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Abuse links

Most of this I posted before, but in the middle of hysteria, one should have a few facts around.

I am combining them in a single link so I can put it on my sidebar.

CDC survey of teens that shows how often kids under age 13 have had intercourse. (3% of hetero, but twice that number for gay teens).

Catholic bishop's 2002 guidelines. This pretty well resulted in ending the abuse crisis: the problem is lack of closure for victims, and the fact that the bishops who hid stuff are still around.

Vigano's letter.

Huffpost article about teenage abuse in the gay community.

Expose on the gay bar scene/ bathhouse sub culture.

Most gays avoid the culture, but are aware of it.

It is almost unbelievable for me to know stuff like this goes on. I posted it to my private blog: if it disappears from Huffpost, let me know and I'll let you read it.

Andrew Greeley did a scientific survey of this and it counters the high percentages of some claims, which of course assume clusters where abuse etc. is common can be extrapolated to estimate what is going on everywhere.

among his findings: Most priests love being priests, celibacy is not the problem, but few speak up because the clamor of experts makes them think they are a minority.

And he has this to say about the problem of bishops:
 More often, however, episcopal appointments are the result of a mix of cronyism and silent incompetence disguised as virtue.

In another survey link he writes:

 the number of gay priests is exaggerated by those with an agenda, (i.e. 70 percent were heterosexual, and only 16percent were homosexuals) and that most of them keep their vows of celibacy. (72% of priests are celibate heterosexuals and 10 percent are celibate homosexuals, and 18 percent admit they don't keep their vows, but only 3% are actively pushing to get rid of celibacy).

all of those links are in this essay.

Judith Reisman's study of Kinsey et al are "controversial" but this article notes the psychiatry that persuaded the bishops to treat and rehabilitate the priests.

Pew survey of LGBT Americans.

update: I have added links to Altoona: years before the big report, the lay folk of the diocese had articles about what was going on published in the local papers or local blogs. Many of the newspaper links are not there, but part of the articles are on the Free republic site.

for example, this 2002 article from the local Johnstown paper (via Free Republic, which still has summaries of the articles on their website) and more links link2 link2 link3 link4 link5
2006 article about ostracizing priests who took a stand.
A list of links on this blog by Gary Morella of Penn State
that discuss the problem in Altoona in detail from the early 2000

Judith Reisman article saying the bishops need to sue the expert psychiatrists

the Johns Hopkins link
Dr. Berlin's paper shows the attitude or experts in 1999.

Sandusky time line.  more here.
Penn State is under the Altoona diocese, and I suspect there is a link, either direct or more probably indirect because the church was acting as if pederasty was not a big thing.

NYTimes article on Dr Money's theories of "paraphilias". more here.

the bishop's notorious 2003 article that insisted all the charges were old, includes the line:
    I repeat once more that there have been no allegations of sexual abuse of a minor by a priest of this Diocese having occurred since I became Bishop on May 20, 1987. The communities which comprise the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown can be assured that any allegation of a sexual abuse of a minor prior to 1987, of which I have been made aware, has been handled in an appropriate manner. 
this was about a year after a patient of mine cried on my shoulder upset because the lawyers in the diocese were pressuring the family of a local boy who was molested by a "nice" visiting priest not to report the case to the authorities. Yup. The bishop isn't lying: he didn't say there were no cases, he only said "no allegations" of "which I have been made aware" happened.

If I am not "hysterical" about the "crisis" being exposed, it's because we lay folk knew about it for years, but couldn't get anyone to take it seriously.

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