Thursday, April 15, 2021

it's a cult

is anyone noticing that the present day BLM/Antifa/Political correctness is a cult?

Yup. and just like other cult leaders, televangelists, or demagogues, they are not giving money to the schools to help educate the poor out of poverty, but buying mansions in the ritzy neighborhoods.

Who do they think they are, the Vatican?

well, maybe, since they are imitating the Inquisition and ferreting out their enemies.

None of this is new, of course: punishing bad thought goes back at least to Daniel or the Macabees or the Roman Empire where Justin dared to object to the propaganda.

but in the modern world, another movement comes to mind, when students were urged to purify the opinions of their teachers etc.

and where are the leaders who object to this destruction? 

well, in the absense of polical leaders, we will have to fall back to humorists.

Lileks fisks an example of fake news reporting from a guy who ridicules anyone who reports on the Minnesota riots, and name calls anyone who opposes his point of view as racist.

It’s an tedious torrent of ignorance and self-righteous BS with one rhetotical gimmick: it conflates disagreement with terror.  

Perhaps you know people like this.  One can say, with a calm mien and civilized demeanor, that you regard the march of Gramscian theory through the universities with alarm, because the traditions of history and empiricism are being replaced with a boilerplate ideology that sees everything through a cracked, filthy prism that denies reduces everyone to tribal identities and denies the foundational precepts of the American experiment....

What may strike the author as a ringing series of J’accuses! might strike others as the obsessive mutterings of a meth-head with one leg jackhammering up and down, but I suppose that’s a matter of opinion.

read the whole thing. Yes, Lileks is a humorist. As in his Gallery of regrettable Food:

presumably he will soon be canceled as a fascist for daring to report that most ordinary bland folks in Minnesota don't like riots that loot their local Walgreens.

Because, like cults, you can be excommunicated and exiled for daring to speak the truth (But it moves/ but there are two sexes).

 like the Red Guard, the twittermobs and the professional activists are now fat with money from corporations trying to appease them.

Even medical editors are being removed for their benign comments: Notice the NYTimes report uses language more suited to propaganda or the editorial page? Who ordered his removal? A "committee" of the AMA. and an organized campaign of complaints.

Reality check: the "committee" did not do a poll of the doctors who belong to the AMA.

The average doc is working his or her Puwit off thanks to an epidemic of Covid and a lot of ordinary diseases that were neglected thanks to the shutdowns so one suspects they neither knew nor cared about this.

Ah, but the AMA claimed they responded to "complaints" from people who were hurt and objected, but I suspect it would be more accurate to say "complaints from activists who monitor what you say and then pounce so they can take over".

This is manipulation, and speaks poorly for academic freedom. 

By the way, the podcast that started all of this was deleted of course, so that you can't hear it and hurt your feelings (but the internet is forever, so it's here).

Presumably the JAMA will quickly morph into the NEJM, Lancet and the BMJ in printing poorly written propaganda with questionable statistical analysis in the guise of scientific medicine: but hey, it's for a good cause.

So, Conspiracy theory, right? I'm just paranoid.

many critics of the podcast see this as an important first step.

note: All italics mine. 

The decision to remove Bauchner during the investigation “potentially corroborates JAMA's intentions to become a more culturally competent organization,” says Steven Bradley, MD, an anesthesiologist and fellow of the MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics. “Hopefully, this signifies an increased effort to diversify the staff at JAMA, as increased diversity will provide additional viewpoints on issues surrounding ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic status,” says Bradley, who hosts The Black Doctor Podcast. “These issues have always been important because these are the issues our patients deal with.

His patients? WTF? How would he know? So he's a GP who works in the slums where people worry about their diabetic control or if their blood pressure is too high? 

Nope. He is a trained anesthesiologist, i.e. a doc who puts people to sleep so they can have surgery. And he's an ethicist, which in today's world means  activist who pushes an agenda rather than ethics (he is doing a racial agenda, which at least is better than the majority of ethicists who are busy being "apologists for deathmaking" and telling you why it's okay to stop feeding your grandmother when she is sick, or why it's okay to put infected covid patients back into nursing homes, or why it's okay not to treat the disabled with a low QALY for Covid because hey, they just might need that ICU bed for a person who is not a "useless eater"..

The irony is that it is the "industrialization" of medicine by big business, the profit motive of the HMO's and of modern medical ethics that promotes efficiency and medical rationing is not so much racist as it is working against poor people of all colours.

Because it places all patients and diseases into a box, and makes efficiency and filling out the forms more important than actually listening to your patients.

and the last time I heard about this being a major ethical problem was 30 years ago

Just 9 years before his death, Pellegrino lamented that our cultural climate had called the fundamental means and ends of medicine into question, leading him to propose a renewed reflection on medicine’s basic concepts, including health, disease, and illness.

medicine is about health, disease an illness? heh Who wuda thot?

This call dovetailed with a central theme of his oeuvre, the push for and articulation of a philosophical basis for modern medicine oriented by the realities of clinical practice and human existence
And that needs to be discussed. So Dr. Bradley is correct that there is a problem. 

It is his radical "solution" that I object to.

My point is that, by putting it into the BLM "everyone is racists" box, he is willing to destroy a medical journal. 

He prefers to distort objectivity and stop open discussions of problems by censorship. And those doing the censorship are a small group with a larger agenda, whose ultimate aim is to destroy western civilization in the name of diversity, and replacing it with... what? It's not clear.

Does he want a BLM/race theory takeover of medicine, pushing PC thinking and having struggle sessions to correct your bad think. And if you make a gaffe, will you lose your license to practice medicine?

I should note they did some of this stuff when I was in medical school back in the 1960s...and we had "encounter" sessions that were supposed to make us more honest but were actually about making us conform to the leader's opinion, because hey, who dared to open their mouth and say the discussion was bull....?

In these sessions, lots of personal questions were asked, which if you answered them truthfully let the leaders manipulate you of course....but I figured it was none of their business so I usually lied through my teeth when asked about personal things.

So none of this is new.

And yes, this is not about "racism": this is just the first step to destroy the STEm fields, which rely on evidence instead of ideological correctness. 

Again, this is not a "new" idea: Can you say "Lysenko" children?

so who defends Western Civilization? What did it ever do for you?

If you want to hear the defense of western civilization, a non PC audiobook of the day can be found on internet archives: LINK

in a related topic:

There are riots over police killings, but not a lot in the news when innocent doctor and his family are murdered by Psychopaths. Indeed, the news stories are now all about the murderer.

This will quickly morph into bad guns memes if they even bother to discuss this atrocity, but although I am pro gun control, I wonder if the doc had a gun at home they'd all be alive.

You see, Lolo always carried a gun in his car and in the house, because he still made house calls so carried morphine etc. with him... and he was at risk for being murdered by druggies seeking drugs. (or druggies who seek revenge because you won't give them drugs).

This doctor was also an author: his book can be found HERE.

unrelated to above, but remember: most of what is being called "fascism" in the US is not facsicm but ordinary folks who disagree with marxist activists.

But some people just don't go along with the real fascists:

Monday, April 12, 2021

yup the Yanks are here

Duterte was threatening to stop the yearly joint training exercizes with the USA, and in recent weeks we have had another bad surge of Covid in the Manila area.

I had assumed that the exercizes had been  called off again  so I was puzzled why I spotted what looked like an A10 flying over three times in the last week...was there a war going on that I didn't know about?

Then kuya mentioned: Yup. The Balikatan exercizes are back on.

No this doesn't mean war with goes on nearly every year and except for airplanes and helicopters we never see them training.

poem for today

 when the news is full of hysterical nonsense, it is time to put things into perspective by listening to a beloved classic poem.

Friday, April 09, 2021

Who ya gonna call?

 when your volcano erupts and you live on a tropical island, who ya gonna call?

No, not Ghostbusters.

The Cruise Lines to the rescue.

more HERE

UKMail has more plus photos


in our prayers.

One wonders about the logistics of this: The cruise ships were getting ready to restart cruises, and presumably have staff etc. on board. And one wonders where they were docked when the emergency started. Presumably these stories will be in the news in the near future.

We face volcanic eruptions frequently here in the Philippines, and indeed Taal is still smoking at a low level. But luckily we can evacuate by land.

Covid update: Remember the heroes of today and the past.

 We are fine: In partial lockdown and we have a curfew.

My main worry is that again my checks are taking a long time to get sent to Manila for processing.

The good news: All my W2 forms arrived in Early March (two months late) so I did my income tax on line with Turbo Tax. In the past, Lolo and I had an accountant, but when he got sick, I was unable to get his information from the US banks so started filing on my own. And although it is simple, it's worth it for me,  especially since they keep my old information on their website so now all I have to do is change the numbers of my IRA etc.

The only problem is if they get hacked, of course, but since my federal OPM (Personnel file) was hacked by China a couple years ago, and now I find that my facebook information has also been hacked, well, WTF...

in the meanwhile, we are being asked by a lot of people for monetary help to pay for their medicines. Sigh. Hope my funds hold out... because if I get sick, I will have to empty my bank account.

We have quite a few cases of covid in our area... now we hear that the owner of one of our local grocery stores was reported to have died, and his wife is sick in the hospital.

I'm not sure of how many people are sick here, but the mayor is giving out food to covid positive people, i.e. those who are in quarantine at home so can't work.

Manila is in full lockdown and hospitals are full.


but being in partial shutdown again means a lot of poor people out of work (including people from Manila who came here to live with their families because they lost their job).


the high risk are being given the vaccine in Manila, and a few caregivers here have gotten it, but not for we elders yet.

2 million shots from China and Russia to be delivered this month.

But my maid said you can pay to get a dose locally, but it is suspected that it is a fake vaccine. Yup. If there is money to be made, someone will do it.

as for Ivermectin, the DOH here echoes the US FDA and say no it doesn't work. 

But today's paper reports the FDA says it's okay for hospitals in the USA to use it. Ah, but won't that be too late? Or will they let them give it to the cases early who show up in the ER? 

Another opinion on Ivermectin here:

They are giving out the vaccine in the cities here: Mainly the crappy Chinese version. 

I found it was interesting that there was an article insisting that unlike the Pfizer etc vaccine, the Chinese vaccine was made without destroying fetuses (i.e. using cell lines from aborted fetuses, a big topic in the USA). 

This is a big concern for devout Catholics, although my sarcastic opinion is that the pro life types should have brought up this ethical problem a couple years ago with the drug companies (they did, over stem cells, and got such negative MSM propaganda against them that they sort of shut up, and ironically it was a devout Buddhist in Japan was disturbed by the idea that he was destroying life, so he figured a way to make stem cells from adult stem cells, so the controversy sort of disappeared).

well, anyway, the Chinese vaccines are old fashioned vaccine, similar to the Moderna and Sputnik vaccines, which use old fashioned adenovirus techniques to cause immunity... but since Covid works with T cell immunity, it is not certain how long this immunity will last, whereas the more innovative RNA vaccines induce T cells or something like that to cause long term immunity.

One caveat: Just because you test negative for antibodies doesn't mean that you are no longer immune. It might just mean that it might take a few days to up your sleeping immune system to make them. which is why there is talk of who might need booster shots.

This is why the experts are insisting that if you had covid you need another dose of the vaccine, since often you revert to negative antibodies.

Dr. C's discussion today is about vaccine side effects here: 25 million doses given a couple dozen deaths.

in other news: Today is a holiday here in the Philippines: The Day of Valor. It is the anniversary of the fall of Bataan, and the start of the Bataan death march.

photo souce:

Duterte is comparing the frontline workers to the brave Filipino heroes.

The USA is not good at remembering those who died to let them live in freedom, and the cancel culture Karens and woke types despise any talk of heroism, and so would probably condemn any commemoration of this as being a celebration of whiteness.

The problem? Most of those who died were Filipinos defending their country against a very cruel invader, and the Americans who were there included many NM NG members, who included Anglos, Hispanics, and Native Americans.

Which is why the only place I have seen this commemorated every year is in Alamagordo, New Mexico. 


 MacArthur needed anti aircraft weapons and so they sent the NM NG units to Manila just before the invasion, and many were in the Battle of Manila, and in the Bataan death march.
NMNG Wikipedia article .

I first learned about their history when I worked with the Apache in Mescalero, and found a plaque commemorating Bataan in the church.

 Several local Apaches served there, and the priest in charge of the mission went with the NMNG to Manila, and survived Corrigedor, the death march, the POW camps, and later the hell ships that took them as slave labor to Japan and Korea.

Father Braun was a missionary who worked in Mescalero before the war, and had a colorful life: His Wikipedia page is here which mentions him as being present when President Quezon took his oath of office, but also for his work burying the dead and saying mass under dire circumstances.

After the war, he served the Hispanics in the Phoenix area, and is still remembered by them LINK

Thursday, April 08, 2021

Quote of the day


Archbishop Chaput observes that “the most telling feature of our era is that it weakens bonds.” That weakening begins with the forgetfulness of where we came from and therefore of who we are. By weakening our bonds with the past, the agents of impiety more easily weaken our bonds in the present. ,,,

Sunday, April 04, 2021

China is gaslighting the Philippines on their vaccine.

 They are pushing the Chinese vaccine here in the Philippines...and in other poor countries such as Indonesia. It is a form of vaccine diplomacy, to get allies in a region where Chinese aggression is making them disliked.

So we have a slew of articles telling us how wonderful the vaccine is.

Lots of Gaslighting going on.

The western sources point out:

the rollouts come despite a growing number of questions over the effectiveness of the shot, which last week was revealed to have an efficacy rate of just 50.38% in late-stage trials in Brazil — significantly lower than earlier results showed. That rate only barely crosses the 50% efficacy threshold as set by the World Health Organization, and far lower than the 78% previously announced to much fanfare in China earlier this month.

Ah, but that's now what the obedient press is telling us:

No, it protects 80 percent of folks, not 50 percent.

And those deaths in Brazil that stopped the chinese phase 2 trial?. No, not from the vaccine.

China is claiming they had no deaths at all when they gave out their vaccine to their own people.

But it appears gaslighting is going on. Not just in these articles, but in the social media with all their scare stories of bad side effects of the western vaccine.

here is a pure propaganda piece from Rappler, a site originally that was partly funded by a guy suspected as being a CIA front (foreign money to news sites is illegal here). So I don't know what is going on: They are left wing and anti Duterte but maybe things are changing. Given their history of taking foreign money, one does wonder 


ah but this article does admit that China's reports are iffy but that fact doesn't stop the writer from quoting China's lies fantasy fictional reports.

But China has struggled to gain international trust for its vaccine candidates, hindered by a lack of transparency on test results.

It has also been slow to complete Phase 3 trials, which had to be conducted abroad due to China's success at curbing the spread of COVID-19 within its own borders.

Chinese officials have repeatedly assured the public of the vaccines' safety, claiming that there have been no serious adverse reactions.

 PHilstar notes that when the vaccine was given locally, 29 had side effects out of 3000  vaccinations, including one serious... 

Manila Bul quotes the  company that made the Sinovax who said there were no problems. And of course, China never lies.

No fatal side effect has been recorded from the use of coronavirus vaccine developed by China’s Sinovac Biotech so far, according to a company official.

This early Lancet study with low numbers involved showed 50percent had side effects

From Bloomberg: in Indonesia, we read: 

Chinese vaccine maker Sinovac Biotech Ltd.’s coronavirus shot created antibodies among 97% of those administered with it in a final stage trial in Indonesia but its efficacy has yet to be determined, a company spokesperson said Tuesday.


but the Epoch Times notes: 

 The Strange Sinovac Vaccine Phenomenon: Countries Report Increased Cases After Using Vaccine

the Chinese vaccine was used in Brazil, and now it is being reported that it doesn't protect people against the new virulent mutation there.


Excuse the technical problems with the post: Blogger has "eaten" it twice so I had to repost it.

Saturday, April 03, 2021

Family news

 we are again in shutdown, so no church services for us and no family get togethers.


Guess I'll have to go back to hibernating.

Movie of the week