Tuesday, January 26, 2021

now they are coming after Mommy Bloggers.

First they came for the knitters, and now they are coming after the Baby Bloggers.

from Beyond the Black

(a blog about space, who will probably be canceled next):

They’re coming for you next: A neonatal nurse named Cara Dumaplin, who for years has run very successful website called Taking Care of Babies, is now considered a “racist” and “hater” because she and her husband committed the unforgivable act of donating to the campaign of Donald Trump.

MamaBirdLosAngeles drew attention to Dumaplin’s political donations on Instagram, setting off a flurry of denunciations.

MamaBird identified herself as “part of the #babypeople who are actively using our platforms to speak out about hate, and give you the information you need to not only raise your babies, but to raise them anti-racist. So with that, I recommend y’all consider unfollowing and stop giving your support and $$$ to @TakingCaraBabies, who along with her husband, has been actively donating to Trump and his campaign.”

“We need to out these people, especially because they are profiting off of photos of BIPOC [black, indigenous, people of color] families,” MamaBird added. “I encourage you to share this far and wide!”

This bigot, who automatically assumes, based on no evidence, that Trump is a racist and then slanders anyone with the same lie should they have supported him, is bad enough. She wants to boycott and blacklist anyone who dared back an opponent of the Democrats. You won’t get much freedom of expression under any society that she runs.

Goodbye peace, hello WWIII

...LINK.............China released a threat against any ship that travels through their "territory"... a threat to Pinoy fishermen and the US Navy but also to Japan and Korea, whose shipping passes through here.


it starts with the West Philippine sea but the plan is to take over the sea route to the east, that goes through Singapore area. And this threatens India, where this video comes from.
Why china want to occupy Southern sea ?The South China Sea is a vast area measuring 3.6 million square kilometres,More than double the size of the Gulf of Mexico.
In this video Brigadier Dr. Vijay Sagar Dheman have stated how China's claims to the ocean is put together both with respect to the Law of the Sea Convention and its purported "nine-dash" line.
This line reaches out for 2,000 kilometres from the Chinese territory,,,.One of the reason of occupying this area is that this sea bed in this area is rich in minerals and rare metals. It is full of energy and it has plenty of oil and natural gas.
60% of World Trade and 80% of energy trade from Middle East come from this sea bed , also the trade from European Union through Indian Ocean passes from this area.
All of the imports and exports to china happens through the Malacca strait of nature oil import from the Persian gulf Venezuela and Africa. Malacca strait which is so much closer to the Indian territory to the Andaman and Nicobar islands already
India has a military logistics pact with Indonesia in the Malacca strait region. The country which control this area will also control the entire trade in this area that is why China want this part of Southern sea. 

and this video is from Australia, which has faced bullying from China. 


Tales of foreign lands

 I have been pretty well off line due to rain and bad internet connection, but also because the news is so full of propaganda that one doesn't know what is going on. 

Also, here the confusion about getting the vaccine is absurd.

So I am busy reading books on line, old books that are of course out of date and biased, but do give some insight into history.

I began reading Isabella Bird's travel books about the Rocky mountains and then went on to read (actually listen to) her book on Japan (in Manga form here for those who don't want to read through her geological and botanical discussion).

She traveled in the interior of Japan at a time when Japan had only recently opened to the west, and her reports are more like a reporter than a travel writer, with both western bias and sympathy.

Professor Kanasaka has written a book about her travels (in Japanese of course) and has an assessment of her book and prejudices in a lecture about her here, VIDEO, but is so poorly recorded I couldn't get through it.

Ah, but then I looked around for her book on travels in Korea, which were a bit harder to find. Archive has them but pdf and bad epub rip, but I found a good reprint of it on Scribd that I am reading now.

Korea also had been closed to the outside, but she visited several times in the     1890s, and included stories of her travels in nearby Manchuria and Siberia in the books (usually there are several versions published, often the scientific stuff edited out for general interest)... she traveled overland to China after the Japanese coup and after the Japanese/Chinese war in the north of Korea, where the Japanese tried to remove Chinese influence; 

... she did not see the battles, which were over before her travels in Korea, but reported on the horrific debris of war that she found. Her descriptions resemble those of Mrs. John Quincy Adams, who traveled overland through central Europe after Napoleon's defeat: destruction of towns that had not yet recovered, and the bones of the unburied soldiers who died in battles years before. Sigh. most war stories leave such things out.

During her visits to Korea she met the last king and queen, and then later relates the horrific story of the Queen's assassination which she states was at the hands of the Japanese. Not something one expects to read about in a travel log...

She observed the need for reform in Korea at that time: and how the corruption by officials prevented people from working hard (because if you looked rich, the officials would "ask' for a loan or tax you or worse). Her criticisms of poverty, laziness and dirt are often moderated by her observations that the Koreans under the (less corrupt) Russians were hard working and prosperous...observing that Korea needed reform to prosper, because corrupt officials would insist on "gifts:...

I was bemused at her description of a Korean marriage she observed, that actually mirrored the marriage scene in the KDrama Samidang.. a K drama series that we are still in the midst of watching. Ms Bird also mentions the wonderful variations of Korean paper, which was the subplot of Samidang. 

another historical story I read was about Ranald Mac Donald, a Metis Canadian whaler who got off his whaling boat and went to visit Japan, and ended up teaching English to their translators, which was a big help when the US sent in ships to "open" the Japanese ports a year later.

The book (Borrow here) has lots of background on whaling off the coast of Japan, which is why the Yanks wanted access for water and food supplies, and does a good scholarly job on trying to sift the story from the various sources.

more here

And HERE.which has links to the books in Japanese and in English.

 What is missing however is insight into the personality of Mr MacDonald: so why did the Japanese like him, and why did they ask him to tutor the local translators, instead of the more numerous American whalers that they also had in the local jail?

But at the end of the book, it describes him as sitting around telling tales of his adventures in the evening. So the picture of the stoical Native American of "Anglo" stereotype quickly morphed in my mind into the laid back, sardonic and humorous Native American who resembled those I worked with (but who often, to outsiders, kept these friendlier traits hidden, hence the myth of the "stoical Indian"...). 

The story would make a good movie, if they had more input from his family's tribe and the Japanese to get the cultural nuances right... indeed, it might be more "accurate" if it was a novel, because novels and stories change the history to give insight into the reality behind the "facts".... indeed, there is a Japanese novel about his friendship with the students he taught, especially with Moriyama Eintosuke

longer version that includes his life as a gold miner and his other travels:

Monday, January 25, 2021

Know your enemy

Brennan was back on MSNBC yesterday, contending that American intelligence agencies "are moving in laser-like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about" the pro-Trump "insurgency" that harbors "religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians."

Libertarians.? WTF? But he forgot to include those dangerous Methodists...

sounds like ex CIA director Brennan is channeling his inner Mel Brooks


Senator Frank Church call your office: They are at it again.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Musical interlude of the day


Multiverse? Nice theory but....

 Scientific America discusses the problem of the "multiverse" theory. They also mention string theory, which was the big theory a couple years ago but is now falling out of favor.

Mainly posted for later reading.

The reason some scientists take seriously the possibility of a multiverse in which the constants vary in different universes is that it seems to explain the fine-tuning. But on closer examination, the inference from fine-tuning to the multiverse proves to be instance of flawed reasoning. So, what should we make of the fine-tuning? Perhaps there is some other way of explaining it. Or perhaps we just got lucky. ------------------- update: LINK.............. ,,,

the alternative way of explaining all of this is to posit a God as the watchmaker: this could be either pantheism or a personal God of monotheistic religions, neither of which are allowed in materialistic scientific thought.

Ah, but it does explain why there is a fringe theory out there that we live in a computer simulation... 

Scientific American article from 2016 discusses the computer simulation theory. 

Like the "Watchmaker" idea, this is not new: some Eastern religions posit that reality is not real, just an illusion; But the modern version of this posits super intelligent E.T.'s behind this, so they don't have to use the "G" word, although they do admit those super intelligent E.T.'s might be seen as gods.

in case you are wondering, these discussions are not really science: Science is a method of exploring reality, not reality. You posit a theory then do experiments to see if your theory is true or not, and discard the theory if the experiment fails.

The entire discussion is philosophy. And the failure to include the concept of a deity (personal deity of the monotheistic religions, or the pantheistic theory of the world as deity e.g. mother gaia of the new agers) or the theory that reality is an illusion (Eastern religions like Buddhism) means they are censoring input from the world's major religions. And that in itself shows a bias.

all of this is above my head. Father Spizer has a lot of discussions of the subject, and here is one very short one.



Monday, January 18, 2021

Explanation of today's news

which explains how, after having grossly inadequate security for the Trump rally, we now see an overkill with thousands of NatGuards types in the streets of Washington. Because if the powers that be are wrong and no one shows up, hey, no problem. But if they stop a real threat, hey they will get lots and lots of beautiful votes and the applause of the MSM.

well, actually if you tried to get rid of the evil ghosts invading the US and causing havoc, you just might lose your job, as Father Z learned when he was punished for telling people to pray an exorcism prayer  and actually saying it himself. (not doing an exorcism, as the article says: it's different. anyone can say a prayer of deliverance using the power of Jesus. Father Z was asking people to pray against the diabolic chaos that erupted over the election. And mentioning the election fraud is of course taboo in today's world, even though 40 percent of Yanks think it was there)

update: One wag posted this photo:

where in the world is Jack Ma?

 that's Carmen Sandiego for those of you who don't have kids.

 here in Asia Jack Ma is the hero: alibaba is a mixture of ebay and Amazon and has revolutionized on line sales here in Asia.

when I moved here, we could only get some supplies in Manila. Recent prosperity gave us a mall so we now can get a lot locally, but with the virus, again on line buying is jumping by leaps and bounds... not just Alibaba but Lazada....now if I only could TRUST them I might even do it myself.

and it also will help us: Joy is looking into making our gourmet organic rice brand on line...because, like Amazon and Ebay, these companies sell from small vendors.

Jack Ma has promoted his way of selling not just in Asia, but in Africa where reports say it is growing by leaps and bounds.

there was once a "cheap computer" initiative in Africa that I supported 20 years ago, but since then what has happened is the smart phone revolution, where you can buy and sell and do your bank transfers on line. Jack Ma is one of those at the forefront of this revolution.

when Covid hit, and we needed test kits, Jack Ma donated quite a few to the Philippines to help screen folks so they could go in and out of Manila (which was very hard right after the virus hit... our food deliveries were hard to do because it might take hours to get screened. Now it only takes an hour or two, and the screening is done locally and you get an official paper pass).

So where is he now and why was he canceled?

NPR link. points out their cash system was replacing cash. So the excuse is "corrupution investigation" (cough cough cough /s) but the real problem is that he told off some big shots.

And then he ... not only he initially launched into an attack on the global financial regulatory system of banking, but then he kind of moved his topic to China and said ... that he thought they were out of touch and that, you know, there was a new revolution coming. It was actually almost a call for revolution in terms of the finance sector.

read the whole thing which explains why he is so important.

and then remember: Corruption is rampant in China.


update: This was discussed on John Bachelor's podcast a few days ago.

Friday, January 15, 2021

as soon as the feds okay it, we'll get the vaccine


the big question is which vaccine.

Pfizer has been approved:

and the Inquirer says that local governments are arranging their own agreements with various drug companies:

Previously, 2.6 million vaccines were already secured from AstraZeneca by the national government and private sector. The government is expected to sign a deal for an additional 20 million doses, according to vaccine czar Carlito Galvez Jr. The national government already announced securing 30 million doses of Covavax vaccine developed by Novavax and the Serum Institute of India. The country is also in final stages of negotiations with Moderna for up to 20 million doses, Philippine Ambassador to the US Jose Romualdez said. Some 25 million doses developed by China’s Sinovac have also been secured, 50,000 of which expected to arrive in the country by February. 

remembering past epidemics



when you hear about a side effect of vaccines, you need to put things into perspective.

and here in the Philippines, the Dengue vaccine kerfuffle resulted in mini epidemics of measles and even polio.

Now that everyone is afraid to go to hospitals and clinics, I wonder how many kids (and adults) will die for lack of getting basic care.


Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Audiobook of the week

False flag or just a naive lack of basic security procedures?

We are 12 hours difference from the USA and I rarely watch TV news, but when I heard about protesters "invading" the Congress, I wondered what was going on.

My first thought was not "bad protesters", as the MSM meme seems to be pushing. My question was: Who was doing security? I mean, what if one of the protesters had a weapon or smuggled in a bomb? 

You see, there is a lot of anger about illegalities in the election, yet when someone (i.e. Trumpie's minions) ask to get these problems reviewed by a non political third party, not only is it not done but the MSM refuses to take the evidence seriously, ridicule you as crazy, and the social media will pull your tweet.

The local officials who are supposed to be professionals and politically neutral deny their wishes, the courts refuse to even allow the evidence to be reviewed (turn down the review on procedural grounds, not on lack of evidence). 

in other words, instead of a calm investigation by a trusted media to assure people that the problems were not severe, the complaints were ignored, censored, or even ridiculed without presenting evidence to the contrary.

So when there was a protest rally scheduled, who stopped the National guard or outside help. (and remember when the White House was attacked and many fires started nearby, and Trump called out the National guard and he was accused of being bad for doing this). 

So someone decided that minimal routine security would be enough... DUH....

So some protesters got in (or in some reports, some side doors were opened to let in protesters). (and not just Trumpie's crazies, but some were antifa: I say this because a known antifa organizer gave an interview to the UKMail... wtf was he doing there?)

Excuse me: we have lots of demonstrations in Manila, some spontaneous, some with true believers, and a lot with paid for demonstrators (at 500 pesos per day). Some of these demonstrations are in front of the US Embassy, and the local Manila cops, and sometimes the local military, protect the embassy from being invaded.

so my question is why was there a lack of basic security at the Capitol? 

I mean, what if one demonstrator brought in a gun, or (worse) an explosive vest? (italics mine).

 but hey, what do I know? But you know, I was in the National Guard, and the National Guard is trained in crowd control and riot control. 

So when there is an estimated 100 thousand demonstrators a couple blocks down in the mall, someone should have anticipated a problem from a couple of hot heads or crazies like the guy in the fake horned helmet.

So was the lack of security just due to the stupidity of the mayor and Capitol police, or was it a Machianavelian plan: i.e. a way to encourage the hotheads to invade the Capitol to destroy their political opponents?

I'd say this was a conspiracy theory, but given the hysteria from the MSM and many media outlets, banks, and corporations (many of whom backed BLM related riots that destroyed inner cities), it make me wonder....

so who is an expert on peaceful and not so peaceful demonstrations who can analyze what went on, and whose word I trust? 

Here is an interview with Michael Yon. 

I am most familiar with Mr Yon as an independent reporter who reported on the ground during the Hong Kong demonstrations on the John Bachelor podcast.

In this interview, Mr Yon analyzes films of what happened, using his expertise.

This interview comes from the Epoch Times website (a news site sponsored by the FalunGang, so has an anti China bias).

(headsup Instapundit, a libertarian blog, where you can find a lot of links about the modern left's censorship of free speech.)


related link: Max Taibbi on media manipulation inspired by love of money and ratings.

Noam Chomsky call your office...


Update WaPost reports FBI aware of danger, did nothing.