Sunday, November 29, 2015

family news

Joy and Ruby back from Manila where Ruby did a homeschool event.

Chano is trying to get the plowing done for the winter crop of rice, but the handplows keep breaking down. There hasn't been much rain (El Nino cycle) so it will cost more to plant since you need irrigation water fees. I'm not sure he will plant all our fields.

I am tired so will refrain from blogging.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

For later reading

Raspberry Pi

I kept running into the word on blogs so later I'll have to read up on it.

Freeze dried turkey?

although, unlike Mark Watley, one suspects they didn't have genuine ordinary live potatoes to cook (or in his case, to grow).  And  no, the film hasn't hit the local theatre yet.


LesFemmes reminds you: Don't throw away the carcass:

Make soup.

A lot of recipes on the web.

essentially you stick all the bones with their scraps of meat into water and boil a couple hours.

Most of the recipes insist you add veggies and then take it out and then add them again. We used onion salt and poultry spice and lemon/pepper mix, and later just took out the carcass, let it cool while we boiled the veggies and noodles, then added the scraps of meat.

And no, we didn't have turkey for Thanksgiving, because we didn't celebrate it this year.

But the way you "buy" turkey here is to get a live turkey and kill it the day you cook it.

We once bought two turkeys for a party, and they kept escaping over the wall, so we'd have to go out and recapture them. The third time this happened, we only found one.

We figure some poor person decided to liberate the other turkey for their family's dinner.

What I'm reading

Audiobook of the week:

Later parts of the book can be found HERE

What is interesting is that she SEES and remembers small things around her, and then can describe them. But the emphasis is on those around her: in a superficial but pleasant way, with anecdotes.

Another thing was that she assumed she'd have servants but insists she was not "rich"... of course, the book starts in the days before WWI...

And she was a nurse/nursing assistant in that war, and later upgraded to help the pharmacist, hence her knowledge of poison which went into her books.

Her writings were not "her life": She mentions them mainly as a afterthought, comparing them to housewives who do embroidery etc. And she admits she was not a great writer, but just someone who wrote because she could do it and enjoyed doing it, and only later did she find it gave her an income.

The irony is that a lot of her life was dramatic: but her travels around the world are less dramatic then her descriptions of finding a house...

and no, the famous "disappearance" was glossed over, but the hints were that she was already forgetting things and confused due to stress from her mother's death etc. before her first husband told her he was getting a divorce.

I've only reached the point where she marries her second husband, meeting him while on a vacation in Baghdad, visiting Wooley at Ur at the recommendation of some friends.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Musical interlude of the day

John Williams conducting the Boston Pops.

Factoid of the day

via Presurfer:

 Carl Scheele managed to keep his name attached to Scheele’s green. Mix sodium carbonate and arsenic oxide together in a solution and you get sodium arsenic—a combination of sodium, arsenic, and oxygen. That gets mixed in with copper sulfate to produce a copper arsenite precipitate which can cheaply and easily dye material green....In 1982, British chemist David Jones famously speculated that the green wallpaper hung in Napoleon’s residence in St. Helena poisoned him with arsenic and led to his death. The theory is much-disputed, but also very popular.
Wikipedia has a list of people who may have suffered from lead poisoning.

Clare Booth Luce's erratic behavior as Ambassador to Italy was eventually blamed on Arsenic from her wall paper. More about Luce HERE.


The UK Telegraph says there is a new Barbie who spies on you.

Hello Barbie comes equipped with speech recognition technology and Wi-Fi, and manufacturer Mattel says the toy “listens and remembers the user's likes and dislikes, giving everyone their own unique experience.”
Some are concerned about the potential risks involved in giving a child a toy that can record what they’re saying and send the audio over the internet for processing.
NBC spoke to security professional Matt Jakubowski, who managed to hack the Hello Barbie operating system. He said he was able to extract information including Wi-Fi network names, account IDs and MP3 files.
He warned that the information he was able to retreive could be used to find someone’s house or business, and to access their home network and everything that the Barbie had recorded. He added: “It’s just a matter of time until we are able to replace their servers with ours and have her say anything we want.”

Google knows EVERYTHING

So checking my email I found this
New sign-in from Opera on Windows
Hi Nancy,
Your Google Account xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx was just used to sign in from Opera on Windows.
Nancy Reyes
Thursday, November 26, 2015 1:23 PM (Philippine Standard Time)
Don't recognize this activity?
Review your recently used devices now.

Why are we sending this? We take security very seriously and we want to keep you in the loop on important actions in your account.
We were unable to determine whether you have used this browser or device with your account before. This can happen when you sign in for the first time on a new computer, phone or browser, when you use your browser's incognito or private browsing mode or clear your cookies, or when somebody else is accessing your account.

so Google knows I use Opera, and where I live.

Family News

Joy should arrive late tonite.

Ruby was with her youth group meeting all day.

No Thanksgiving in the Philippines. So I spent the day downloading my Windows 10 update.

Seems to work OK.

I am still using my Windows 7 screen, since I dislike the "APP" stuff since I don't use these Windows apps, but other programs.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

For later reading

Catching up on the news. CNN etc. is full of "headlines" that obscure the real news, like Obama destroying American industry by approving of the climate treaty or exporting jobs by the acific trade agreement.

Heh. Just ignore all that rice-paddy methane...

Strategy Page has the (good?) news on Iraq (and Yemen), and what is going on when Turkey takes down a Russian plane.

but they also note the dirty little secret about those refugees: They come from a culture where women and children are abused.


CWR: The right wing fundamentalist Christians are coming? the Catholics are coming! at least in France, there is an upsurge in piety among the younger generation (often called the John Paul II generation of Catholics)

In recent years, we’re heard much about the Church as a field-hospital. It’s true that the French Church finds itself providing much help to the many people damaged by the culture of cynicism, economic statism, self-loathing, and hedonism bequeathed by France’s May 1968 generation. The new Catholics, however, also recognize that no-one is supposed to remain perpetually in a field-hospital. Nor are they interested in affirming mediocrity. Instead they have chosen to live out what Benedict XVI suggested would be Western European Catholics’ role for the foreseeable future: a creative minority—one that imaginatively engages culture from an orthodox Catholic standpoint in order to draw society closer to the truth, instead of meekly relegating Catholics to the role of bit-players in various secular-progressive agendas.
heasup FatherZ

Instapundit links to Stuart Taylor's not politically correct article on why politically correct minorities feel frustrated at universities. They aren't qualified and feel frustrated at the competition.

Compare and contrast: the academic success of the new African immigrants.

again, a success story no one is noting.

Safety Tip of the day

via Instapundit: Frying Turkey must be a Southern thing since you can't do that outside in the snow.

And no, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in the Philippines.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Family news

Joy still at a conference, and Ruby still attending their youth group meetings/conference.

The internet was off, and now it's back on.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Family news

Joy is attending a business conference for organic farming...since she is a member of the local organization she has all expenses paid.

Ruby and friends sold out all their juice so she is bottling some more to sell. Profits go to the church youth group.

Three of the four kittens are starting to wander (leaving me with only one small one). So what happens? One of the maids brought three yellow/white kittens for me to raise. Luckily they can eat by themself.

I bought cat litter, to keep down the odor...hopefully the older cats will now start to wander off.

Ruby says I am becoming a "cat lady". Actually I prefer dogs, but never mind.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Family News

Ruby and friends from her church youth group were here last evening making and bottling juice drinks to sell at a sports meet.

Dita had some left over fried chicken from lunch, but having raised teenaged boys myself, I knew that the amount (enough for four persons when eaten as a meal) would feed maybe one kid, so I sent our help out to buy some lechon manok (rotisserie chicken) and pandesal (small rolls). We had plenty of rice for them: we always have a pot of cold rice sitting on the stove, since Dita cooks a huge container and then reheats it for breakfast, and if it's not eaten, serves it to the dogs and cats.

Their small Pentecostal church had missionaries from Chicago give a talk and afterwards taught them some new dance steps.

The growing middle class of Americanized kids are up to date on everything via the media, and all have cellphones, of course.

Even Cardinal Tagle is sponsoring a "green" march....the elites of the catholic church used to be liberation theology, but now they are into green ideology.

The poor, however, are still busy with fiestas etc. And Sunday was the "Cecelian": The feast of St Cecilia means that the local musicians perform for us. I sent a donation to cover some of the expenses.

PDF description here of how fiestas etc started.

Culturally politically correct food take two

Does the PC police approve of a Philippine corporation having their restaurant in China, serving Southern Fried Chicken, hamburgers and french fries? with a side of rice, of course...

How about if they serve American style Italian Spaghetti in Dubai?

and check A growing teenager's diary in Malaysia, which include many food and restaurant posts.

Latest PC sin: Culturally appropriate food

The latest PC craze is "appropriating culture" one Canadian university won't allow Yoga since the American form leaves out the Hindu roots.

and heaven help you if you eat a taco etc.

 (PortugueseAmerican Immigrant and SciFi writer) Sarah Hoyt posted this link at Instapundit.

E ALL LIVE IN AN ONION WORLD: The Feminist Guide to Being a Foodie Without Being Culturally Appropriative. And if you don’t want to give hits to crazy people, the gist of the article is that if you enjoy the authentic cuisine of other traditions this means you’re “culturally appropriative” which is bad, because, you know, we’re all born with our cuisine engraved in our DNA, just like our language and our religion.  (Removes tongue from cheek before it pokes through.)  FORTUNATELY I’m an American.  Being culturally appropriative IS our culture.  We take other people’s food, clothing and entertainment traditions and we make it bigger, better and more amazing than the original culture could try.  And the feminist guide can put that in its pipe and smoke it!

Related headline from the LATIMES:

Why Shanghai's first American Chinese restaurant is taking off
Quick! Which of these menu items can be included in a typical Chinese meal?
  • Egg Foo Young?
  • Chicken Chow Mein?
  • Hot and Sour Soup?
  • None of the above.
Your answer will probably depend on where you live in the world. Those inside China would probably argue that none of those dishes resemble anything from a traditional Chinese menu.
But others might disagree.
For them, the idea of "western Chinese food" isn't an oxymoron, it's a genuine style of cuisine primarily developed by generations of Chinese immigrants to the United States.
well,I'm old enough to remember this song:

 Of course, this is Hollywood: Any good Asian would tell you that some of these actors playing Chinese immigrants are....Japanese.

Headlines below the fold

Remember that hospital in Afghanistan hit by the US bomb? Well, turns out not only was it not marked but it had lots of terrorists being treated inside, so the local Afghans called in the strike.

This StrategyPage article continues as a long informative article on NGO's.

 the Catholic Church could be considered one of the first major NGOs, as it organized large scale charity efforts over a thousand years ago. But in the late 20th century, the number of NGOs grew explosively. Now there are thousands of them, providing work for hundreds of thousands of people. 

and these NGO's often branch into their own style of preaching western values to folks who don't appreciate it, or mainly "holding seminars" instead of actually helping people.


Also from StrategyPage: Colombia is trying to make peace, but the locals have had it with these bozos

Face it, if you start a rebellion that goes on for half a century and leaves over 200,000 dead and millions homeless, unemployed or otherwise harmed, there is going to be a lot of bad feelings and mistrust. The FARC leadership is trying to get all their followers to accept that and follow orders. Both FARC leaders and government officials admit (at least in private) that there will be some FARC “fringe groups” that will have to be declared outlaws for not observing the terms of the peace deal. These groups will have to be taken down violently.

yeah, like the bozos who used to be NPA who became the hired hit men who killed our nephew after they were hired by the mayor to kill his opponent.

Colombia, like the Philippines, has had a lot of previous "amnesties". But the dirty little secret is that often these guys, even if they don't revert into drugs or criminal activities, get "offed" by hit squads, often military guys who have had it and seek revenge.

One guy in our extended family in Colombia came out of the cold during a previous amnesty, but later was killed in a "bar fight". Presumably it was a hit by a death squad. Same thing happens in the Philippines.

the article also has a lot about Venzuela, which shows what Colombia would be if the Marxists had won. Except that when the Marxists win in wars instead of elections, they massacre their opposition.

Heck, why look at Venezuela: Zimbabwe is another example: bring in the North Koreans to massacre the opposition villages, then take a vibrant economy and crashing it, confiscating farms and business to give to your friends, terrorizing the opposition and burning down houses and HIV clinics in these areas to punish neighborhoods who voted against you.

I thought it laughable when the film "blood diamonds" had a white Zimbabwean as the enemy. guess they don't know about the "Conflict diamond" kerfuffle in Zimbabwe (not to mention the scams and kickbacks in the Congo where Zim had peacekeepers)


The left changes it's mind. Links at Instapundit.