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Orwell's Politics and the English Language

Stuff below the fold

StrategyPage podcast on 2017. Also an older one on China. also here.

they also have an update on Mexico's problems with crime and corruption, and the recent riots there.

it's not just Mexico: there are major scandals in South America about corruption: Argentina and Brazil.

but AlJ reports the Panama papers found a Pakistan connection too..you bribe through the relatives, in this case the daughter.

families are part of the corruption link: You have to know who is related to whom to figure out how the money is stolen.

and it's an open secret that Clinton supporter Amal Clooney got Gloria out of jail.
Gloria was Bill Clinton's classmate...

poor Gloria...Innocent politician who was persecuted by her political enemies.

Arroyo is detained over alleged plunder for using P366 million in Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office intelligence funds for personal gain from 2008 to 2010.
Read more: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/729034/un-body-gloria-macapagal-arroyo-detention-arbitrary-illegal#ixzz4Wdex7gnU 

and that doesn't include the "hello Garci" scandal or the Broadband scandal... how did she do it? a lot of the corruption was via her husband, but never proven of course...

see, husbands do come in handy to hide open bribery


how to make friends and influence people post of the day:

the very partisan Gateway Pundit links to a report on how the families of Medal Of Honor winners were assaulted by SJW in Washington DC when they attended a dinner/ball there honoring their loved ones.

this is the third annual inaugural ball for service members, so it isn't exactly partisan...


the fight for the family in the Catholic church is a bigger fight than what you will read about in the MSM.

this article notes that the assault on marriage by today's society and the present Pope has deep theological and sociological implications; but the article also reminds people that  the Virgin Mary is on the side of her son, against divorce...

and to understand what he is talking about, you need to know the Catholic folklore about Fatima: 2017 is the 100th anniversary of a famous "vision" of the Virgin, who predicted World War II and the rise and fall of Communism, and the assassination of a pope...but there was more than that:

Though it is disheartening, the battle in the Church over the sanctity of holy matrimony has reached the highest levels, just as our Lady said. Cardinal is pitted against cardinal, bishop against bishop. In the wider culture, marriage has been redefined; biblical and natural law teachings have been set aside.
At this point I don’t think that our culture has a definition of marriage at all; it’s whatever anyone wants to say it is. This is no minor error; it is a civilization killer.
Something tells me that this year of 2017 is going to be critical and that we had better pray — a lot more than we have in the past. Repentance is also crucial. Being sleepy in the battle cannot be an option. We are at a turning point. Perhaps the hundred years of trial are ending; they might end well or they might come to a dreadful conclusion. That is why we must pray.
of course, Pope Francis will be aghast: How dare these rigid fundies oppose me!
Or maybe he might paraphrase Stalin's quip: How many divisions does the Pope Cardinal Burke and the "dubia" bishops have?

This is like Hillary dismissing the "Deplorables"... and we all know how that turned out.

one is reminded of a quip about a football game between Notre Dame and another secular university. After the secular coach noticed them praying, he reminded the Notre Dame coach that "God has no favorites" in the game; the Notre Dame coach agreed, but reminded him: "Ah, but his Mother does"...


some good news: Peace talks about Syria just might work, says AlJ...

Russia, Turkey and Iran are behind the talks.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Computer hacking take two


Hacking politicians

The Inquirer has an article about cyberwar against India.... much of the article is about stealing industrial or military secrets but it includes this snippet:

Opposition leader Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account was hacked in November while the elite National Security Guard’s website was reportedly defaced with profanity-laden messages for Prime Minister Narendra Modi last month.

yeah. Trumpie's friend Theil is mentioned in the article: local companies are copying his techniques to stop hacking.

Its newest offering Prophecy is modelled on products made by Palantir Technologies, a private security firm whose founders include Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel and whose clientele includes the CIA and the FBI.


and although the Chinese stole my federal personnel file, along with a lot of other information, hacked the FDIC, had put spyware on my cheap Chinese made computer and a lot of local cellphones, this was not considered a problem.

and then there was the casino heist here in Manila where Chinese gangsters stole Bengladesh's money from the Fed in NYC and laundered it via our banks here. Bengladesh and the Philippines were blamed for their lax laws that let them do it but none of the mobsters who got away have been charged.

there is a cyber war going on. Even Hollywood made two movies about it. But it wasn't a priority until Hillary got caught in dirty tricks.

The world is nuts, so what else is new?

I am ignoring the marches of the upper middle class white women who want to kill their own children in the name of feminism. Sigh. Oh well. Makes them feel so superior to the rest of the hoi polloi aka "Deplorables", who don't want to pay for this.

 Of course, the dirty little secret is that 54% of white women voted Trumpie boy, but never mind.

The "minorities" voted Hillary because of the BLM and immigration kerfuffles.

And the Catholic bishops backed Hillary despite Democratic pro abortion policies and the lawsuit against the Little Sisters of the Poor because Immigration. The nuns on the bus are right there demonstrating according to one Catholic site. I'm not surprised.  Politics trumps babies you know. What was that about "The least of my brethren" they don't understand?

Trump was against  illegal immigration, but was exaggerated in the press to think all immigrants were at risk. Well, they sort of were.

What both had in common was people like my son would be stopped and taken in if they couldn't prove their citizenship. Driving while Black/Hispanic (or in Minnesota, while "American Indian") is very real.

As for anti Islam: Well, that too is not new. I remember the anti Catholicism against Kennedy (and the open  anti Catholicism in the Democratic convention of 1992)... and as for Muslims being accused of being enemies, well, my German Grandfather was investigated in World War I for being pro German for singing German songs...

but when gangs terrorize people, maybe someone needs to enforce the laws, even at the risk of hurting people's feelings. And when people who have committed terror were reported by friends and neighbors for being pro terrorists, and then the FBI lets them lose, one does wonder if things have gone too far the other way.

Kenda discusses this, (see my earlier post) and points out to someone who wanted to rid the country of thugs that they only way to do this was to establish a Gestapo, but if we wanted democracy, well things will be messy. But note that didn't stop him from finding murderers. Again, balance is needed.

And I worry about the environment, Our coal town when I lived in Pennsylvania had red running rivers, and no one drank the local water... and our house faced the slag heap, which had been stablized by planting trees in it so didn't collapse, but the house I bought had been under 6 feet of water when a local dam collapsed in the 1970's...

So will Trump's minions bring us back to the bad good old days? but I will wait to see what happens. Sustainable development does not mean back to the middle ages poverty, but sustainable development, i.e. improving the quality of life without destroying the environment.

So where are these stories?

Well, they are related.

Well, China just decided that having 33.5 million more young men than women might (just might) be a little bit of a problem...  it's Nixon's fault, and the fault of the NWO who followed Ehrlich's population explosion ideas and decided forced killing of excess children was the way to go, and persuaded China to do this.

But you don't need forcing people you know: Iran is ZPG because the Mullahs decided to promote fewer kids to save their economy, and most other countries just gave access to family planning and the women decided it themselves. Even the Philippines went from 6 kids per woman to 2.5 kids per women over the last 30 years, and we promoted only natural family planning (but allowed private organizations to give out the pill etc).

This might change under Duterte, however, (and with the Vatican having Ehrlich talking to them about sustainable development, well, one guesses the One World order church of ZPG is just around the corner).

One of the dirty little secrets that few socialists like to notice is that China has lifted their people out of poverty not because of socialism but because they allowed capitalism to flourish...

.and keeping their population under control is part of this.  Ah but who will care for the grandparents when there are few young? Robots or just kill 'em all? Just wondering....

I sing the body Electric, as Ray Bradbury wrote. You may remember the Twilight zone episode...

come to think of it, maybe sexbots are the way to go for all those lonely men...

hmm... sounds like the Stepford wives are becoming reality.

in the meanwhile, China's air pollution is killing people... one blog claims that the reason that it is so cheap to manufacture in China is that they don't have environmental regulations..

the question is if we will see the US going back to pollution with Trump pulling back the regulations too far, or if China will no longer be cost effective because they start enforcing their laws.

So am I paranoid? Or hopeful? Both.


Jordan and Jeremy Clarkson

StrategyPage discusses how some Islamic countries reject the crazies, (with good leadership and letting their "deplorables" have a say in silencing the loud mouths who elsewhere threaten them and even kill them if they object). We read about this struggle in nearby Indonesia and Bangladesh, but SP notes that they are not the only places where the crazies are unpopular:

One country they cite is Jordan, who recently fought off ISIS with the enthusiastic help of the locals.

This is no accident and is the result of having one of the best trained and reliable security forces in the region and being the beneficiary of a lot of help with equipment and specialist training from the United States and Israel. This because the senior leadership of the country (a monarchy) have a centuries long track record of being effective and generally beneficial rulers.

You can see the site where they trained here, because Jordan let the Grand Tour crazies use their training site to fake a rescue mission a couple weeks ago.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Why Forgive?

You may have read that Detective Steven McDonald of the NYPD just passed away.

NPR report on why he was considered a NYC icon.

McDonald died Tuesday at the age of 59, after being hospitalized Friday for a heart attack. In the more than three decades after his paralysis, McDonald took on the stature of a larger-than-life symbol of forgiveness — a police officer whose sacrifice was heralded by generations of mayors and institutions in New York City.
 "No one could have predicted that Steven would touch so many people, in New York and around the world," NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill said in a statement. "Like so many cops, Steven joined the N.Y.P.D. to make a difference in people's lives. And he accomplished that every day."...

McDonald went on to become something of an ambassador for the NYPD and for his Catholic faith. He met with Pope John Paul II, spoke to New York City classrooms, co-wrote a book on his recovery, campaigned for gun control and against stem cell research, even had an award named in his honor by the New York Rangers.
From Plough magazine on why he decided to forgive his attacker.

Our faith suddenly became very important to us: the Catholic mass, prayers, our need for God. It was God’s love that put me back together. And it came from many different corners. Christians of every orientation, Jews, Muslims, and people of no faith at all were rooting for me...
People often ask if I forgave Shavod right away, or if it took time. It has evolved over the years. I think about it almost every day. I was angry at him, but I was also puzzled, because I found I couldn’t hate him. More often than not I felt sorry for him. I wanted him to find peace and purpose in his life. I wanted him to turn his life to helping and not hurting people. That’s why I forgave him. It was also a way of moving on, a way of putting the terrible incident behind me...
We still struggled every day. My wife wanted to know why a teenager had to do this to me. Growing up, my son saw other fathers and sons playing and wanted to know why he couldn’t have that experience with his dad. We still struggle. I have learned that prayer is something we do in our time and the answers come in God’s time. And prayers are not always answered the way we think they should be.

Stuart Ramson/Invision for Kelly Cares Foundation


ironically, the NPR article notes he corresponded with his assailant in jail but refused to intervene for him to get early parole,

The correspondence ended after McDonald "turned down a request from Mr. Jones's family to seek parole," according to the Times, saying "he was not knowledgeable or capable enough to intervene."

This might not make sense to the Francis-church types, who believe the best about everyone, but those of us in the real world, who have seen evil, know that it is one thing to forgive someone, and another thing to let the perpetrator go free because he "fakes" repentance and maybe repeat his crime against someone else.

In my time as a doc, I treated three babies who were left in the care of a father who had abused them in the past but repented, so was allowed by family (and in two cases by the social worker) to be alone with the kid again... two of the kids died...

Children of light underestimate the evil of the children of darkness, as one sarcastic Jewish carpenter warned once said after telling a parable about a crooked steward who was embezzling his employer.

Joe Kenda, call your office...

Niebuhr's famous essay about the problem here.

Family news

We have guests (the sister of Joy's cousin, the sister of their pastor's wife and family visiting from the states).

They arrived last night after 10, and are staying in the apartment/guest rooms. We hope the dogs don't bite them, although we did try to keep the dogs on our side of the house.

Ruby and her father were staying up to cheer on Trumpie boy anyway, but of course I'm the one next to the door so answered the doorbell.

It has been cool, so I hope they didn't need blankets.

Since I was up, I checked on the inauguration coverage. Without sound, since the commentary was inane. We now have BBC, so I checked with them, and saw the same snippet of "protesters" three times during one hour of watching: They were the anarchists in black, about 100 young folks, running around, and then a reporter got a camera and so one obligingly went to a window and tried to smash it. I saw that snippet three times. No other protesters, I guess, despite their teenie-booper reporter on the mall who found one Alabama couple and interviewed these strange creatures (twice) about how they disagreed with each other on politics. Sigh.

CNN mainly showed the march of the zombies politicians, but as I said, I kept off the sound most of the time.

I gave up at midnight, so didn't see the inauguration. The world hasn't yet exploded, but give it time.

update; They are all leaving to visit Bataan. I was invited but declined. I am getting too lazy to travel in my old age.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Quote of the week

the more things change, the more things stay the same:

Not long after [Andrew Ferguson] and I met, we were driving down Pennsylvania Avenue and encountered some or another noisy pinko demonstration. “How come,” I asked Andy, “whenever something upsets the Left, you see immediate marches and parades and rallies with signs already printed and rhyming slogans already composed, whereas whenever something upsets the Right, you see two members of the Young Americans for Freedom waving a six-inch American flag?” “We have jobs,” said Andy.
[P. J. O`Rourke, from the introduction to Parliament of Whores, published in 1992]

Headsup VDARE. 

Stories below the fold

StrategyPage summary on what is going on here in the Philippines:

read the whole thing which explains why Duterte is still popular. (less crime).


Father Z reviews the Young Pope, and hasn't decided if he likes it or not.

no, it hasn't been shown here yet.


MedievalNet says a lot of Post Apocolyptic stuff is actually a return to the Middle Ages.

She only uses two or three SciFi for examples, however.


Someone is phoning in bomb threats to Jewish community centers in the USA.

They suspect white supremicist of course.


And the really, really important research article of the week:

from Improbable research:

Is your dog watching TV? they summarize several studies on the subject, but the answer is:

“The dogs in this study chose to not watch TV over any TV content; even Coronation Street failed to hold their attention which rather suggests that TV watching, for dogs, maybe much less fun than wandering around, eating, taking a drink, sleeping and playing with toys.” [our hyperlink]

See: A dog centred approach to the analysis of dogs’ interactions with media on TV screens – awaiting publication in the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies.

Word of the day


I ran across it in a commentary that compared the US kerfuffles today to Monty Python.

In the wake of these stories.....(two writers) have written about the self-devouring ouroboros of intersectionality.

The only place I had run into the Ouroboros was in Eddison's sci fi/fantasy novel, which alas was too dense for me to get through.

Cover of The Worm Ouroboros first edition (London: Jonathan Cape, 1922)
Ebook here  or HERE.

But Wikipedia says Eddison didn't invent the beast: It goes back to the days of early Egypt, but was kept alive by gnostics and alchemists as a symbol of the cytle of life and death.

but for the scientific types, it is the symbol of Benzene: Kukule was trying to figure out how to fit molecules into the structure and fell asleep and saw atoms as snalkes, then one of them bit his tail, and voila: he figured out that Benzene was a ring.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Science below the fold

Remembering the year without a summer, caused by a volcanic eruption.and mackerel fishing in Maine.


Remembering the Green Sahara.

The Sahel was full of people until it started to dry up 10 000 years ago.

PopMech has a list of big holes in the earth.
most are mines, but one is the IceCube Neutrino observatory in Antarctica

this article calls this Nutrino observatories "butterfly nets for ghosts" and explains why.

At the IceCube Neutrino Observatory, a team of pioneering researchers has buried thousands of these sensors miles deep into the ice at the bottom of the Earth, all in an attempt to catch the rare neutrino that crashes into an atom of ice. By analyzing the specific path of this subatomic train wreck, the researchers can trace the neutrino’s path to its distant cosmic source. In this way, IceCube looks through the Earth and to the northern skies, using the planet as a filter to select neutrinos. “I like to say we’re building butterfly nets for ghosts,” says Francis Halzen, principle investigator of the project. “The ultra-transparent Antarctic ice itself is the detector. And a real bargain at just 25 cents per ton!”

what causes Namibia's fairy circles?

no, not fairies or UFO, just the lowly termite.

Namibia will get a lot more tourists who go there after seeing the bad boys of Amazon's Grand Tour there.



SJW decide to work against funding science museums because one lady on the board dared to donate to Trump's campaign.

via Instapundit who comments:

The chutzpah is astonishing. The only ones politicizing science at the museum are Brune and the other witch-hunters quoted in the Times. One of them is Michael Mann of Penn State, the researcher who produced the infamous hockey-stick graph and has done even more to discredit climate science with his unhinged activism. As usual, the threats to science come from one direction: the left.

Scott Adams (Dilbert) is writing about persuasion again, using climate science as his example for confirmation bias in who you believe.

Assume the following three things ARE true. What’s missing?
Best expert in the world on Climate Science. Currently works in the field. Great communicator, answers all of your questions.
See what’s missing yet?
The thing that is missing is that you can’t know what the expert didn’t tell you. If you are not an expert in the field yourself, how could you possibly know what has been left out?
or  as Rumsfeld reminded us:

 There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know.

but the real problem is not just the "unknown unknowns", but in politicized science like "global warming",  the "known knowns" which are not in agreement with the party line. All the money is going to find proof of global warming, not the truth of global warming. Find the wrong result and you  will often get ignored.

Alas, the public will then find out the deception and throw the baby (the problems of pollution and ecological destruction) out with the bathwater (the politics of global warming, used by the NWO to push for a global dictator).

It is possible to portray all the facts so the public doesn't recognize the problem hidden deep within a huge wordy report. This is a game played by bureaucrats playing CYA or when they wish to adhere to the party line so they don't get fired, but are too honest to completely ignore the truth....

and example of this is Feynman and the Space Shuttle, where he broke open the fog of official facts to the public with a simple experiment.


and the really really important science report of the week;

What's behind the Durian/s horrible stench?

Scientists interested in the fruit have identified several compounds that contribute to its smell, which has been said to reek of gym socks, garbage and rotting meat.
Read more at: https://phys.org/news/2017-01-durian-fruit-notorious-stench.html#jCp


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Stories below the fold

Space&Astronmy: on disappearing galaxies.

“You can think of it like a giant cosmic broom that comes through and physically sweeps the gas from the galaxies.” Mr Brown said removing the gas from galaxies leaves them unable to form new stars. “It dictates the life of the galaxy because the existing stars will cool off and grow old,” he said. “If you remove the fuel for star formation then you effectively kill the galaxy and turn it into a dead object.”

It's Megamaid!

StrategyPage has a long summary on who is winning in Syria.

For later reading.


UKTelegraph reports China has shut down 50 businesses for using dangerous chemicals in their food.
and not just any food: the food was counterfeit, i.e. packaged to look identical to known brands.

A"production hub" which churned out counterfeit seasoning designed to look like well known brands such as Nestle and Knorr is being investigated in China, in what appears to be the latest food scandal to spark anger in the country.

Tip of the iceburg. and it's not just China: Counterfeit and fake medicines and low quality medicines from China and India  literally kill millions.

One of the Clinton foundation scandals was when Bill got accolades for saving money by substituting HIV medicine from a cheaper source in India that was being investigated for this.


The "third" China (i.e. Singapore) had some military hardware confiscated by China when the ship carrying the equipment docked in HongKong.

and they are so mad that their netcitizens are writing satirical songs about it.

the backstory is that Singapore had used the equipment during a training session with Taiwan, the "second China" in Asia, and China is angry.


The latest fad is "decluttering" your life.

The UKTelegraph has an essay that disagrees.

But she is a collector. In contrast, I am a "clutterer". There is a difference.

via TeaAtTrianon.

of course, who has desks anymore? I have an easy chair and a laptop.


I'm Confused

I'm confused.

Private Manning released a lot of military stuff to Wikileaks that pleased the anti war left.

So Obama pardoned this person? according to Druge, a "fake news site" of course.

 Wikileaks releasing facts about the DNC's dirty tricks and Hillary's corruption has been relabeled as "hacking the election".

This is now called Russian espionage,.... so doesn't that mean Wikileaks was a Russian agent back when Private Manning stole government "secrets"?

So does this mean Obama is pardoning a known Russian agent?


in the meanwhile, what about my hacked Federal personnel file? That was probably done by China.

Kenda Alert

Videos from the latest Kenda cruise talks are on line: He discusses cases, and the cast and crew discuss filming the show.

we are on season 3 here, but often I watch older versions on youtube also.

The reason I like the show is that they let family/friends have a short say about the victim.  Victims have names and families. And as a doc, I understand Lt Kenda's wry black humor in the face of daily horror. We docs use that coping mechanism too.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The WAGD post of the day:Death by Nutella

There is a headline in the local paper about Nutella causing cancer, because it contains Palm oil.  which is really ironic, because only the rich and upper middle class can afford the spread (while the poor tend to use palm oil for cooking here because it is cheap and tasty).

So Nutella bad, palm oil used by the poor? Who cares?

Hm. The last palm oil scare was about popcorn in theatres that were cooked in palm oil. NYTiimes 2009 article from the wayback machine.

 The study, from the Center for Science in the Public Interest, looked at popcorn from three movie theater chains and detailed the contents of all portions offered.
A large tub of popcorn at Regal Cinemas, for example, holds 20 cups of popcorn and has 1,200 calories, 980 milligrams of sodium and 60 grams of saturated fat. Adding just a tablespoon of butter adds 130 calories. And do not forget that it comes with free refills.

They recommend you eat plain popcorn without any oil, which of course tastes like cardboard.

What is the problem with palm oil? it has saturated fatty acids, so was linked to heart disease.

Then they changed their mind and decided it was a health food.

Now again they are screaming: Cancer.

Yes, but only if you are a mouse who was injected with human cancer cells mixed with a certain compound that is supposed to be associated with palm oil.

To confirm the essential role of CD36 in cancer spread, they added it to non-metastatic cancer cells which then caused the cells to become metastatic.
so did they feed the mice palm oil? no. And no, CD36 is not present in palm oil

CD36 sits in the cell membrane where its job is to move fatty acids from outside of the cell into the middle.  The researchers therefore wondered how a high fat diet would impact on cancer spread, given the key role of CD36.
Interestingly, a high-fat diet, or direct stimulation of these cells with a saturated fatty acid called palmitic acid (the main component of palm oil) increased their ability to spread.
But they didn't cite where that last part, but I googled this article via Scidaily:

The researchers next looked at the role of fat intake on cancer spread. They provided mice with a high fat diet then injected them with a type of human oral cancer. The high fat diet caused 50% more mice to have larger and more frequent metastases.

so if you are a mouse who a scientist injected with human cancer don't eat nutella.

Ironically, the really important part of the research is hidden deep within the article:

Using mice with human oral cancer, the researchers were next able to show that blocking CD36 completely prevented metastasis. 

 Did I read this right?There is a drug that blocks CD36 and prevents metastases?

 LATimes article about this. 

The work of identifying those human antibodies, and of beginning to test them in humans, is expected to take up to 10 years, Benitah said. However, with a few lucky breaks, antibodies capable of knocking out CD36 in human cells could be found in just three or four years, he said.
a monoconal antibody to stop metatases. Faster, please.

It has long been known that obesity is associated with Cancer, but then you have a problem: Is it because chubby women have more estrogen, which causes breast/uterine cancer? Is it because the chronically ill are skinny? Is it genetic? Or is obesity a marker for poverty, and lead and chemical pollution is more common in poor areas (e.g.Flint Michigan)?

Is it palm oil, or is it only when you use it to fry foods, causing high temperature chemical changes? But nutella doesn't fry the oil. So why point fingers at Nutella?

maybe it's because the SJW types hate the Nutella company: lot of articles on the company websites defending their labor practices which suggest the activists have been after them.

This german paper gasps: It's sweetness is addictive!

well, duh. everything is addictive today: Anthony Weiner call your office.

So why are they after palm oil (again)? maybe because the real aim is to demonize Palm oil, to save the orangutans.
or maybe the rain forest.

Yup. Keep the environment pristine, the orangutans happy, and the local farmers dirt poor.

This article in the UKIndependent is a good debunker of all the scare stories you are reading.

What makes a good health scare?
Three essential ingredients. 
 First, there has to be something mundane that lots of ordinary people do, and preferably enjoy doing.
 Second, there has to be a nasty disease, or a frightening health condition.
Third, the word “causes” must appear.
A big scare last week concerned Nutella, with reports that the processed palm oil used in the production of the hazelnut spread might be carcinogenic. ...

 The problem with such stories is not the underlying science, but that the fact that they generally do a terrible job of conveying a clear sense of the scale of the risk to the typical reader.
The palm oil research is at too early a stage for any kind of quantitative headline about risks to health.
 they then go on to parse statistics: A huge number might only mean a slight increase in actual personal risk.

This was apparent during the 2015 bacon scare, when reports of an 18 per cent increase in the risk of contracting bowel cancer from consuming two rashers of bacon a day were widely interpreted as suggesting an almost one in five chance of getting it.
In fact, the lifetime risk for regular bacon eaters of developing bowel cancer is 7 per cent, up from 6 per cent for those who don’t eat it.

ah Bacon!

so enjoy:

The Last Moon walker is gone

of the 14 men who walked on the moon, only six are surviving today, because alas Gene Cernan has died

We are saddened by the loss of retired NASA astronaut Gene Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon.

fox news explains:

Cernan was the commander of Apollo 17 in December 1972 – the last lunar mission and one of the final Apollo flights. When Cernan stepped out from lunar module “Challenger” he became the 11th person to walk on the moon. His lunar module pilot, Jack Schmitt, was the 12th. But as commander, Cernan was the last to re-enter the lunar module, giving him the designation of being the last person to walk on the lunar surface.

headsup Instapundit

Banned by the BBC

too vulgar for the BBC, but if you have access to Amazon, check out the Grand Tour

because, when PC rules the MSM, you need a non PC Brit give you a laugh.

Family News

The water is out. Or rather, the city turned off our water, because the meter wasn't there any more so we had stopped paying the bill.

I hadn't noticed.

Lolo had a deep well pump put in, but the ground water level is falling and the new building has the water tower on the roof (4th floor) and the pump is too wimpy to pump there, so we had a booster pump put on the city water which is now safe to use instead.

So 4pm no water, and so we had to turn on the old pump and fill buckets of water. At least we have water.

Money here is for beautiful new construction (don't ask) not repairs. Did I tell you the roof is leaking again? Luckily, dry season/summer is coming.


Tomorrow, Ruby and Joy will go to Manila, and Joy will arrange to renew my permanent visa (like the US green card, it is permanent but needs updating every year). I don't know if I will go with them: Traffic is terrible, and the trip often takes 4 or more hours each way.

I am getting agoraphobic/lazy in my old age.

update: NOON: The handiman replaced the head on the pump and it is now pumping more efficiently into the water tower, so we again have running water.