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ghost ballots



nothing new about any of this. 

 but a lot of people are rolling their eyes over Powell's claims on computer software hacking, but a lot of people on the left in third world countries figure that the CIA has been doing this for years, and although even Trumpieboy's supporters are suspicious of the claim of the kracken, the tech types are writing a lot of comments and claims supporting her claim... and one finds they are posting geek type information on conservative sites and even on non typical forums. Here's one at a hunters forum that goes into details. 

But this lists a lot of the claims, and includes links.

And some of them make one go "WTF" for the audacity of the theft and the data should be easy to prove (although I believe one rerpot says they "lost" the chain of evidence so maybe not).

1. While speaking before the Pennsylvania Legislature, Rudy Giuliani introduced a stunning fact: Pennsylvania sent out 1,823,148 absentee or mail-in ballots. It logged that voters returned approximately 1.4 million of those mail-in ballots. Fair enough. Where things get hinky is that Pennsylvania counted 2.5 million mail-in ballots following the election. Giuliani also referenced mail-in ballots that were returned before they were mailed, the day they were mailed, or the day after they were mailed:

 that type of ballot box stuffing puts the suspected shennanigans of the Hello Garci scandal to shame.

is the MSM covering it? 
Well Dilbert is an expert in persuasion and business psychology, and up to now has been a bit skeptical about the claims, and even more skeptical that if true they could be proved in court. 

But today, after a discussion of how Biden could be the best president at this time, in the middle of the podcast  he notes how the story is being spun and denied by the MSM to persuade you to ignore the evidence.

no I don't know what to think, mainly because between the two typhoons that hit us and the internet outages for the last month (due to upgrade of the internet cables in our town to supply wifi for kids to do school work at home).

But you know, so far Trumpieboy's followers have a life and have stayed quiet. But I also remember when Marcos tried to steal the election and 2 million Filipinos went out praying in a peaceful protest to stop him.


Update. Rumors on fake news sites are really getting crazy.

When the free press refuses to do a neutral investigation, when earlier stories of problems were known but now are being denied, and when non crazy opposition sites are silenced by the internet providers, the result is that people seek out alternative media, some of which is crazy.

And when "responsible" people say political differences are crimes it doesnt help.

Family news

No we didn't have a big Thanksgiving celebration, altho in past years we celebrated it with friends in Manila, now with the virus that is canceled.

We did have a turkey at the farm that we we going to prepare for family and staff, but when the typhoon hit, a tree fell on it and killed it, so the farmer caring for her cooked her up adobo style, and sent us our share of the meat. (Usually the deal is we supply the animal and feed, but they care for it and get half the meat).

They have been busy trying to salvage and harvest the remaining rice that was damaged by the typhoon. They are so busy that where our roof was damaged still only has a temporary covering, and the trunks of tthe palm and banana trees are still cluttering out yard, although some of the leaves and fronds have been removed. The larger pieces will sit there until the large farm truck and some of the farmers will be able to come down, cut the trunks in smaller pieces,and haul it off.

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but it is Christmas season, so both Joy and Kuya are busy doing deliveries and supervising staff at various trade fairs. Joy is also teaching a class to a business meeting in nearby Pampanga...not a big meeting, but they are holding it on line and they will broadcast or zoom the speech from there.

Lots of sick people coming to the door asking for help to buy medicine and in one or 2 cases to pay hospital bills. The cook's niece age 37 is now receiving dialysis...the mayor has opened a clinic that gives free dialysis, something that was not available until recently,for the poor, but there is still the expense of medicine etc. She should have a kidney transplant of course, but it would mean going to an expensive hospital in Manila and finding a relative who is a match who could afford to take off from work... there is no money for any of those things.

And of course with the virus people avoid the hospitals.

Hopefully we will have a vaccine by spring, and the economy will reopen. But in the meanwhile its sad for folks who were becoming middle class now drifting back into poverty.


Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving

The fashionable are trying to destroy American history, but Tom Cotton reminds one that the first Thanksgiving was 400 years ago


the reason the Pilgrim story is more important than, say, Jamestown is because the Pilgrims fled not to get rich but for religious freedom.

a lot of immigrants fled tyranny in Europe: not just those fleeing war, religious or ethnic persecution, but people seeking the ability to have a better life for their children... 

a dirty little secret that a lot of Americans don't realize is that in many countries, it is nearly impossible for the lower classes to better themselves because the elite have a lock hold on the economy. 

So one alternative is to move to America and be free to work, You start out as caregivers or taxi drivers or construction workers or join the military, but the important thing is that these jobs will give you a living wage to support your family, and your kids can go to college. 

 For example, are you aware that Immigrants own 18 percent of small businesses for example and 30 percent of new small business start ups are by immigrants?. (hence the joke Biden made about not being able to enter a 711 if you don't have an Indian accent: Although many of these are actually Pakistani and in some areas many are Koreans or other immigrants). 

As Biden opens the door, millions more will get the opportunity to do this in the same way my relatives are now happy American citizens in Chicago, and in the same way that my daughter in law is a proud American thanks to Reagan's amnesty of immigrants who lacked proper papers.

The idea of Thanksgiving is thanks to God for his blessing: not just being free to worship as you wish, and being equal to every other man. Which is why immigrants are more patriotic than elite students who have had years of distorted history education by anti American teachers: because immigrants know the other side of the story, that America has faults but next to other countries it is a haven of peace.

I've read several snotty editorials ridiculing the song "God Bless America" because they figured America didn't need to be blessed. What they are missing is that the phrase "God Bless" in English is a way to thank someone for a gift. Which is why it was a Jewish immigrant who wrote "God Bless America" to thank America for his freedom:  because his family fled the pogroms of Russia and his family was safe when the Nazis started killing his relatives who didn't leave.

One of the things about K Dramas that make me aghast is how the lower classes take abuse from the elites...when we watch them, I often tell my daughter in law that I wouldn't put up with it from an employer or from my mother in law, but my daughter in law here is Filipino and she sighs and tries to explain it to me, because her culture is also Confucian and emphsizes obedience to one's elders or bosses...

In contrast, Americans figure they are all equal and won't take S*** from anyone.

and the rich business types who think these immigrants will supply cheap, obedient labor need to remember it only takes one generation until the immigrant or their kids will start talking back to them, just like other Americans.

Finally, despite all the propaganda, Thanksgiving stresses cooperation between neighbors of all ethnicities. 

No, the Pilgrims did not commit genocide: The local Indians had been decimated by Smallpox and other diseases brought to them from trading with European fishermen and traders at a time when the germ theory and understanding of how infection spread did not exist.

 There is a complicated story behind why the local tribe wanted to help the settlers, but part of it was to assure peace and trading benefits from the newcomers (the peace lasted for 50 years) and for help against neighboring tribes who were their enemies (think guns). Smithsonian article relates the back story. LINK.

Facing East from Indian Country relates the nuanced history Summary here.  Scribd audiobook version. or borrow from internet archives.

and in a lighter note:

Bringing back Versailles

AnnAlthouse has a blogpost quoting a WaPo article about the establishment being happy they can run things again. 

Back to normal will mean more state dinners, a prestigious and glamorous way of reestablishing global ties. And it means that Washington events traditionally attended by the president and first lady for the better part of five decades — the Honors, the Alfalfa dinner, the Gridiron, Ford’s Theatre gala and the correspondents’ dinner — will likely return to their former glory."

Let them eat ice cream cake. (a saying that goes back to the days of Louis XIV, and was never said by Marie Antoinette by the way).

one of the reasons that the French revolution occurred was that the radicals manipulated the public opinion that wanted change so they could get into power. But the reason they had support is that, in a year of famine, the elite of Versailles partied on.

so is anyone noticing that the US elite are now openly rejoicing that they are again in charge?

The alternative press has noted this. However, the alternative press is being deplatformed one by one by the social media moguls with little outcry from the establishment that is pretending they want to make nice.

I am so old that I remember how the left was the one who objected to the fact that the press/MSM was run by a few rich corporations that slanted the news to control people.

but hey, even Noam Chomsky finds that he is censored (in India) for saying such things.

and the alternative media were the ones protesting how the MSM ignored stories of Biden's son's corruption, pretty well ignored the plan by the international elite to reset the economy, and the statements of those who might be in the Biden administration that the government should not put America first, but to let China take over the world.

the Biden's son's bribes job related salary for doing nothing is essentially a bribe. Given China's increased aggression against a dozen of it's neighbors, who they plan to take down one by one (the Philippines being first, because we're the weakest link) I don't find this story comforting. 

But of course, it's only a matter of time until Biden is discarded for Kamela Harris, a woman who got her influence by schmoozing around with the SanFrancisco elites but didn't win any of the Democratic primaries.

on a lighter note:

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Bring in the (Chinese) Herbs

can Chinese herbs cure Covid?

 the Manila Bulletin reports:

Lianhua Qingwen, manufactured by Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., is the first traditional Chinese medicine approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the country. While it was used for mild COVID-19 patients in China, it is only registered as traditional medicine in the country that can be used by patients with respiratory tract infections and symptoms like difficulty in breathing, fever, muscle soreness, and runny nose....

so is it a cure? 

sorry, no. It merely helps symptoms of chest congestion.

 The ingredients contain ephedra, and anti mucus ingredients, so it sounds like a mixture of herbs that relieve symptoms (Think the Chinese equivalent of Nyquil). 

: It includes forsythia, honeysuckle, ephedra (ma huang), armeniacae, gypsum, isatis, dryopteridis, houttuynia, pogostemon, rheum, rhodiola, Chinese peppermint (bohe), and liquorice.....As a drug, ephedrine is a decongestant and bronchodilator. It is used for temporary relief of shortness of breath, chest tightness, and wheezing due to bronchial asthma.... . Common side effects are heart palpitations, nausea, and vomiting. Some notable dangerous reactions include heart attacks, strokes, seizures, and sudden deaths.

here is a local video about the mixture.



in the meanwhile, the Philippines is trying to get the US vaccines. Korea reports they have ordered the Pfizer vaccine.

and China? They have given their partially tested vaccine to a million people.

WSJ article here discusses how China and Russia are using vaccine diplomacy, something that I have discussed in previous posts.

quick: Can you find what is wrong with this claim?

In the statement, dated Wednesday, Sinopharm said it was leading the world in all aspects of vaccine development, but didn’t offer evidence from ongoing international clinical trials that its vaccine is effective. Because China has few infection cases within its borders, Chinese firms have had to conduct trials overseas to test their vaccines’ efficacy. Their Western counterparts have also recruited participants internationally. Sinopharm has argued that its vaccines work based on anecdotal observations from people who aren’t participants in the trials. Many were inoculated because they were headed overseas.

Hint: they admit they don't have evidence it works.

not good evidence: This Lancet report sounds impressive, until you realize is is about a small number of cases (700 healthy young men) and of course, it assumes that the Chinese never lie about such things.

Hint: they claim it works because of "anecdotal" reports.

Hint: they did the trials overseas. Using poor people as guinea pigs is only protested by activists if done by western pharma, of course. NPR reports on the vaccine use.

Hint: they claim there is no covid in China. A claim that is applauded by a lot of western media, and only Breitbart questions if that is true, although that is an article from last March.

but if there is little covid in China, maybe it is because they started using the untested vaccine on high risk folks as early as last summer.

they are only now conducting phase three trials (something done by US vaccine manufacturers last summer). 

But hey, from the standpoint of poor countries, who cares about a couple dead from side effects if it helps to open the economy, since the shutdowns are literally killing people (from malnutrition related infections, from untreated or undiagnosed diseases, from unwanted pregnancies being aborted by hulots, from people not being able to afford their BP or diabetes medicines because they lost their jobs). 

the anti vaxers and the Democrats like Cuomo who dissed Trump for trying to get the vaccine approved early when the reports showed it worked with few problems are literally chosing "safety" from side effects rather than safety for people at risk.

China choses the cost/ benefit ratio: because in the long run, a heck of a lot of people will benefit from a vaccine that might have side effects and might not work as well, but it will allow the economy to open so that economic releated deaths will be fewer.

And put conspiracy theory here that the covid is being pushed in order to promote the Great Reset, so a lot of the bots pushing anti vaccine propaganda were successful in keeping a safe vaccine from being released early. (hint: this already worked: how many more would have voted for Trumpieboy if the vaccine was released two weeks earlier?)

so is China's vaccine screwing up the Great reset, or is it part of their plan? I suspect the first, because China will make money and also gain good political points in third world countries from pushing their vaccine early.

CS Lewis remembered

CS Lewis passed away on Nov 22 1963, the same day as JFK and Huxley. 

He was ridiculed by his more PC peers for his old fashioned approach to Christianity, but you know, those PC attitudes are now considered quaint: I mean, the Fabians had the headlines then and maybe now with the Great Reset, but seeing the deaths from socialist utopias in the past makes one wonder if Lewis will outlive them all as a prophet: in That Hideous Strength fortells what is happening today: the elite who despise ordinary folk making a technocratic utopia.  Hmm... I thought the Great Reset was a myth made up by idiots, but hey, it's happening in front of us and if you go against them, hey, you will be deplatformed and banished.

Personally, I find Lewis a bit brittle in his writing, but I first read him as a sci fi fan with the book Out of the Silent Planet. 

some of the themes are the evils of colonialism by positing earth men who aim to settle humans to displace the peoples of Mars...  in other words, OOTSP was a novel about racism:

On Malacandra, three races live in perfect harmony under the rule of the benevolent spirit Oyarsa. Lewis contrasts the happiness on Malacandra with the turmoil on Thulcandra, or Earth, where racism has led to widespread discord.

 A PilgrimInNarnia blog publishes a transcript of CS Lewis' Obiturary.

again, it sees Lewis as old fashioned and out of date, opposing the trends of modernism that ruled Oxford in those days.

Dr. McGrath wrote a biography of CS Lewis and has a lecture about his influence here.

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Friday, November 20, 2020

Vaccine news: keep it cool

 notice nothing is 100 percent: but your odds are good for not getting the covid virus is you get the vaccine. Here is one discussion on the data, and other videos with some information about the Philippine's plans in the other videos.



,,,,,ah, but as the saying goes: The devil is in the details. And a spoiled vaccine doesn't work.

This discusses the problem of cold storage so that the vaccine does not spoil: 

the Pfizer vaccine requires ultra cold storage, which is not available in most places in the Philippines. 

But the Moderna vaccine only requires cold storage that can be found in ordinary refrigerators.

from Newsmax:

....A key advantage of Moderna's vaccine is that it does not need ultra-cold storage like Pfizer's, making it easier to distribute. Moderna expects it to be stable at standard refrigerator temperatures of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius (36 to 48°F) for 30 days and it can be stored for up to 6 months at -20 degrees Celsius. Pfizer’s vaccine must be shipped and stored at minus 70 degrees Celsius, the sort of temperature typical of an Antarctic winter. At standard refrigerator temperatures, it can be stored for up to five days.

In Africa, we ran into this problem when the measles vaccine was first released in the 1970s. We did have a refrigerator that would stay cool for 24 hours without electricity, so we could keep it frozen, but many small clinics in the small villages did not, so we had to bring it and give the inoculations in a way that the vaccine was still cold until it was ready to be given.

And then how did we transport this for our baby clinic outreach sites that might take an hour or two to get there and another couple of hours to do the inoculations? we used a beer cooler tub with lots and lots of ice.

I posted a link to this BBC article about the difficulties in getting measles vaccine in the DRC to rural patients to stop an epidemic that has killed 7000 children so far.

one will see a similar problem with the covid vaccine: and as for the Pfizer vaccine that requires ultra cold storage: sorry, no way that it will be a practical answer for stopping the epidemic in poor countries.

Tony Blair's organization has a long report about the problem of getting the vaccine into Africa: LINK

and for you conspiracy types: Yes it discusses covid passes so you can travel.

But it also points out that these infectious disease passes have been used for years: In the past, you needed one for small pox, and you still need one if you are traveling from an area with Yellow fever.

and no: it's not a micro chip but a small yellow booklet.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

To the rescue...russia russia Russia (the vaccine)

The Manila Bulletin says the Russian vaccine might be available here by January

There is also talk about the USA making the Pfizer and Modena vaccines avaiIable.

We need 50 million doses, so all are welcome.

And for the rabid prolifers who won't get a vaccine using aborted fetus cell lines, the Moderna vaccine is pure in this ethical issue.

I am a bit cynical...the left hates the vaccine because Trumps operation warp speed developed it quickly. The data by August suggested it was safe and worked, but political operatives like Gov. Cuomo said he wouldn't let the vaccine be used in his state. So now the election is over, 2 vaccines are suddenly being made available.

I wonder how many elders died because the vaccine did not get an early release in August? And now Powerlineblog in Minnesota said their nursing homes are getting cases.

Sigh. Send the vaccine into nursing homes ASAP please.

Here, the maid reported that the mayor's wife, and maybe the mayor, tested positive.
Sigh. In our of the best and more honest mayors in the Philippines.

 Much of Luzon was declared to be in a state of emergency due to 2 typhoons back to I reported in previous posts the second one went right over our area....And we are still cleaning up.

One of the farmer's daughters is sick and came to be checked out. She has rheumatic heart disease and brought a bunch of papers from her evaluation 2 years ago. They recommended surgery, but even the discount for the poor meant they needed 2000 dollars. So they just went home. Now she is worse and has jaundice, so we sent them to Dr Angi who put her in the local hospital for evauation.

Kuya will work with the father to get her certified as indigent so she can get help for hospital bills.

Her husband works in Taiwan, but is stuck there due to quarantine and has lost his job and survives by doing odd jobs.

A sad case since replacing two heart valves in someone who is this sick is risky...but less invasive release of the stenotic valve might help if full surgery would be too risky...but would have to be done in Manila...

Finally, the dogs are due for their rabies shot. Usually I take them, but with covid the maid took them one at a time.

At the vet, after his shot, Barry got off the leash and ran away, and tried to hide in the middle school yard across the street..they caught him but not before he scared some of the kids. Luckily he doesn't bite.

I am back on my tablet so excuse typing errors.

Monday, November 16, 2020

Typhoon damage

 we are already busy cleaning up

here is a video on youtube about the damage to our Plaza: the Christmas tree was blown over as were some trees and part of the food kiosks ..............
here's another video from the bridge near our town;

the town is cleaning up: a lot of the debris and broken tree limbs have been removed from the streets, and many people have replaced their roofs with new tin roofs or temporary ply wood protection.

Kuya is busy trying to salvage the rice that was blown flat by the winds and repairing the damage to the bodega etc. at the farm.

there are still debris in our front yard, but the fallen banana trees have been removed.

we are still on the water pump, so I guess city water is still low pressure, but the internet and electricity are back.

The bad news? The cable to the modem in my room was cut when the roof (actually the skylight part of the roof) blew off. Since the business wifi reach here I'm able to blog again in my room, at lower bandwidth unless I sit in the living room.

But it's hard to sit in the living room because our female dog is in heat and has been hiding under the rattan chairs while the male dogs fight over her on and off.

Speaking Truth to Power

 quote of the day: 

the rabbi explained that his goal was to defend the “most beautiful idea in the history of civilization," the concept of love as the origin of new life.
"What made the traditional family remarkable, a work of high religious art, is what it brought together: sexual drive, physical desire, friendship, companionship, emotional kinship and love, the begetting of children and their protection and care, their early education and induction into an identity and a history," he explained.
“Seldom has any institution woven together so many different drives and desires. … It made sense of the world and gave it a human face – the face of love.
For a whole variety of reasons, some to do with medical developments like birth control, in vitro fertilization and other genetic interventions, some to do with moral change like the idea that we are free to do whatever we like so long as it does not harm others, some to do with a transfer of responsibilities from the individual to the state … almost everything that marriage once brought together has now been split apart. Sex has been divorced from love, love from commitment, marriage from having children and having children from responsibility for their care."

from a speech given at the 2014 Vatican conference on Marriage by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, who died this week.

quoted at Get Religion Blog. 

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Conspiracy theories of the day

the final report is in on how Cardinal McCarrick could diddle seminarians, appoint his friends, approve of pro abortion Catholic politicians, and (after retirement) arrange the sell out of the Chinese Catholics is finally out.

Summary here:

 Unele Ted's Cabin: how it was all Vigano's fault.

There was universal rejoicing in the Catholic Church this week when the long-awaited McCarrick report was finally published. The investigators were charged with finding the answer to one simple question: Why don't people like Uncle Ted McCarrick, despite his record of devotion to young seminarians and influence over a generation of bishops, archbishops, and even cardinals? Was it something he said?,,,
No, it is clear where the blame lies - fair and square in the court of Archbishop Carlo Maria ViganĂ², arch-enemy of Pope Francis, and even more so of Cardinals Cupich, Wuerl, Farrell, Tobin, old Uncle Wilt Gregory and all.
You see, Uncle Ted never had a chance. If ViganĂ² had only kept quiet, like Sodano, Bertone, Parolin, and 250 other bishops, then there would never have been a scandal. Writing an 11-page letter full of salacious innendos about a saintly man who was by all accounts a model of hospitality? What good could that do?,

yes, it is a satire, from Eccles is saved Blog.

update: More on the story in this article by George Neumayr

The impression left by all the excuse-making for McCarrick (with some bishops pretending that his sleeping with seminarians was non-sexual) is that of a hopelessly decayed bureaucracy, utterly indifferent to holiness or orthodoxy...
McCarrick’s heterodoxy was as obvious as his depravity. But most of the old letters cited in the report (in which churchmen hesitantly debate his future) never even raise that issue. They all gush about his allegiance to the “magisterium.” There is one intriguing mention of somebody objecting to his support for Theodore Hesburgh’s Land O’ Lakes statement, the 1967 manifesto that called for the secularization of American Catholic colleges. But the complaint went nowhere. Too bad. McCarrick’s support for that document foreshadowed a great deal of mischief, culminating in his suppression of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s letter on pro-abortion Catholic pols.

this is the rot that was behind the Pope and Bishops cheering on Biden's election, implying he is a Catholic in good standing.

But his abortion stance puts his soul at risk. Do any of the bishops care? Nah.  

the article Mentions Cardinal Wuerl. Well, in the 1990s when the Altoona abuse scandal was being swept under the rug, and every gay in western Pa knew that priests cruised the bars openly for sex, Wuerl seemed oblivious to the problem. And some of our neighbors were aghast at the permissive "sex education" program he was pushing in Catholic schools.

when they ask why there are so many ex catholics in the USA, this might be one reason: Half of those who leave stop going to any church and the other half migrate to Protestant or (as we saw in Western Pa) Orthodox churches


ah, but conspiracy theories about pulling boxes of fake votes out of the back room to count (hello Garci, how's it going?) is now passes.

Why do all that work when computers will do it for you?

from GreatGameIndia:

Days after it was revealed how 2020 US Elections were rigged by Canadian Crown Agent Dominion Voting Systems through a so-called “glitch”, now GreatGameIndia has found involvement of another dubious foreign company in US Election meddling. The votes cast by Americans were counted by a bankrupted Spanish company Scytl in Spain. Like Dominion Voting Systems, Scytl has a long history of election fraud in various nations...

Don't ask me. we are busy cleaning up the debris from the typhoon to worry about such shennanigans.

update: From comment on Instapundit 

I put it here mainly because I've scanned a lot of these stories but was too busy to get the details of what was going on.

by George Turner 

As the fraud investigators pointed out, sometimes there's one or two red flags but no fraud, but it's rare to have three, and almost unheard of to have four and not be able to prosecute the case to a successful conviction.

This one has dozens of red flags. During the act, we have:

1) Trump was winning all the keys states by huge margins on election night. Even people here said 2020 was reminding them of exactly what they went though on 2016. And then, in the middle of the night, Biden surged ahead. That doesn't happen in multiple states.

2) All the key states mysterious stopped counting at about 1:00 AM, and only the key states stopped counting. Why would a state do that? Red flag.

3) Georgia claimed they stopped counting, saying the Atlanta arena was flooding from a burst pipe and the vote counters had to be evacuated. That was false. The arena never filed any paperwork for a contractor to come and fix anything. The only confirmation that there was even a leak said it was a minor drip that was quickly mopped up, and was nowhere near the counting. Red flag.

4) Republican observers were sent home because ballot counting had stopped, and that’s when the new fake ballots showed up. The delivery vehicles full of ballots were caught on video. Ballots aren’t normally driven across a state to be counted somewhere else. Red flag.

5) How did Biden’s lead massively increase while ballot counting was stopped? If you’re not counting ballots, the number shouldn’t be changing. Yet it did, by hundreds of thousands, but only for one candidate. That one would cause any international election observer to throw a red flag.

6) Republican election observers weren’t present when the new ballots were arriving in the middle of the night, because they’d been sent home. Another red flag.

7) Republican election observers weren’t allowed to observe in many of the states. Trump is correct, as backed up by their affidavits. Many were barred, many were ejected, some by “security”. In Philly they weren’t allowed to observe, even with a court order. The sheriff blocked them. That went on for days. Huge red flag, and another that UN observers take as evidence of election fraud.

8) Long delays in counting the votes in key states. Under international standards, long delays in vote counting are taken as suspicious, and usually indicate election rigging. Counting just isn’t at all hard compared to making up fake ballots that can survive cursory scrutiny. A long delay likely means they’re making sure they have enough “recount survivable” fraudulent ballots, or enough to cover for a rigged vote tally that was made up on election night.

9) All the long counting delays concerned cities with a long history of machine politics and rampant election fraud.

10) Observed real-time vote tally’s in multiple states where Trump or Jorgensen’s total count decreased. Negative votes aren’t supposed to exist. That’s a sign that the election were being hacked.

11) Mail-in-ballots arriving in Pennsylvania before they were even shipped out. That can’t happen in this universe, and is definite sign of fraud.

12) Large numbers of dead people, who were born over a hundred years ago, being recorded as having voted. I’ve confirmed plenty of those myself.

13) Large number of women reporting that someone voted under their maiden name. This happened to some of the women I comment with.

14) Large numbers of people showing up on election day and being told they’d all ready voted.

15) Republicans checking to make sure their ballot was recorded and finding out that it wasn’t, and then having to harass election officials for days to get it recorded. This happened to a blogger I’ve read for years, who happens to be a member of the US diplomatic corps.

16) The use of different voting standards in Democrat counties compared to Republican counties. One of Trump’s lawsuits is based on that.

17) New ballots showing up days after the election. The number of ballots still to be counted kept increasing, for days in some counties. Nothing like this remotely happened in normal states.

18) Late changes to election laws (in many states) and last-minute changes to election procedures and standards. Changing the system virtually during the act is a sign of election rigging by people in power. Trump has already had some rulings in his favor on that issue, as state election officials only have the power to enforce election laws, not to modify them on the fly.

19) Turning off or turning down voter signature verification so fraudulent ballots aren’t caught. This occurred in most or all of the key states. One reporter in Arizona voted nine times under different names, and all but one of the votes passed their signature checks. Pennsylvania’s mail-in-ballot rejection rate plummeted from 0.95% to 0.03%. It should’ve gone up because of the vast influx of first-time mail-in-voters, who often have a 3% rejection rate in that state. Since only election officials (the people running the election) can do that, it is a sign of election rigging.

20) Observations of people outside election areas making fake ballots. Some of this is on video, with “activists” signing multiple ballots just outside the election locations, with boxes of ballots in their vehicles, and with attempts to keep people from photographing them.

21) That the media was making very unsupportable calls on election night, all favoring one candidate over the other. In other countries, this is taken as evidence of a thumb on the scales.

22) The press suppression all allegations of voter fraud. Again, that happens in banana Republicans and is often evidence of voter fraud. Note that the same media organizations doing this are the ones who spent four years hyping every last hint that the Russian’s may have flipped even one vote, or that big data may have been used, or that dozens of people trolling Facebook counts as election rigging.

23) A rush to be declared the winner and get a concession, so as to avoid any recounts or investigation into election irregularities. Shoplifters try to get out the door as quickly as possible, just as all criminals try to avoid being searched or questioned.

24) Attempts to intimidate opposition lawyers. Some of the law firms hired by Trump have quit because of attacks, doxing, threats to their firms, and death threats. This is common in corrupt countries where an election has been rigged, and is a clear indication that one party does not want any evidence presented because it will expose their criminal activities, or show that the rigged an election. In normal legal practice, law firms are rarely if ever threatened, even when they’re defending ISIS terrorists.

25) People coming forward saying they were paid money to rig the election. That’s was already happening even prior to the election.

26) Whistle blowers coming forward saying they were told to perform illegal acts to sway the election. We’ve already got those.

27) Attempts to suppress and intimidate whistle blowers, along with attempts to silence or discredit them. We’ve already had that.

28) Attempts by top officials to suppress evidence that there was a coordinated effort to rig the election. We’ve had that too, with threats by a state AG to prosecute a reporter for playing a tape of instructions being given to election workers, in which they were told to attack Republican observers and throw away Republican ballots.

29) Attempts by media or other large communications concerns to suppress any discussions of election rigging, or anything questioning the results of the election. We’ve got that happening at Communist Chinese levels of censorship. The conservative half of the country can’t say anything on Twitter or Facebook. This just screams organized election fraud.

30) Organized media and tech suppression, to extreme levels, of stories that would harm their candidate, especially stories about ongoing criminal behavior. It means access to public information is being restricted, and if they will do that, they will do anything else. In other countries that is taken as a glaring red flag that the media is as corrupt as the system itself.

Statistical red flags

31) Extremely large and unusual voter turnouts in key areas that overwhelmingly favor one candidate. This is very prevalent, and also appeared in Putin’s re-election.

32) Voter turnouts that are above 90%. The highest turnouts in 60 or70 years in some areas (breaking records set when election rigging was commonplace), while most areas have close-to-normal turnouts, is a red flag of of election rigging to all international observers.

33) Voter turnouts exceeding 100%. If you run out of people long before you run out of ballots to count, you’re obviously counting fake ballots. In this election, some precincts exceeded 200% turnout.

34) extremely high turnouts for one candidate among certain demographics, which didn’t occur in similar cities in nearby non-battleground states that have similar demographics. This sticks out with a sore thumb where ever you look in this election, with northern Indiana and northern Ohio looking nothing like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, or Atlanta compared to Birmingham, etc.

For example, in Miami-Date, Baltimore city, and New York City’s five counties, Joe Biden got less votes than Obama or Hillary (99%, 99% and 76%). He barely outperformed Hillary in Chicago (up 4%), Columbus (11%), San Francisco (8%), Boston (3%), Washington DC (8%), New Orleans (10%), Arlington VA (14%). But then he does 50% better in places like Phoenix and Colorado Springs, 40% better in Austin, and 32% better in Atlanta? And Biden does this after ditching the Democrats’ famous and effective voter-turnout ground game?

35) Unusual ratios of Biden votes in mail-in-ballots in only certain areas. In Pennsylvania, Biden’s gap over Trump in mail-in-ballots was 40% of Trump’s lead in same-day voting, across all counties, except in the problem areas around Philly, where the gap inexplicably skyrocketed.

36) Swings in the Biden/Trump ratio of mail-in-ballots over time. When you look at the time when mail-in-ballots were counted, they’ve been randomized by the individual voters’ daily routines, personal procrastination levels, pickup routes, post-office procedures, sign-in times, and where they got placed on the floor at the election sites. The ratio should be like an isotopic signature at the point, and be extremely constant, as it is in non-key states. In the problem areas were fraud is historically highly prevalent, this ratio goes nuts, with the later ballots becoming more and more skewed towards Biden. The only way that can happen is through fraud.

37) Biden getting more and more of the expected number of votes, as predicted by the ratio of straight-ticket voters, as a district or precinct becomes more heavily Republican, again judged by the ratio of straight-ticket voters. This can only happen via a computer algorithm, because real voters don’t know how everybody else is voting, much less defect to Biden the more Republican their district is. In fact, the opposite should happen due to social influences like seeing thousands of signs supporting their favored candidate. This is very clear evidence of intentional election rigging via computer, and appears on a very wide scale.

38) Straight lines showing up in scatter plots that should look random. This is related to red flag #37, and show up in data in Wisconsin. Real data is messy, and when a statistical analysis turns that mess into a perfect, straight line, you’re seeing the work of a computer rigging results, not the actions of human beings who are hard to predict, and who drink a lot and sometimes lick Tide Pods.

39) The polls, which were wildly wrong, apparently got the suspect states surprisingly more accurate than states that got their ballots counted quickly. Basically, it looks almost like the vote in the late-counting states is being rigged to match polls that were wildly off everywhere else. Obviously all the pollsters shouldn’t have been close only in a couple of states.

40) It’s pretty much impossible for the result to deviate so much from the bellwether counties. Even if we’d been holding elections since before the Big Bang happened, we still wouldn’t have had a result where even eleven of seventeen bellwethers were wrong. This time 14 of them missed. Statistically, that simply can’t happen. When you find a result that is statistically virtually impossible, it is. So Biden forgot to rig the bellwether counties when he was rigging the key states, because only statisticians care about bellwethers.

41) The New York times election night live feed of raw data – for Virginia. Virginia is odd in that it apparently allows fractional voting, so a batch will come in that looks like this:
Batch stamp (GMT) Biden #, Trump #, Biden %, Trump %
2020-11-04T13:02:17Z 252.39 210.09 54.573171% 45.426829%

That one had 252.39 votes for Biden, and 210.09 votes for Trump, which were added to the running totals.

42) But the fractional voting gets weirder, because some of the batches have huge negative votes, like 2020-11-04T05:12:38Z, which had -37,510.39 votes for Trump. Kind of odd, eh?

43) But it gets weirder. In that dump, the first seven batches each gave Trump 45.4278% of the batch total, even when the number of votes was 11.28 to 9.39 or 1544.41 to 1285.57. The standard deviation of the Trump % of those 7 batches was 0.001653%, or a thousandth of a percent. The next 11 batches shifted slightly, giving Trump 45.22% of the vote, with a standard deviation of 0.02587%. The second group differed from the first group by 7 standard deviation of the second group, and 125 standard deviations of the first group. Only a machine creating fake ballots could do this, and by the way, there’s no such thing as a floating point vote. My assumption is that some coder didn’t realize he’d declared the wrong data type for his fake vote generator – which fed the New York Times election feed.

44) Hundreds of thousands of votes came in for Biden, out of nowhere, late in the night, while hundreds of thousands of Trump votes disappeared from the totals. The vote ratio on the later batches didn’t look remotely like what it had been in the first 125 batches of votes, in which Trump was taking a commanding lead. It’s like someone saw Trump was easily winning Virginia and hit the election-rigging panic button.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten many, many other red flags, but the point is that three or four red flags usually indicate a strong case for conducting an investigation 


Someone said Chomsky used to complain theCIA and big business used to manipulate elections.

I am so old I remember it was the left who worried about these things.

and here we have big tech manipulating the news, the press which is run by a few mega corporations pushing propaganda and covering up stories that make Trump look good (mideast peace plan, the vaccine, his prison reform proposals) while ignoring the implications of bribing Biden via his son....and one wonders if there is dirt on harris that has been covered up



Independent reporter Micael Yon covered a lot of wars, and I am most familiar of his coverage of the Hong Kong demonstrations.

He was stopped from going back there so has started covering the US riots that the MSM calls peaceful protests.

He just covered the MAGA march and his conclusions are disturbing.... 

He senses a civil war is coming.

Read the whole thing.

Link via American digest


rather than start a new blog post, I am just adding stuff here to read later on my tablet. This is from a commenter on Instapundit who presumably is not trying to make money off of his posts like a lot of the fake news. The interesing thing he claims is that the suspicious numbers were in white areas, which correlates with press reports that I've seen about Trumpieboy losing white men. But that doesn't make sense to me: not just policy, but the lack of testosterone suggests Biden didn't impress most white men outside of university elite centers, and of course these types voted for Hillary four years ago.

in other words, did Trump lose the blue collar "Regan Democrats"? unlikely.

but his figures are for Georgia and I know nothing about the state. \(In contrast, I am well aware of the corruption in Philly, and as guiliani noted, they've been stealing votes and voting the dead for 60 years. I also wonder if they fixed the machines in New Mexico that made it hard for me to vote for Bush (it took 4 times, because it kept changing my vote right before I posted it).in 2000 but that's another story.

. George Turner.

Here's some Georgia county data I'd been working with.

The big Biden games have a moderate negative correlation to the county's black population percentage, and the correlation has a high significance (very low p value). Biden's big gains did not come from the heavily black counties. The big gains came from the very white, Republican counties.

Hopefully this will cut and paste.

County,2016 Hillary,2016 Trump,2016 total,2020 Biden,2020 Trump,2020 Total,County,2019 pop,%black

Ben Hill,2101,3739,5931,2392,4110,6560,Ben Hill,"16,700",34.60



Another interesting thing was that the standard deviation in the increase in turnout was 7%, meaning the counties varied a bit in turnout increase. The standard deviation in Trump's vote increase over 2016 was also 7%. But Biden's increase over Hillary had a standard deviation of 18%. It was all over the place, as if they were rigging as much as they could wherever they could.
The table lists total votes from 2016 and 2020, along with the 2019 population estimate and the black percentage. Everything else can be calculated from there. So dividing Biden 2020 by Hillary 2016 gives the percent increase for Biden, and the same can be done for Trump.

Probably fake votes and stolen votes. The Dominion algorithms MIT found didn't touch heavily Democratic areas. They focused on stealing votes from Republican areas.

The left's narrative for Georgia is that Biden saw a massive increase in black turnout, but the data doesn't support that. For example, Baker counter is 50.4% black, but Biden only got 2 more votes than Hillary did, an increase of 0.3%

In contrast, Cherokee County is only 5.6% black, and against Hillary Trump carried it by better than a 3:1 margin, and yet this time Biden went up by 69.6%. That sounds like election rigging.


on the other hand, Dilbert says despite lots of evidence the court case probably won't help: which is why the Supreme court justices overseeing the cases are the most conservative types, chosen because they will follow the law and be non partisan, so if they rule against Trump the Trumpettes won't riot.

Typhoon update: Cleaning up

 Busy cleaning up.

the city water is running but low pressure so we turned our deep well pump back on... and so we have enough water to do the cleaning up. 

Lolo made this place in the days when city water was iffy (very low pressure, so usually you had to leave it on to drip into a bucket, and then put the water through a ceramic filter if you wanted to drink it... so he had a pump installed).

Kuya is at the farm trying to harvest and dry the flattened rice before it starts to rot/deteriorate. Hopefully it will dry out nicely but it might be poorer quality so we'll have to sell it to be used as white rice (low quality) instead of our organic brown rice brand.


The wash machine was used so much yesterday that the belt broke: we replaced it today.

The good news: The internet is back on.

The bad news: The wire to the modem in my room was broken when the roof section blew off. So I am linked via the office internets: Either Joy's Huawei or the PLDT via the upstairs office, both of which reach my room with low signal.

Lots of people asking for money. Sigh. And now a niece of the cook age 37 has renal failure and needs help to pay for dialysis. Sigh.

She should get a kidney transplant of course, but that's so expensive it's out of the question. Luckily the town does have "Free" dialysis for the poor, so the price is low for her.