Saturday, June 19, 2021

herd immunity due to mild/subclinical infections

herd immunity plus vaccine immunity in the USA means the epidemic is pretty well over. 


this is good for populations like in the USA, where most people are low risk.

But after a year of no jobs, lock down and malnutrtion due to no money, the herd immunity might not work in the poorer countries.

today's videos are about South America "despite high vaccination numbers"


.the problem is the new variants, which are more infectious but most vaccines stop them. (i.e. meaning keeping a distance and masks won't work as well).

the reports of "numbers of cases" ignores that there are fewer deaths because most cases are in low risk younger people in the west, who don't die.

this is not true in poorer countries, where poor nutrition (made worse by unemployment from the economic shutdown) is common, and often these countries were given the Chinese Sinovax as part of China's "vaccine diplomacy". (in above video this is discussed starting at about 14 minutes into the video ).

and Singapore's Straits Times notes that the Sinovax has weaker protection, as shown in an Indonesian study.

Friday, June 18, 2021

The Catholic problem

Long but important for Catholics. Watch before Youtube pulls it...

the timing of this is that the Catholic bishops are meeting again, and many want to compromise with the world's ideas: Can't we just all get along, fellas?

GetReligion blog discusses some of the issues which pertain to US politics. LINK

but it is interesting that it was McCarrick, now known to be a sexual predator, who promulgated the idea  in the USA that it was okay to allow people promoting sin in politics to receive communion.

Unlike Protestants, Catholics believe that the Eucharist is Jesus. And Paul stresses that those unworthy should refrain from receiving.

This is about ignoring the reality that abortion destroys a child: by changing the language used in the discussion, it allows them to pretend abortion is about "choice" and freedom (something actually celebrated at the Democratic convention, even though most Americans see it as a form of taking life, albeit they would allow it in hard cases). And now the US is pushing abortion aggressively: Trying to force medical personnel and institutions to do abortions and surgery on transsexuals.

And the US (and the UN and NGOs funded by millionaires who want to limit population) have long been pressuring countries to promote sexual freedom, including homosexual rights, on conservative countries such as the Philippines, Muslim countries, and in Africa. This pressure is now getting stronger in the Biden administration.

And although I did read that the US Supreme court did just say that when Philadelphia ordered Catholic adoption organizations to let gays adopt that this was against the first amendment, one should note that the court cases still are coming against institutions that prohibit certain behaviors (not sexual orientation, but behaviors).and as GetReligion points out, you won't find an unbiased coverage of this in the MSM. LINK

as for the priest's discussion. 

Father Z says he knows of such priests (many of whom support the Latin mass). Strict priests often cause liberal activists to complain to the bishop: but you know, when ordinary folk complain about twisting or ignoring dogma, nothing usually happens.

I lived in Altoona a few years before that horrible report about the diocese came out.

But we all knew what was going on. Many stopped going to church, others drifted over to the local Orthodox church. 

Bishop Wuerl, who is now a bigshot in the church, was working then in Pittsburgh didn't notice any problems. (while promoting a "sex ed" class in Catholic schools that many parents objected to).

And yes, one priest who was a whistleblower was pressured to leave the priesthood, and the article notes he was the second priest in two years hounded out. alternatelink

I have written about this before: LINK.

As for the story of the priest that he was molested as he slept: male rape is notoriously under reported. LINK

We had two employees abused this way at the farm, and the abuser claims it was okay because they were gay and probably wanted it.


as a female physician, I saw girls who were abused, and yes, it is much more common than male abuse. But most victims here were men, and that is the elephant in the room.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

lots of confusion but fewer deaths.

 There are breakthrough cases of covid after the vaccine (and some people with immune problems probably will not get immunity).

But it seems that partial immunity from the vaccine might mean you don't get a bad case:


No vaccine is 100% effective at preventing Covid-19. The ones we have, though, are very effective at preventing severe illness, death, and reducing viral load in people unlucky enough to contract post-vaccination breakthrough infections. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

family news

 Ruby has arrived in Manila from her college in the USA and is now in quarantine until Friday, when her parents will pick her up.

then presumably it will be wall to wall parties with her friends.

The monsoon/rainy season has arrived: with thunderstorms every afternoon.

The roof is being fixed: Alas, yesterday the thunderstorm hit suddenly before the temporary plastic could be replaced, so Joy's bedroom got flooded a bit. Once the roof is fixed, we will fix the ceiling in the dining room and in my bathroom, where a cat fell through the ceiling a couple months ago.

The dog who guards the business section of our property died: Presumably they will replace him with a puppy. But the secretary and her husband live there so it does have a guard.

A couple of deaths in the neighborhood, but all old with cancer, diabetes or blood pressure, none from covid.

Friday, June 11, 2021

time wasting videos of the week

 just doing my job. 


tear jerker of the week:


Biology lesson of the week:


the movie that made Australia famous.

.and part 2 is fairly good too.

Puppy Cam! all the cuteness without the poo.

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Miscellaneous things * to read later

 Better Homes and Gardens magazine from 1940 to 1960 LINK

Lots of recipes, and the ads are interesting.


Dr. C wonders if Ivermectin caused the drop of Covid in India. 

We can't get Ivermectin here because the experts are stopping it, but in the USA, that crazy Jeramiah Ann Barnhardt has instructions on getting the correct animal version. LINK


China shuts down the city of Guangzhou because of a couple of cases of covid.  Blaming the Indian variant of the virus. Hmm.. how did that get into the city? Who knows. The SCMP used to be independent, but now is probably gov't propaganda.

read the comments

one good side effect of the epidemic: Hugs from strangers are out.


Good. Now the Chinese can file it next to my hacked OPM file.


Move over Ripley: Muslim warrior women in medieval literature:


Monday, June 07, 2021

warp speed Scottie


more here about how MRna vaccine was made.
i.e. the Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines used this technology.

the vaccine was made with an idea that came out of Darpa. 
Place conpsiracy theory here.

But the dirty little secret is that there are diseases out there that could turn into a world wide epidemic.

DARPA was trying to figure out how to develop a vaccine in a hurry, just in case of an epidemic, or even if the US/French/African troops fighting Islamicist and other terrorists in Africa were infected with a new disease. Think Ebola and HIV for "recent" infectious diseases that caused epidemics, not to mention Yellow Fever, which actually made it from Angola to China before it was wiped out via vaccines.

You might know about that Ebola epidemic a couple years ago in West Africa, but do you know there is an ongoing epidemic there
They are keeping it under control with a new vaccine, and by contact tracing, isolation, and giving out the vaccine, 

The story of how that vaccine was quickly made and sent out to stop the epidemic can be found HERE.. Nature article discusses the details of this technology.. This vaccine  is based on an adenovirus base, which is also a new technology and is being used for some covid vaccines, including the British AstraZeneca, the JandJ and the Russian vaccine. and a newer Chinese vaccine.

The Sinovax is based on an attenuated (weakened) vaccine has been developed and sent to a lot of countries as "vaccine"diplomacy, but the dirty little secret is that it doesn't work very well:

AsiaNews (and Italian Catholic news agency) reports that both Turkey and Bahrain have found so many break thru cases that they are considering giving a third booster shot to their populations by using a western vaccine.

the Philippines news reports that the gov't is planning to do a study if mixing vaccines will work. The dirty little secret is that although a lot of people are getting the "Chinese"vaccine, a lot of people, especially those in lower risk groups, are waiting for the western shots to arrive.