Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Family news

Joy and Ruby went to Manila for deliveries and Ruby has to give a speech for her homeschool sponsoring school to get credit.

She has to memorize the speech and then give it.

I couldn't help her: When I took a public speaking class in college, we learned to use "talking points" and give the details spontaneously, not read a speech or give it by memory (similar to how actors give speeches).

That is why I was bemused when the press went viral criticizing Sarah Palin for having notes written on her palm. They implied she was stupid, but didn't notice she wasn't reading from a teleprompter like other politicians, but was using the technique I learned in college, i.e. use notes or an outline only.

Black kitty lost a kitten when PapaDog managed to get the box containing her kittens off the high shelf. Luckily the other kitties were deep inside the box and I saved them on time.

So now Black kitty, aka Pandera, has moved her family to the back of Lolo's closet shelf, behind his underware.


Stuff around the net

Billy Boyd, aka Pippin, whose poigent song is the background for the Hobbit trailer (and was sung in the ROTK) is writing the end son for the third Hobbit movie.

Cardinal Kasper is so mad at being outed as a racist that he is threatening to sic reporters on the reporter who quoted him accurately and had the tape to prove it.

Father Z has details and links.

Heh. There is a "jounolist" for the church dissadents? that might explain much of the bad reporting on what went on.

a lot of this is about the PC elites trying to change the church's laws on sex and being non judgemental in the name of "compassion. But things are more complicated than that, because often this allows the elite sociopaths to ignore the harm they do to others.

A good example of putting things into perspective is this essay by old lefty Archbishop Cruz (ret) on the murder of one of our boy-girl prostitute by a US Marine...

full rant moved to my other blog.


GetReligion complains that the SciAm essay on religion and ET gets it wrong.

And no one seems to notice that angels are "ET's"


Cuba helping in the war on Ebola.

An interesting story, but the inclusion of deliberate bias in this "news report" shows why AlJezeerah is despised by most Americans.

and MomJones has the five most stupid response to Ebola in the USA.

It is not spread through the air, or by mosquitos. It is spread via body fluids, so unless someone spits, pukes, has diarrhea, or has sex with you, you won't catch it.

The main danger is to caretakers and those who clean up the place.

If it was airborne, half of those in the apartment complex and hospital would be dying. That is why SARS was a lot scarier than Ebola...


the world's smallest dog.?

more here.

Slideshow of Hubble's greatest hits.


Wired article on the bed bug wars.

no, it smells good but doesn't kill the bugs.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Good news of the day

Viagra prevents heart attacks

Stuff around the net

Car as Power Plant


the X rated version of ancient Greek myths that you didn't learn about in High School.

and for the geek set, the latest Percy Jackson book, last of the series, is now available. Ruby has the series.

Spoiler: In this one, the ADHD geek Leo (not the son of Zeus or Percy) wins the day

NPR blames the fact that guys like wargames for the lack of women in tech, but in this discussion I agree it's this reason: The guys learned to type themselves so didn't need secretaries.

even medicine swelled up with women when it changed from hard science to touchy feely stuff and following flowcharts instead of encouraging independent thinking.


and strategyPage analyzes why women can do well in "combat" but that the muddy infantry carrying 100 pounds of supplies might put them at a disadvantage.


if you love Lego and the Hobbit, here is a two hour vodcast for you

Bad reporting or incompetence?

I'm not sure what the Army is doing in Liberia, but now I read they are the 101 airborne, and they had 4 hours training and no protective suits.

 Yes, I know: They are supposed to be buildling tent hospitals, but as I have written before: There are buildings, some even with running water, that could be used for hospitals.

So why use tents (well tents are airconditioned, so maybe that's why).

 But Liberia has shut down all reports on Ebola, so the folks are dying quietly in the slums. a lot of slum dwellers were Kru or other tribes, while the gov't is run by the AmericoLiberians, even tho the presidentess is not of that lineage she is essentially schooled in the US and part of the establishment (Think World Bank appointment). Think Apartheid, by blacks.

The civil war there that killed a quarter million people was essentially a tribal uprising that resulted in tribes killing each other, both in Liberia and Sierra Leone and Guinea. The "second civil war" was merely a continuation of the first civil war, and the result was "women for peace" put in the present president with the help of outsiders. And one wonders about Firestone here...payoffs to armed groups to be left alone is illegal but normal (including here in the Philippines).

Hobb's Leviathan suggests that the mess needed a strong gov't, but it took the NWO about 20 years to bother to do so.

One thing few Americans realize is that third world countries have only so many people who are competent, so often the only answer to the chaos caused by "popular uprisings" is chaos, and then folks prefer peace.... a dictator is take over by the same group of people who supported the same dictator. Egypt is another example of this.


Oh China is taking over their "Traditional" areas, never mind that other countries have custody of them for 50 to 500 years. Obama talks of a pivot to Asia, but the only result is that no one trusts him. The Philippines is too weak to fight, so expect more takeovers of our traditional fishing grounds.

The USMarine who killed one of our boy girl prostitutes is not going to help matters here.

And the real danger is that Japan might not stand for it.


The fake report released by the left wing "reformers" at the bishop's conference was voted down, and the press is having a field day condemning the bishops who insist that right and wrong might apply to matters of sex.

I say it was a fake report for two reasons: One, it was long and complicated, and no one had time to write such a report during the meeting, meaning it was written beforehand to tell the bishops what they should think.as David Warren noted: 

 a week that began in one of the dark moments for the Catholic Church — in the release of a synod Relatio profoundly evil and destructive — has ended fairly well. The response to it from the bishops assembled in the working groups of the synod has been stellar. They have made clear to the world, or at least, that part of the world paying attention, that it was a false and lying document, intentionally misrepresenting what they had been discussing inside.
since the "deliberations" were secret, they thought they could get away with pretending that bishops agree with them, until a few stubborn "men with chests" decided to " stand athwart history, yelling Stop,"
again, David Warren:

The Australian, Cardinal Pell — whose “dayjob” is currently cleaning up corruption and incompetence in the Curia — made the initial stand, leading the overwhelming majority of bishops to demand the publication of internal proceedings which the pope’s own agents were trying to suppress. I was immensely cheered, once again, by the courage and clarity of such men as Cardinals Mueller and Burke. Cardinal Napier of South Africa showed in both his clarity and his instinctive statesmanship a wonderful example of what a Prince of the Church should be. And in the “hard lines” drawn by bishops from across Africa and Asia, we could see the future of our Church: that she can indeed recover from the filth and squalour into which she has been led by compromised and compromising Western bishops
all of which brings to mind this quote:
  • 'How shall a man judge what to do in such times?' 
    'As he ever has judged,' said Aragorn.
     'Good and ill have not changed since yesteryear; nor are they one thing among Elves and Dwarves, and another among Men. It is a man's part to discern them, as much in the Golden Wood as in his own house.'

Damn Aussies and Africans and rural hicks....

Well, anyway, the final report is actually much better.

But the press is disappointed but has replaced the old meme ("compassionate church") with the new meme ("divided church").

Oh well.

nothing new here, as St. Athanasius could tell you.

Don't expect any report with Wuerl's name on it to actually recognize some things are sinful. We saw how he nicely overlooked sin when he was in Pittsburgh...and Dolan and the new Chicago guy will go along with the "niceness" agenda because they want to be seen as nice guys.

Who could spoil their fun? Hint.

Damn Potawanamis....


update FatherL blasts bad reporting and the usually pessimistic MarkMallet is upbeat. and posts the entire post meeting speech of the Pope...bookmarked for later reading.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Gladiator for a day

A good article on the Roman ruins in Trier, which includes this factoid:

Resident gladiator Jan Krueger steps into antiquity each week from May to October at Trier’s Roman Amphitheater. Wearing loincloth and sandals, he leads testosterone-fueled classes for men wanting to learn firsthand about the physical stamina needed by Roman gladiators — those showmen who participated in life-and-death dramas in front of emperors and an audience of thousands....His classes range from Gladiator for a Day sessions costing $200 to a $4,000 personalized “Extreme Gladiator” program (with hotels and dinners) lasting three grueling days, starting with blunted replicas before the real weapons come out.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Stuff around the web

TeaAtTrianon links to the Metropolitan museum's Monet collection



the problem of fat fingers in computer programming.


Urban legends of the Philippines.

No, Siopao does not contain cat meat...and there is no Ronblom triangle


The good news:

Fast-track dieting can be successful long-term

the bad news?

But a new Australian study, published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, found that over the long term, fast-track and slow-track dieters were equally likely to regain most of the weight they lost.

Heh. Bigoted German tries denying he denigrated Africans, but they got him on tape.

heh: we did not agree to this document

In Asia and Africa, it's called remembering ones history


and here is an actual photo


Lots of nonsense about Ebola.

It is NOT airborne. SARS was airborne, and people in the apartment building upwind from the patient got SARS. Smallpox is airborne, and in a German case, a patient whose room was upwind from the patient got infected.

But when people barf, pee, and get explosive diarrhea, caretakers and those who clean up are at risk.

Which is why the nurses are so upset: Not enough protective clothing, and they are often the ones in contact with the sheets etc.... Maybe they need plastic Burkhas...

But airborne? No. Instapundit notes:

THIS IS EITHER JUST GOOD LUCK, OR IT’S MORE SUBSTANTIVE GOOD NEWS: Dallas Ebola Conundrum: Duncan Family Members and Emergency Room Staff Not Ill. 

of course, the experts insist that maybe the incubation period is longer than stated...however, if the nurse caring for the dead Liberian is already symptomatic, and his family, who lived with him before he went to the hospital, is not, then one wonders if anyone knows anything.

one to 21 day incubation period officially, but some cases came down with the disease later...or were they merely infected from someone else? The real question is if asymptomatic patients can spread the disease.
And how many in Africa have antibodies against it, maybe from asymptomatic cases or infection by other ebola like viruses?

Again I will have to google, but I have a life so may not get around to it

Thursday, October 16, 2014


So I woke up at 2 am with a wet cat on my lap.?

So she ended up having kittens on the mattress between me and Lolo...3 so far.

I went out and put her in a laundry basket for safety. Guess no sleep for me tonite.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

ebola reston?

If you read the hot zone, you know ebola reston kills monkeys8  but not humans.
about 2 yrs ago, e.reston infected some nearby pigs and a few butchers tested positive for antibodies, but none got sick kr rather none got very sick.

so could reston be used for a vaccine?

I googled and voila found this


bookmarked for later reading, since I am on my tablet....

Reality check

my tInstapundit:

HEALTH COSTS: Ebola Preparation ‘Will bankrupt my hospital!’ Director Reacts to CDC Prep Call. “Treating one Ebola patient requires, full time, 20 medical staff. Mostly ICU (intensive care unit) people. So that would wipe out an ICU in an average-sized hospital.”
my comment which won't post (internet going on an off).

in the past, they had infectious disease hospitals for diseases a lot easier to catch than Ebola. Smallpox anyone?
When we had a cholera epidemic in our African country, we were told to take over a local school and use the schoolrooms for isolation wards. Schools, unlike village homes, usually had running water and toilets, and were one story buildings similar to American motels, with seperate entrance for every room and windows for the air to circulate. And a pit outside to throw garbage and burn it. Chlorox bleach to cllean surfaces works too.
So why are these people put in an ICU?
Ditto for stopping flights. Impossible, but mandating a 36 hour quarrantine for all incoming passangers at the local Marriott while monitoring symptoms and waiting for tests to come back would help.
Just wait till all those folks return from the Haj and watch the epidemic grow.


Father Z on the PC document released by "the vatican" on the synod:

my take? It's the Vatican bureaurocracy/NWO Bishops vs Catholics. It's a takeover attempt, similar to the take over of the mainline churches in the US.

The problem? Their agenda has little or nothing to do with traditional Catholicism nor with the problems we face in the third world.

In the 60's, the west decided divorce was the answer for rocky marriages, and the PC theologians in the church delinked sex from childbearing, defying the Pope. We are reaping the whirlwind from these things in the first world, but in the third world, childless children and women deserted by boyfriends or husbands are economic disasters.

Luckily the first thing done by Protestants is to insist on following the ten commandments, which is why the growing middle class in Asia and Latin America are Protestant.

The catholics here are left with the elites (who are often left wing green types, who condemn capitalism but ignore the bribbery by their relatives that stops countries from investing here for jobs that will help the poor). And the poor. Join a protestant church, and you learn morality, hard work and honesty and probably get a job that lets you enter the middle class.

As for gay marriage: well, one doubts it will stop the seduction of the streetkids by rich sex tourists. We already have a major problem with our girls, but this will give a 'greenlight' to our rich gay businessmen to seduce their male employees and insist they are not doing anything wrong.

essentially the agenda is to deny that any sexual expression could be considered wrong.

and yes, I've seen this expressed to me by (mostly) young people, who don't see why infidelity, living together, playing the field, or ignoring their kids to get high with their newest live in boyfriend is "wrong"...



From the other McCain:

Jesse Bering (@JesseBering) proclaimed that legalizing incest between adult siblings is “moral progress” Thursday at Huffington Post and the remarkable thing is that almost nobody noticed. Just another “expert” endorsing our society’s rapid descent into perverse decadence:

Cranky post of the day: A friend on facebook posted a nice comment by Malala essentially saying all we need is love, and I commented that no, all she needed was a bodyguard with an M16.

The backstory of this was that she had been threatened, but did not get a body guard to protect her, and as a result she was shot and several of her friends were hurt when the terrorists hit the schoolbus. A good government would have provided her protection, but then this is Pakistan who couldn't even protect Benezir Bhutto, and where the big shots of their army makes India a big enemy, so they get more money to steal, but they can't find that Osama is living down the street.

Of course a body guard might not have stopped the bad guys: When our nephew was killed, two body guard were shot and killed too, along with the politician's two sons (the politician wasn't there, so survived, and his wife survived when the gun jammed).

but that murder was about who would steal the money from the city's budget, not about religion.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

more medical stuff

links from my medical blog

  • Ebola
  • exciting new medical treatment
  • let the kid die?
  • patient zero ebola
  • Ebola

    Most of the Ebola stuff is hysteria or being spun for politics.

    But an on site article on how locals have to help is from the NCReporter blog, about the Catholic hospital in Monrovia.

    As fear and confusion gripped the country over how to deal with the killer virus, Liberia’s already shaky health system collapsed. In small local clinics, sometimes entire staffs of eight or 10 people were killed within days. The Catholic church’s biggest hospital in the capital of Monrovia, which employs over 185 staff, was forced to close after nine of their top doctors and administrators died of the virus.
    According to World Health Organization statistics from Oct. 3, there have been 7,492 Ebola cases and 3,439 deaths in the current outbreaks. Liberia has been the hardest hit, accounting for 3,834 cases of Ebola and 2,069 deaths.
    “The crisis now is health services have come to a standstill,” said Brilliant. Compounding the problem, in August, borders closed and cargo planes refused to land, meaning that things like personal protective equipment (PPEs), the spacesuit-like outfits that protect health workers from the virus, could not arrive. Some organizations pulled their international staff out of the country, but other experts and doctors who wanted to come to Liberia to assist found land borders closed and airports not functioning.
    “This past month it’s been a disaster, and the government knows this,” said Brilliant. “Having said that, it’s understandable, because coming out war, the health system was not strong, there was no supply chain management. It was a disaster waiting to happen and it’s happened. The health system is shaken, not dead, but shaken.”
    (Liberia’s civil war, when Charles Taylor's National Patriotic Front of Liberia overran the country, lasted from the late 1980s to 2003, when Taylor fled the country for Nigeria. Approximately 250,000 people were killed during the fighting, and the country’s infrastructure was decimated.)
    As the country struggled through the early days of the virus in August and September, the Catholic church kicked their network into high gear. The church has 18 clinics and hospitals in the diocese of Monrovia. Even in the worst days of the outbreak, they kept 15 open. Across Liberia, there are approximately 600 hospitals and clinics; 300 are privately run and faith-based, Brilliant said.  

    so tell that a**H*** who asked why missionaries were in these countries that half of the hospitals and clinics are faith based, and this doesn't include private clinics or faith inspired people who work at public or privately run hospitals.