of them want the rights of the locals to be respected and want to fight against the corruption of the elite...,but Duterte is also very willing to kill those who claim to represent the people but drift into kidnapping/drug selling and extortion to get rich.

and ignore the news story where a reporter who found a bunch of Americans in a Subic bar who were worried that Duterte will throw them out of the Philippines. That is propaganda. Most of us are happy that we are in a lot less danger from criminals now. And although Duterte has problems with some aspects of American bossing the Philippines around, there is not a lot of grass roots dislike of Americans in general.