Wednesday, July 23, 2014

bad english Headline of the day

Dr. Albert J. Stunkard, Destigmatizer of Fat, Dies at 92

Dr. Stunkard made many discoveries in his career: He was the first to identify binge eating as a medical disorder, one of the first to link obesity to socioeconomic factors, and the first scientist to show why so many obese people have about as much control over their body weight as they do over their parentage.

italics mine.

Someone tell MIchele Obama

Lester Nygaard does get around


We should be getting Fargo the TV series on one of our tv stations here one of these days.

although why they moved the action from Brainard to Bemidji I'll never know: it's another hour away from Minneapolis, and the East/west road goes to Grand Forks not Fargo.

Family news

My old computer won't start (it's a problem with a bum battery and electrical connection) so I borrowed my new one back from Ruby. I bought it on sale and found out why it was so cheap: To little memory. Now that I have had it six months, and don't care about the warranty, I took it to upgrade the memory from 2 to 8 gb, and it works great.

Yes, I should have done that awhile back, but I try to budget my large buys, and there are a lot of things we need. This month I got a quarterly payment from my IRA so used it for "luxuries" like a new chain for my medal (which keeps breaking), and now the computer. I planned to spend the extra money on clothing but couldn't find any "unmentionables" that fit me, even in Manila. Guess they don't have many "full figured gals" (as Jane Russell used to say) in the Philippines.

It's been raining due to typhoon Henry, which luckily is north of here, so no winds. That means it's cooler too.
Chano and Joy are busy doing their thing.

My cracked rib is feeling better unless I lift something or move the wrong way, and I am eating okay now too.

Lolo is fine and in good shape. I've been neglecting him due to the cracked rib, which is why we went to the restaurant last week (see earlier post).

Monday, July 21, 2014

Ah, the joys of eating natural foods

I love books on herbs and finding natural foods in the wild, but what few folks realize is that these things can be fatal (fatal herbal poisoning, usually accidental, were alas common when we worked in Africa and folks tended to self treat).

I ran into this one very funny one from the University of Bath:

Say it with poisonThu, 25 Apr 2013
In this lecture, Mr Russell Bowes, a freelance garden historian, will be sharing mysterious tales of how people have died in the garden, and how you can protect yourself against herbaceous murderers.
Download MP3 [20MB]

and, of course, the book "wicked plants" is another great book on the bad news of what grows around you innocently. Luckily I can read it at Scribd, but an interview by the author is here:

or this longer talk at googletalks:

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Gotta Dance!

Macro-photographer Irina Kozorog managed to capture the moment an ant performed a ballet pose. Taken inside her homemade studio in Moscow, Russia, the mother-of-three teases the bugs with an array of sweet treats including honey and sugar and waits patiently until they are in the perfect position.Picture: IRINA KOZOROG / CATERS NEWS

Musical interlude of the day

Tablets in the good old days

. Since vellum and linen paper were difficult to make, wax tablets were used for temporary writing in the Middle Ages. They were especially useful for students, who could use them to jot down notes quickly during their lectures, so we often hear about them in this context.

the author then goes on to write how to make one.

slate tablets and chalk are another way that was used when paper was expensive.

Family news

I was feeling better, and it is now cooler out. So about 5 pm Lolo decided to go to a restaurant just to get out of the house.

The problem? It was payday at the farm, so Chano and Joy were there until at least 7 pm, which meant a restaurant would mean waiting for them to shower etc.

So he was so eager to go I suggested a tricycle, and voila, we went to the nice restaurant about a mile outside of town...only to find it was closed for a wedding. So back into the tricycle and back into town to go to Luz restaurant, a local favorite with buffet and a la carte Filipino specialties that is four blocks from our house...DUH.

So he had karekare beef, and I had baked Bangus Belly with butter (milkfish) , plus veggies. And rice, of course.

We then bought halo halo to take home for dessert and the waiter said they had fresh NY style blueberry cheese cake, so I bought a piece of that too.

HaloHalo is shaved ice with sweetened coconut milk and various sweet fruit/beans/ubo/jelly etc. mixed with it. Luz has the best Halo halo in town, since a lot of places just mix jelly balls and pretend it's okay.

Then we came home and ate the halo halo, and gave the cheesecake and a second halo halo to Ruby, who came home from her church practice early and was waiting for her parents to arrive to eat.

For non Filipinos, the tricycle is a motorcycle with a small sidecar capsule who is the local taxi. Our cook Dita's late husband and several of her sons and relatives drive them, so she found a relative to be our taxi driver for the evening, and I made sure he was tipped quite well. Because of security reasons, we have to be careful if we travel around: The local kidnappers have been caught but every once in awhile there is a violent robbery or shooting, and although there are a few old white guys around, I'm the only white lady in town (read: $$$) so a target.

Of course, all night I had indigestion and my ribs started to hurt again, but aside from that it was a good "Date" with my snuggles.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Family news

My fever is down, and unless I do something stupid like try to chase the cat off the table, my broken rib doesn't hurt.

Chano and Joy did a quick delivery in Manila and brought back some Krispy Kreme donuts. I have started to keep things down, and yum: JELLY DONUT.

 the good news is that the next typhoon will probably miss us. but we might have heavy rains on tuesday.

right now, the run off of water from upstream is filling the rivers and the soil is saturated so if we get too much rain too quickly we will flood.


shirts for cat lovers:

Cat Shirts by Hiroko Kubota

Friday, July 18, 2014

Family news

about a week ago, I fell and cracked a rib. It didn't hurt at first, but I guess I didn't take it easy because it got very bad whenever I moved.

Now I'm okay...sometimes. So I continue taking it easy.

To make things worse, I got a fever and can't keep anything down but water/juice. Probably a UTI, and that's getting better too.

The good news is that the typhoon was south of here, so only moderate wind and heavy rain, no major flooding.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


We are up to signal two, but okay. Some on and off brownouts, and flooded streets.

I have been sick the last week, so am staying home anyway.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014