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100 million Lees: you are now not PC

The most absurd story in yesterday's news was that ESPN wouldn't allow one of their sportscasters to work on a game in Virginia because his name was Robert Lee.

Presumably the SJW those rednecks in Virginia would be upset since they didn't realize the guy who fought in the civil war has been dead for while...

and even though Massa Robert had been played by a Mexican American in at least one film, I am pretty sure he is not Mexican or Asian.

Asian? WTF? Oh yes: This Robert Lee is... Asian American sports commentator.

ESPN via Youtube
And you know, there are quite a few "Robert Lees" around for them to punish.

and that doesn't even include the other Lees or Lis from China and Korea.

It is one of the most common surnames in the world, shared by 92.76 million people in China,[1] and more than 100 million worldwide.[3] 

thats an idea: Have him change his name to "Li" and no problem.

anything to keep the SJW on twitter from getting a hissy fit.

Philippine news

StrategyPage has an excellent summary on what is going on in the Philippines: read the whole thing.

China is threatening war and continues to steal land in our economic zone.

The Muslims want peace, but can't control their nasties.

And the drug war.

That last is big with the NGO/church types.

The latest kerfuffle is a 17 year old killed in a drug raid: Innocent bystander framed by the cops, or a "good kid" helping his father at a store that sold drugs on the sly? Who knows?

but you know, not all murders of children are equal.

I often discuss how my cousin was murdered as a bystander when the ex mayor ordered a hit on his political rival.

Well, that hit killed the body guards and the sons of his rival, not just my nephew. It occurred in a cockpit (i.e. where cockfights are held: My cousin bred fighting cocks after he retired from practicing medicine). The cockpit was new, and the older cockpit was owned by the ex mayor's clan, so it was a double reason behind the hit.

But all involved were adults, and my cousin had been warned by his sister that there were rumors in the city hall that there had been a hit ordered.

So it was similar to a gang or mafia hit: no problem, just move along. Bribery delayed the trial for years, and forget asking the Embassy to condemn the murder.  even though our nephew was a US citizen.

But fast forward a couple years later, when the ex mayor's daughter became mayor.

Voila: there was another hit on the rival's clan. This one took place when he was going home after attending a funeral for one of our cousins (we have a huge family here, and the cousin was a friend of him). The Philippine custom is to eat at a restaurant when you go home from a viewing or funeral, (so that if the ghost of the dead person is following you, he will haunt the restaurant, not your house.).

In this case, the hit men knew where the rival would be, but a lot of folks were at the church, so they didn't start shooting until he got out of his car at the restaurant. Luckily they missed him, but killed his body guard and a couple of people in the restaurant.
From the NuevaEcija Journal (facebook page)

A rookie policeman and three other persons, including an 86-year- old woman, died when gunmen fired at the son of a local politician and his companions in Gapan City at about 10:30 A.M. last August 13. Police identified the fatalities as King Jasper Juvenal, 16, a student of Midway Maritime Academy; and Rufino Vendivil, 44; Police Officer 1 Jefferson Lim; and 86-year-old Consuelo Manse. Juvenal and Vendivil died on the spot while Lim and Manse succumbed to injuries at Good Samaritan Hospital in the city. Confined at the same hospital was Rodney Garcia, 16.
So there will be a big kerfuffle about the poor kid killed by cops in a drug raid, but who mourns the kids hurt in this hit?

The  ex-mayor (or his clan) was behind these hits, but he was given a big Catholic funeral complete with Knights of Columbus body guard. He has a big expensive mausoleum at the local cemetery which I pass every time I visit my husband's grave.

And these are only two of the cluster murders in this clan feuds  which involved murders by both sides, in this case mainly by one side....Indeed, the latest hit was last week, ...


So not all the "murders" can be blamed on Duterte, and not all murdered are equal.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Eclipse trivia


most are just put in for show, but in Lady Hawke, where the two lovers curse that keeps them apart was broken by an eclipse:

a time when there was no day or night. It served as a signal that a time of forgiveness had come and it was now time to break a curse.
and the Eclipse of Thales stopped a war.

The Eclipse of Thales was a solar eclipse that was, according to The Histories of Herodotus, accurately predicted by the Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus. If Herodotus's account is accurate, this eclipse is the earliest recorded as being known in advance of its occurrence. Many historians believe that the predicted eclipse was the solar eclipse of May 28, 585 BC.

An editor who put his life on the line

Cleaning the swamp, Pinoy style

speaking of two minute hates: The Catholic bishops here are joining the anti Duterte left to complain about cops killing druggies.

The western press is especially upset about a mayor who was killed in a drug raid. Was he a crook? Who knows? But as Lolo always reminded me: They are all crooks.

True. And the ex mayor who ordered the hit that killed our nephew, a bystander, was buried with full Catholic honors, including the Knights of Columbus honor guard.

On the other hand, Tagle is running for Pope, so has to be politically correct with the NWO, so would rather diss trigger-happy and sometimes crooked cops than criticize crooked politicians who steal everything in sight and are the main reason that the Philippines is poor....

as Forbes notes:

Corruption reinforces poverty by diverting resources that could help the poor, which nearly roughly one fifth of the 102 million Philippine population qualifies as. The country lost $410.5 billion between 1960 and 2011 on “illicit financial flow,” according to one report. Graft anywhere also deters foreign investors who are wary of bribes or favoritism.
The church officials in Manila are getting their knickers in a knot over the drug killings. Well, good, because that is their job. But where is the push against using drugs? Anyone? I do applaud their opposition against the politicians bringing in casinos (which are associated with drugs, prostitution and laundering drug money), but the new fangled fads of Joy-joy-joy is pushing social action, not holiness or moral living, and that makes me cynical: Because it is aimed at the elites types to urge them to become SJW, and has little or no message for the average person here in the provinces trying to make ends meet, often by sending part of the family overseas to support the rest of the family.

I had to laugh at this cynical report in the (left wing) Inquirer. A typical Pinoy report, full of irony about the conference goings on in a conference about the "new way of being church". Essentially pushing the elites to promote social justice (and just ignore the guy arrested with a minor at a local motel).

and only one person mentioned the word "Jesus": the reporter, who ended the article thus:

Behold a Church finding new ways of being Church in a fast-changing world. I have a gold pendant with hollowed-out letters and a question mark: WWJD? As in: What would Jesus do?

Read more: Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on Facebook
no, it's not about Jesus, or holiness in one's daily life, or about following the ten commandments, or even about helping poor people to learn what it means to be close to Jesus. Nope, it's about political action by the elites so they can feel good about themselves.

in the meanwhile, the new and growing middle class is turning Protestant, where learning about Jesus and living an ethical life is preached.


Duterte has dared to point out (using salty language) church's willingness here in the Philippines to cooperate with crooked politicians, and boy do we have crooked politicians (Wikipedia page here), and like the Mafia in the USA, a lot of them are good Catholics.

latest candal here is an estranged wife spilling the beans told to keep quiet because she is embarassing the kids. And then there is the Shabu smuggling case.

And the corruption is deep seated, so expect more "human rights" push back as the big shots get into trouble.
Now high-ranking people, including allies of the president, are suddenly getting fired over alleged graft. In April Duterte dismissed interior secretary Ismael Sueno over suspected corruption, to name a particularly high-profile case. The president had already axed “dozens of bureaucrats” as well as two senior immigration officials and a former campaign spokesman for the same reason, according to news reports such as this one from Manila. Sueno’s dismissal over suspected irregularities in the purchase of fire trucks was described as a warning to other officials who might be tempted.

but alot more remain, and you can't fire everyone...

as for the crooked cops: That is alas unfortunate. But those complaining about the crooked cops ignore the politicians and drug dealers who corrupted them and get away with it.

For later reading

StrategyPage has a long article on Pakistan and India.

read the whole thing. It is the background to Afghanistan, which is being destabilized because the Pakistani military is busy supporting the Taliban there (and the terrorists against India, for good measure).

but SP notes:

In an effort to persuade Pakistan to stop supporting violence in Afghanistan (and elsewhere) the Americans are withholding military aid more frequently. For example in 2016 the U.S. was willing to pay up to $900 million in reimbursements for Pakistani counter-terrorism efforts but threatened to withhold nearly half of that. Pakistan can retaliate by blocking road access to Afghanistan but this escalation ultimately fails for Pakistan because the only major ally they have is China and the Chinese have made it very clear that they will not join Pakistan in such an escalation.

SP also has an article on North Korea, where sanctions are being used to pressure it's supporters in China to pressure them into behaving better.

China in particular was tired of North Korean behavior and in 2017 told the North Koreans that Chinese support would not be provided if North Korea attacked the U.S. or South Korea. Meanwhile the U.S. refused to back down to the North Korea threat and made it clear there would be a violent and immediate response if North Korea even appeared ready to fire missiles towards Guam. This put North Korea in a bad position because the IRBMs aimed at Guam require a day or more of preparations that can be seen by satellite surveillance. So North Korea announced today it would pause its preparations to see what the United States would do.

The article notes NoKo are a major supplier of meth, but they have to buy their chemicals from China. Hmm...sounds familiar. And don't notice they are sending missiles and poison gas supplies to Syria.

a lot of stuff is being done with economic sanctions. This is not new, of course, and it is often overlooked (and rarely discussed in the press). However, it doesn't work with dictators, who just let their people starve while they continue doing their thing. and stay alive because others support them on the sly (or in the open) to diss the US and European Union.

For a summary of what is going on, the "Conservative teahouse" site explains how Trump is using sanction threats, not just to pressure dictators but to tell those supporting these dictators that they are the problem and better shape up if they don't want to be hurt.

See the pattern?  In each example President Trump assigns responsibility.  However, the important element is the underlying ownership must be based entirely on truth.  In each of the examples the truth was/is that Gulf States/Qatar, Assad/Russia, and China/Beijing were manipulating and enabling the problem behavior.  By calling out that truth, each enabler was forced to take ownership and corrective action.

In effect, like a businessman, he is  outsourcing to other companies (or here, he is pressuring other countries) to cooperate.

But that is not what I see in the US press: notice all the hysteria in the US press went from Russia Russia Russia to Nazi Nazi Nazi?

Maybe because the Nation noticed the DNC hack was an inside job, so their Russian talking points were blown.

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News below the fold

SenseOfEvents saw the eclipse and describes it as similar to this google photo.

First, even in totality it did not get dark, just pretty dim. The horizon skyline was still significantly lit. I would not have needed headlights to drive. Second, when it was over, it was over very fast. Lighting went from dim to daytime almost like snapping your fingers. As I write the sun is still only a sliver as the moon moves away, but looking out my window it seems like full daytime.
and no, Trump didn't look at the eclipse without glasses. As usual, he used glasses, but quickly looked up for a second after he removed them, and the press did a "gotcha" moment.

Oh NO!

 Now they're using Barbie Bombs.

more HERE. about a plot against an airliner due to fly to Australia.

and why was that plot foiled?

But he revealed how the explosives did not make it on to the plane because the handbag they were being carried in was 7kg over the weight permitted by the airline.

another US Navy ship collision with a commercial ship.

The US Navy has ordered a wide investigation into its Pacific fleet following Monday morning's incident.
It was the fourth crash involving a US Navy ship this year and the second in the past two months.

In our prayers.

have you or have you not ever printed an article defending traditional Catholic teachings on faith or morals?

The Remnant, a uber-traditionalist Catholic newspaper, is now being targeted by the thought police as a hate site. more Here about the charges by the SPLC.


Yes, the elves made mead in Middle Earth.

recipes here.

full instruction video HERE.

or follow the steps at Instructables.


a new way to make polio vaccine? Use tobacco.

BBC article.


We've sort of known this for years, but this 2016 article at MomJones has details on how removing lead from gasoline resulted in a lower crime rate...

it discusses other possible causes for the lower crime rate (abortion, broken windows theory, etc)... but cross culture studies suggest the lowering in lead exposure was a big reason for this.

Back in the 1960's we knew that low grade lead poisoning is associated with ADHD and impulsivity, but we were told to look for major poisonings due to old paint chips that kids ate (because they were Sweet)...but until the environmentalists got into the act, the gasoline link was sort of ignored.

So what is happening in Flint Michigan? and is it related to their water problem?

and the lead in the water supply problem in early 2000's in Washington DC was one of the biggest stories never reported...

McCoy also included a link to a Post story Thursday about a USA Today report based on an analysis of data from the Environmental Protection Agency. The story found that nearly 20 percent of U.S. water systems tested above the EPA’s lead “action level” of 15 parts per billion.

and it's not just lead: Here, mercury containing light bulbs are just discarded into landfills or canals. It is a disaster waiting to happen, but no one seems very worried about it...

So sell the stupid statues

We Catholics in the US started our own school systems in the 1800's because the schools indoctrinated newly arrived immigrants with protestant bible readings and history biased against the church.

Requests for priests to be allowed to enter into schools to teach catechism, as was done in secular Europe, was refused.

So when they removed bible reading from schools, well, not our fight.

(ditto for evolution fights: Catholics oppose Darwinian philosophy with it's eugenic implications, but not evolution as a scientific theory per se).

When they requested removal of creches from public squares, I had no problem with that idea: after all, there is no reason that hundreds of nearby churches couldn't put out such a display.

But ironically, the Supreme court said: No, but equal time for all the holidays. (also known as the Reindeer rule: Put a reindeer and secular Santa Clause there, and no problem). Complete removal would imply a limit to freedom of speech for a certain group, in this case Christians.

ah, but that hasn't stopped lawsuits trying to change the name Christmas to winter holiday, which essentially pushes the idea of censorship of any public speech that is influenced by religion.

this is why a lot of folks got upset when Obama talked about freedom of worship instead of freedom of religion. (Freedom of worship means free to attend the church of your choice, but not to live according to your beliefs. Freedom of religion says you are allowed to live according to your beliefs without government interference).

Removing crosses from veterans memorials was next, but the problem is that the cross has a secular connotations, reminding us of a man who died for others. And nowadays, of course, every car wreck site has a cross and flowers to remind passersby to say a prayer for those killed at the site.

trying to censor these things, which were spontaneously erected by family and friends, approaches censorship and is not popular.

Which brings us to confederate statues.

For their family members, they are memorials to the dead, not a celebration of slavery. On the other hand, the statues are now being manipulated to marginalize Trumpie boy and the despicables as racists.

So why not suggest the cities sell the statues to local private groups? Take General Lee out of the park, and let the local Bar and Grill put him out front, or maybe put him outside the privately funded historical society?

Or will the crazies attack private property in the name of love?

But of course, it won't stop there. What's next? Stone Mountain? Mt Rushmore?


as for those who object to Mt Rushmore: There is an alternative.

The "anti Rushmore" can be found a few miles away.

Proof that Google is too white (and straight)

the next android version of Google will be called (taDA!)


why? CNET explains.

Google decided to name this update after the Oreo cookie after several late nights at its headquarters where engineers just kept grabbing the snacks, Sagar Kamdar, Android's director of product management said. 

so who could object to the name of this delicious cookie?

well,  for those of you living in white neighborhoods, check definition 2

and since this is a PG rated blog, I won't even get into the other uses of the word oreo as a verb, but presumably the CNN guys who changed the word from teaparty to tea bagging to ridicule that group of squares know about these things.


this appears to be the full movie, so check it out before the copyright cops find it.

The local Sioux at Pine Ridge advised the movie makers and loved the film... so it's a real positive take on their culture, not the fake PC you usually see in films.

the TB test dilemma

Ruby is again in Manila seeing a doctor for a third opinion  if she needs treatment for a positive skin test for Tuberculosis with a negative x ray.

usually in the Philippines, you get a BCG vaccine, which primes the immune system against TB, and lowers your risk of infection, especially miliary (widespread) TB, where the germ in a person without immunity spreads all over the place . So your skin test is weakly positive. (1 cm)

But if you have been in contact with a case, the skin test is very very positive. (over a 1 cm lump)

So what do you do?

usually you check a Chest x ray to see if there is active infection, and maybe check the newfangled blood test for TB.

Treatment recommendations keep changing. Latest CDC recommendations here.

Both me and my son got INH treatment when this happened: It is to kill any latent germs behind after your body fights off the infection.

What to do is controversial: without treatment, often the latent germ goes active after you get pregnant, old, cancer, diabetes or some other reason that your immune system gets weak. Malnutrition used to be the main risk factor in the disease becoming active, but now it is HIV.

When I left the IHS, they had just decided to treat all our diabetics with a positive test (which is common in AmerIndians).

The problem? INH can cause hepatic damage in a small percentage of people... so it used to be you didn't treat them if they were over 30 and at higher risk for this.

With the HIV problem, and with multi drug resistant TB, there is a real danger of reoccurring epidemics of TB. Indeed it already is a major health problem in third world countries: 1.8 million died of it last year and one third of the world's population has been infected, although most of the time the body has fought off the infection so they don't have active disease.

Full CDC summary here.

the problem? HIV, which affects the immune system means your chance of the active disease goes way up.

cdc summary.

one problem? if you had the disease and have scar tissue, it is hard to see if the disease is old or active.

CT scans help with this problem.

so no, she is not sick, and does not have TB. The question is how to keep her from getting it later in life.

usually here, since positive tests are so frequent, you only treat the latent patients if they are high risk cases (e.g. children). Because it would mean time, expense, and side effects of treating most of the population who have had contact with tuberculosis but no active disease.

Usually in the US they check this if you work in the health care field (why me and my son got tested), or start college.

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Cat video of the week

last time I checked, we had three cats and 15 visitors who live in our garage/storage rooms.

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Science factoid of the day

All blue eyed people have a common ancestor.

Variation in the colour of the eyes from brown to green can all be explained by the amount of melanin in the iris, but blue-eyed individuals only have a small degree of variation in the amount of melanin in their eyes. "From this we can conclude that all blue-eyed individuals are linked to the same ancestor," says Professor Eiberg. "They have all inherited the same switch at exactly the same spot in their DNA." Brown-eyed individuals, by contrast, have considerable individual variation in the area of their DNA that controls melanin production.
Professor Eiberg and his team examined mitochondrial DNA and compared the eye colour of blue-eyed individuals in countries as diverse as Jordan, Denmark and Turkey. 

Schooling into terror

the BBC has a long article on ISIS schools that teach teenagers to become terrorists, and some are being infiltrated into Europe.

A horrible story. read the whole thing.

this is not the only time this has happened: Hitler youths  and communists have long instilled youth with hatred. And the constant propaganda by Palestinian leaders to train their children in hatred is a story rarely covered in the news.

So what do you do?

Comparisons have been made to the ruins of earlier wars - Dresden, Stalingrad, etc. That is overstating the damage, and looking through the rubble, it misses the point. Physical damage is the easiest to perceive, but also the easiest to repair. Cities get rebuilt.
In its short life, the so-called Islamic State did a more lasting harm, by grooming and corrupting young men. Sit with those boys, hear their tales and you will struggle to steady yourself.
Identifying the worst affected is difficult enough. Treating them, stopping the nightmares and repairing the trauma will be costly and time-consuming. They have missed so much proper schooling that finding them jobs will be hard. And returning them to their faith, one that isn’t polluted by jihadist ideology, needs perseverance.
That might be enough to save them, to bring them back into their societies, to help Iraq and Syria rebuild. Treating those who have suffered and escaped to the West might stop them becoming criminals, or worse.

my friend in Zimbabwe, a local teacher, helped to reeduccate their insurgents after Mugabe took over.

She said one problem was to teach them that they did not have the right to steal (or worse) just because they had a gun... they had to be reintegrated into society and family, and given job training.

As for Islam: my son in law worked with the US trying to retrain the insurgency in Iraq: part of it was to teach them what the Koran actually said, and how ordinary people actually live as good Muslims, as opposed to concentrating on the rabid quotes out of context that inspire the radical Islamicists, who have more in common with the Nazis and leftists of the west than with their own history...

All the world eeds now is love

because it's always more popular to feel self righteous for spouting vague generalities about love and peace than actually doing something about it.

this is 1968 redux, and that is how you got Nixon.

Shopping in the Philippines

Yes, we have a modern supermarket in the mall, along with various grocery stores.

But most of the daily marketing is done at our palenke. This is a commercial but gives you a good idea of our open air markets, where small vendors sell their wares and food.

Musical interlude of the day

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Harald Bluetooth: the guy behind the name

the Bluetooth device was named after a Viking King who united the Vikings to make the kingdom of Denmark.

lots of historians give different accounts, but luckily Harald erected a stone monument to give his side of the story:

The biography of Harald Bluetooth is summed up by this runic inscription from the Jelling stones:
"King Harald bade these memorials to be made after Gorm, his father, and Thyra, his mother. The Harald who won the whole of Denmark and Norway and turned the Danes to Christianity."

so how did your bluetooth device get named for him?

The name "Bluetooth" is an Anglicised version of the Scandinavian Blåtand/Blåtann (Old Norse blátǫnn), the epithet of the tenth-century king Harald Bluetooth who united dissonant Danish tribes into a single kingdom and, according to legend, introduced Christianity as well.
The idea of this name was proposed in 1997 by Jim Kardach of Intel who developed a system that would allow mobile phones to communicate with computers.[10]At the time of this proposal he was reading Frans G. Bengtsson's historical novel The Long Ships about Vikings and King Harald Bluetooth.[11][12] The implication is that Bluetooth does the same with communications protocols, uniting them into one universal standard.[1

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Video of the week

stories below the fold

CDC reports that fewer people today lack health insurance than they did in 2010.


CDC also has a report on eradicating Polio in Afghanistan.

long technical discussion.

StrategyPage on the Qatar problem... blame AlJ...

Civilian are frequently killed by their own governments and those governments do not want talk about it. This is a common thing in Middle Eastern nations and there is apparently no easy cure. Al Jazeera covers it like no one else. Qatar is also seen as siding with Iran in the current struggle between Shia Iran and the Sunni Arab nations led by Saudi Arabia. Qatar denies this and sees the blockade as more of a publicity stunt than a serious bit of statecraft.
 podcast of the day:
the backstory of the Magna Carta was a debate over the king vs local power


censor the social media? China is already doing that.


big drug raids here ended up with a lot of dead people here in the Philippines

to put the story into perspective:

our local paper reports the usual killings of low level politicians and business owners is still going on...and usually doesn't get a lot of publicity. Includes a murdering rapist killing himself in police custody, a guy who shot back in self defense, and something new: An IED planted for the cops that hurt some school kids.

due to libel laws, the papers don't report on the "true" stories behind all of these things, but if they happen in our town, usually I can find it out from our cook, who is related to all the local tricycle drivers who know all the gossip.

NPR reports: Anthrax killing hippos in Zambia.

yes, and a lot of elephants died of it in Zimbabwe awhile back.

it's in the soil, and not just in Africa..


good news for today: Malala is going to Oxford.

Mass hysteria bubble?

Long post by Dilbert explains

a continuation of his "cognitive dissonance" series.