Friday, March 27, 2015

family news

Usually in the provinces, the casket is laid out at home. A cousin took this photo yesterday...they have been adding more flowers as the tributes come in, so I will post more photos later....we have wifi in our meeting room.

The cook slept here last night and fed those working to set up everything.

Joy rescheduled the Agri-business leaders' meeting/seminar to another meeting room, and has left with them, and the farmers who will attend will be taken there by our driver. We hired another cook to cook the "merienda" for the group, since our cook is busy feeding us.

The relatives were here most of yesterday through the late evening, but since I haven't had much sleep in the last 10 days, I left early and went to bed. I did a lot of the nursing in his last days, and am warn out.

He was 90, but only frail/disabled for the last six month, and only bedridden for the last week. Up to three years ago, he jogged every morning.

We are waiting to hear when the overseas relatives can arrive so we can schedule the funeral, hopefully during "holy week" before Easter...

 There is another story here which I can't relate, but it's the "close" relative who wants to arrive after Easter and is pressuring us to postpone the funeral for her convenience.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Family News

Lolo passed away quietly yesterday afternoon at home, as per his wishes. He had a form of  cancer and has been deteriorating since Christmas, and bedridden for the last ten days. However, he did not complain of pain, just severe fatigue from anemia.

Like most older Filipinos, he was devoted to "Mama Mary" and he died on one of her feast days so I figure he is in heaven. When I was in medical school, one of our teachers pointed out that few docs were pious or churchy, but most believed in a God and an ultimate purpose of life, because we see so much. So we had the priest come to give him the last rites and another one visited him for confession, and he was getting home communion, so he was ready to "go home".

Here in the Philippines, the body is laid out in the home, and the funeral waits for the overseas relatives to fly here. The wife is supposed to sit and greet everyone, and the house is open for visitors 24 hours a day until the funeral. Often they have music and/or a band to play in the evenings to entertain the visitors/mourners. And the place will be full of flowers. Because of the dogs, and because our house is in the corner of our compound, he will be laid out in our meeting room, closer to the door, not the living room of our home.

I think I will become "too sick" to do this: I have been caring for him (with the help of one of our workers for the last week) and now need a rest myself.

 I am a cold hearted American, and my husband didn't want a big funeral, but the cousins are more traditional, and he was their "father" and supported their family after his brother died. I left his son to argue with them in arranging the funeral last night.

To complicate matters, it is "holy week", so airlines will be full of people coming home for the Easter holiday, and the church will be busy with services.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

For later reading

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Francis the Fixer

Francis is a fixer. Whenever a parish or diocese experience a disaster, a fixer is sent in, as O’Malley was to Boston. Francis is the papal fixer. He is changing the subject from sexual abuse by his charm, hominess, and willingness to let people indulge their minor vices without a censoring voice from the clergy.A fixer differs from a reformer in that a fixer does not address the roots; he is not radical. He merely papers over the problem, merely puts a poultice on the cancer.

headsup and background from Waiting for godot to leave


Monday, March 23, 2015

Sunday, March 22, 2015


AlisterMcGrath, who recently published a biography of CSLewis, has a short introduction to the author Part One HERE

the audiobook of Lewis' biography HERE.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Stuff around the web

A collection of photos of the recent eclipse can be found HERE


How Hirsi Ali's life was reading Nancy Drew as a young girl.

well, Nancy Drew drove around with her friends in her own car...something that is still illegal for women in Saudi...

'Coconut flower' mushrooms growing on the base of a young babassu palm in Brazil. (IP-USP-2008: Michele P. Verderane)

Glowing mushrooms get the bug

an explanation of why fungi glow in the dark.


gift item of the day:

This zero gravity cocktail glass, designed by Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation, uses a unique system of grooves to keep liquids under control in microgravity.
Credit: Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation

A Zero Gravity Cocktail glass.


why is insulin so expensive?

Innovation and patents.
Of course, old fashioned animal pancreas insulin is cheaper and still sold outside the USA.


Crossbow found in the terracotta Chinese Army?


hunting not only increases testosterone, but increases the level of the "love hormone".

via Instapundit.


Friday, March 20, 2015

I pity the tool

BoingBoing reports that is the name of Mr T's new tv program

Good for him: it will teach you how to renovate your home.

Here in Asia, a good percentage of our programs are from the US and if you only watch movies and TV, it shows a narrow picture of the US (including a predominance of black criminals).

Hollywood shuffle anyone?

NSFW clip here.

however, if you watch the reality TV programs on NatGeo, discovery and History channels etc. you see mostly white working class Americans who are a direct contrast to those of Madmen or other dramas, and indeed are in direct contrast of the mainly white folks on "cupcake wars" or "American top model", which are also seen here.

Osama ben laden's disciples might not be afraid of the effete of the lifestyle type channels, but he might think twice before taking on the Duck Dynasty...(or the crew from the Walking Dead for that matter).

So welcome to Mr T.

As for race relations as seen on US TV shows:  we should be able to watch Empire starting next week.

I'm not sure if this is good or bad, but I suspect it will be a hit.

The Hobbitless Hobbit

The fan edit Hobbit, with all the non book stuff taken out, is a good way to watch the original story.

But now, the same people have edited the trilogy to give us Gandalf's story: The Battle of Dol Guldur.

My take? The entire epic of six films is so complicated that when I used to tell the story to my granddaughter, I would related it from one person's point of view at a time. that way you find nuances in minor characters (e.g. Merry in the LOTR or older brother Fili in the Hobbit) that you overlook in the films, which means the Jackson version (especially the Extended verison) has gone to the bother to flesh out characters that less skilled film makers would just ignore.