Monday, July 31, 2006


Your video of the day

Doughboy RIP

Please join me in remembering a great icon of the entertainment
community. The Pillsbury Doughboy died yesterday of yeast infection and
trauma complications from repeated pokes in the belly. He was 71.
Doughboy was buried in a lightly greased coffin. Dozens of celebrities
turned out to pay their respects, including Mrs. Butterworth, Hungry
Jack, theCaliforniaRaisins, Betty Crocker, the Hostess Twinkies, and
Captain Crunch.

The gravesite was piled high with flours. Aunt Jemima delivered the
eulogy and lovingly described Doughboy as a man who never knew how much
he was kneaded. Doughboy rose quickly in show business, but his later
life was filled with turnovers. He was not considered a very smart
cookie, wasting much of his dough on half-baked schemes. Despite being
a little flaky at times he still was a crusty old man and was
considered a positive roll model for millions.

Doughboy is survived by his wife Play Dough, two children, John Dough
and Jane Dough, plus they had one in the oven. He is also survived by
his elderly father, Pop Tart.

The funeral was held at 3:50 for about 20 minutes.

(fr0m an email from Col Thermal Updraft)

Bishop Cruz on Philippine death squads

Bishop Cruz blasts GMA:
"....Lofty words, haughty posturings, pretentious resolves—these have become the standard response of the present administration to almost daily extermination of human lives. It is interesting to note that no pro-administration people are killed, abducted or tortured, in order words, all those hundreds murdered plus those who disappeared plus those hurt and threatened, have one thing in common: they were and are not cheering squads, allies or cohorts of the present government..."


Long video

Racial profiling in MSM news reporting?

An estimated 3.4 million people -- a quarter of the population -- (of Zimbabwe) are now living abroad. Some 1.2million are believed to have fled to South Africa.
More than 600 children die every day in the war-ravaged Democratic Republic of Congo and even more are displaced, sexually abused, or swept into the camps of combatant groups...Soldiers and rebels continue to terrorize eastern Congo, forcing some 360,000 people from their homes this year despite some 17,500 UN peacekeepers there.
Yes, 50 civilians were accidentally killed by an Israeli missle that was targeting the nearby Hizbollah rockets sites that had targeted Israeli civilian targets. So watch for the protests and hand wringing by compassionate people everywhere.

As for me, I figure that the DRCongo should hire Hizbollah's media consultant. Then maybe the deaths of African children would be noticed.

Update: see: Powerline .....and SISU

How to dance properly

The video

Sunday, July 30, 2006


Lost: The conspiracy

The Lost marathon was on Saturday but the cable went on the blink, so I had to get the transcripts to find out what happened.

CHeck the "pseudosites"'s just the top of the list....
Conspiracy, anyone? Anyone?

Mr. Clucks Chicken Shack

Want to know what time it is anywhere?

click on link...

How we are bigger and healthier

From NYTimes:

People of Valentin Keller’s era, like those before and after them, expected to develop chronic diseases by their 40’s or 50’s. Keller’s descendants had lung problems, they had heart problems, they had liver problems. They died in their 50’s or 60’s.

Now, though, life has changed. The family’s baby boomers are reaching middle age and beyond and are doing fine....

The Keller family illustrates what may prove to be one of the most striking shifts in human existence — a change from small, relatively weak and sickly people to humans who are so big and robust that their ancestors seem almost unrecognizable....

The biggest surprise emerging from the new studies is that many chronic ailments like heart disease, lung disease and arthritis are occurring an average of 10 to 25 years later than they used to. There is also less disability among older people today, according to a federal study that directly measures it. And that is not just because medical treatments like cataract surgery keep people functioning. Human bodies are simply not breaking down the way they did before.

Whenever I read "aint' it awful" articles about "the aging of America" or Europe, or about the terrible obesity epidemic, I compare it to what I saw thirty years ago in Africa....there, women were old at 45...and the number of people in villages who had poorly healed limb fractures or arthritis made the burden of disease much heavier than in the present day USA, where "ethicists" are moaning that we need medical rationing for older people....and living in the Philippines, one sees it here.

Family news

Barbie's baby is home and better.

Denice had her gall bladder out in Manila and is doing well.

Ruby is still coughing but no fever and not sick anymore.

Lolo is fine.
Our secretary is sick, and our maid is visiting her cousin, so I spent the morning house cleaning.
The farmers came just in time for lunch, so they can pick up the jeep thresher...they picked up seedlings yesterday and need to do one more preparation before planting.

They have been sealing the concrete walls and fixing the gutters...will have to see if this stops the roof from gets tiresome living with the electricity off every time the rain soaks the house.

Ah, life in a tropical paradise!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Here kitty kitty kitty

Top kitty of 2005

from Catfanciers magazine.

and this is what Precious the cat thinks about dogs:

Dog Problems:

  • They bark at perfectly innocent cats.
  • They get dog slobber all over their toys.
  • They go anywhere and then don't clean it up.
  • They couldn't climb a tree if you glued spikes to their feet.
  • No one will ever write a musical entitled Dogs.

Eat Crow: the recipe

also Armadillo, Emu, and Buffalo...
Actually, as an IHS doc, I've eaten a lot of Buffalo...when the Tribal council would kill one of their buffalo, they'd send over pieces of meat to the hospital for the patients and staff to eat...usually in a stew...

What, no Guineapig recipes? come to think of it, Guinea pigs are domesticated animals, not wild game...recipe found here...

Macaron and cheese the recipe

HogOnIce has a nice recipe...

But the real recipe is : cook Ramen noodles. Cut up Velveeta, place in cooked noodles. Mix.

For low fat version, use low fat Mozerella cheese...

Macaroni and cheese: The video

EU wants one sided cease fire

Right. Headline is that US screwed up the European Union's call for a cease fire...but of course, a "cease fire" translates as Israel stopping, while allowing Hizbollah to fire missles into Israel, and ignoring that Iran is suppling them with the missles and money.

and check out Scrappleface

Dead Chickens save Drivers on Car Registration

Your headline of the day
(also via DaveBarry)

Danger! Danger!

Do NOT squeeze the Shampoo dispenser....


Friday, July 28, 2006

Cartoon of the day


Oh, in case you're wondering...the cartoon is from 1972...

Things haven't changed much in 34 years...

signs the end is near

No, not the war in Israel or the latest story about fundamentalists saying the end is near.

But the secular press is noting the corruption of society by narcissitic baby boomers, who started out saving the world but who in reality destroyed society because it was all about MeMeME.

so MSNBC/Newsweek asks: Did Baby Boomers sell their soul to the Devil?

and the Daily Mail commentator laments she hates her children...they bore her and therefore laments that raising a human being and training him is a waste of women's talents...(but if you bother to read, it's the Nanny who does all the work)...
Hmmm...used to be that people recognized a lot of stuff in life was not only boring but difficult and hard, but never mind...

Then you have VDHanson points out that most Americans (read elites) think that prosperity, safety, and peace is their birthright...and points to the similarities of this time to the time preceeding the collapse of Roman society...

Most Catholic prophets (e.g. John Paul II) don't think this is the end of the world, but the end of an age...and they base the reading not on a mystical reading of the Apocolypse but from 2000 years of experience of societal change and collapse. And, like Hanson--- or like anyone reading the history series of the Durants--note, there are phases in civilization that ebb and flow, and the signs of collapse are similar: Loss of belief, loss of the work ethic, denial of responsibility, failure to have children...

Hanson elsewhere points out that those who in the US who still work with their hands and face the realities of life have so far escaped this malaise, whereas Europe, with their welfare system, has accelerated the demise...

As the song says: Country boys will survive.

And here in the Philippines, my husband points out that I will always have rice to eat. Of course, as a spoiled American, I also want meat and electricity and airconditioning, but my husband, who has lived thru the depression and the Japanese occupation, is probably wiser in all this than I am.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The art of cloth folding

One of the local TV stations has "filler" films, often from Japan showing their cultural heritage...(well, it beats infomercials).

Last night they were showing THIS...artistically wrapping a melon so you could carry it home from a store...

A PDF of various wrapping styles is HERE


Wikipedia article is HERe

And the Video is HERE
caution: Needs IE, firefox won't do. and other Japanese govt videos HERE

How to paint...the colours of nature

For Dane and other Homeschoolers:

This is a 27 minute video on how to paint...

headsup from CuteOverload.

30 Little Known facts about the Philippines

  1. In the Philippines, Filipinos were introduced to the English language in 1762 by British invaders, not Americans.
  2. What is the world's 3rd largest English-speaking nation, next to the USA and the UK? The Philippines.
  3. The USA bought the Philippines, Puerto Rico and Guam from Spain in 1898.
  4. The Filipino-American Independence War from 1898 to 1902 ensued, killing 4,234 Americans and how many Filipinos? 16,000 were killed in action and 200,000 died from famine and pestilence. The Philippines lost and was colonized until 1946.)
  5. Los Angeles, California was co-founded in 1781 by a Filipino named Antonio Miranda Rodriguez, along with 43 Latinos from Mexico sent by the Spanish government.
  6. What antibiotic did Filipino doctor Abelardo Aguilar co-discover? Hint: Brand is Ilosone, named after Iloilo. Erythromycin.....


Your timewaster of the day from Ursi

And for students studying French, check out the "Adopt an Escargot" webpage

and HERE are Escargot recipes...

Danger! Danger!

Now they're confiscating dangerous.... goldfish...

Actually, the fish in his tank there aren't koi, but smaller goldfish that he used to replace his confiscated Koi.

Koi are usually kept in outdoor ponds and are very popular in Asia.

HERE and HERE are photos that show how large they can grow in large ponds...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Newspeak and the fog of war

Aussie humorist/blogger TimBlair tells us how to translate example:

Oil, n. Highly prized fossil-derived fuel resource behind all current US policies, from closeness to oil-rich Israel to the notorious invasion of oil-rich Canada. ...

And Lileks has the irony of the day quote:

"Recent anti-Israel protests remind us again of our era's peculiar alliance: The most violent, intolerant, militantly religious movement in modern times has the peace movement on its side...
....In London, the woolly-minded pawns marched beneath banners that said "We are all Hizbullah." Really? Is that why there's a rocket launcher at my kid's day care?

The last is quite sad, because, as both PM Harper and General MacKenzie pointed out, they are using UN observation posts to hide in...and the PM is mad that the UN didn't allow the soldiers to quit their post.

Finally, there was an inflammatory claim a few days ago that by a doctor who saw dehydrated blackened bodies, and held a press conference that "Israel" is using chemical weapons. The story has changed three times in three days..probably because someone noticed the description didn't correspond to death from nerve or mustard gas...the claims is now phosphorus, but it doesn't fit that either....but it's all over the conspiracy sites and the Arab news...

The final descriptions, noting that the bodies were shrunken with black skin and still had hair intact, hints at the real cause: heat without oxygen...
I've actually seen bodies like this: in civilian fires where someone was upstairs in a closed room and died of intense heat. I haven't seen shrunken bodies, but the description fits the fire shrunken corpses inside bomb shelters in Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five...

Newspeak anyone?

Family news

RubyChristina is better today.

It rained again last night, and the living room is flooded again...but the bedroom is dry, thank God.

The trade fair in Cabanatuan is over.
Lolo is cleaning up the garden and they are now going to put a base into the corner for our generator. Then they will do the plants...but right now everything is flooded and muddy due to rain from the typhoon that passed north of here...

I'd post about headlines, but nothing has changed...and Pajama Media is covering it...

Goth Kitty

Hello Kitty take six

You can dry your hair with your HelloKitty Hairdrier

You can brew your tea with a Ms. Kitty Automatic Tea Brewer

and here is something found in every Asian Home: An automatic rice cooker...complete with Hello Kitty Logo.

Merchandizing anyone?

Hello kitty the Airplane

Flash program.

About Hello Kitty the Airplane trip.
go to links for your imaginary trip.

And check the "downloads" for screensavers.

Hello Kitty! Take four

Being old take one

Reporters interviewing a 104-year-old woman: "And what do you think is the best thing about being 104?" the reporter asked. She simply replied, "No peer pressure."

--- The nice thing about being senile is you can hide your own Easter eggs.

---Just before the funeral services, the undertaker came up to the very elderly widow and asked, "How old was your husband?" "98," she replied. "Two years older than me." "So you're 96," the undertaker commented. She responded, "Hardly worth going home, is it?

--- I've sure gotten old! I've had two bypass surgeries, a hip replacement, new knees. Fought prostate cancer and diabetes. I'm half blind, can't hear anything quieter than a jet engine, take 40 different medications that make me dizzy, winded, and subject to blackouts. Have bouts with dementia. Have poor circulation; hardly feel my hands and feet anymore. Can't remember if I'm 85 or 92. Have lost all my friends. But, thank God, I still have my driver's license.

- --THE SENILITY PRAYER : Grant me the senility to forgt the people I never liked anyway, the good fortune to run into the ones I do, and the eyesight to tell the difference.

(an email from Col. Updraft)

Crocodile Grannie

You call THAT a Knife?

Hello Kitty! take three

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Attention HomeLand Security

Now they are using Q tips...

Family News

Aside from the rain, there is a virus going around that's making people sick.

Dr. Angie had it and was so sick she took off two days, but is back to work.
Barbie's daughter has it and has been in the local hospital with IV for five days.
Our secretary had it last week, and is still home sick
And now Christina has high fever,and is achy, but no other symptoms. And no rash, than God.

So it could be mild Dengue, or more likely a summer virus.
And no pulmonary symptoms, so not birdflu.

Danger! Danger! high blood sugar alert.

the daily puppy website..

All together now


headsup from Ursi

It's the ONIONS stupid...

CNNI actually has a report that UN Peacekeepers aren't link LINK.....duh do you think? But NATO has a better trackrecord...if for no other reason then they have better discipline...

Jan Englund, who yesterday got headlines for criticizing Israel, now notes that the high civilian casualty rate is because Hizbollah is hiding behind civilians..."I heard they were proud because they lost very few fighters and that it was the civilians bearing the brunt of this. I don't think anyone should be proud of having many more children and women dead than armed men."
Want to bet this doesn't make the news?

(Update: CNN Mentioned how Hizbollah encouraged reporting of civilian casualties to help promote their side of the war...way to go Mr Cooper, but why are you showing their story for five minutes and then "balance" it with a ten second correction?)

What is NOT in the news is the floods in Asia.
China's death toll is now 600 from floods and mudslides, and the typhoon that is causing problems here is headed there...

And GMA gave here state of the nation address yesterday, promising aid to develop the provinces, and condemned civil rights abuses. The NPA doesn't agree, kidnapping 50 people yesterday in Agusan our area, things aren't quite so bad...just sporadic kidanppings, NPA Caputured, and the real problem: Cheap Onion imports...

the higher priced local onions are not being sold because imported onions sell for about half the the farmers are going broke and want help. But if they don't import onions, there won't be enough Onions, and of course if you are poor, you prefer lower prices via imports so you can eat more...
This is globalization in a nutshell, or in this case, an onion skin.

cartoon of the day

Typhoon anyone?

We woke up at 2 am with rain dripping out of the ceiling thru the light fixture.
It's been raining for two days, and we have fixed the new roof so now the gutters only leak not back up.

So we got up, turned off the eletricity, and went back to bed on the dry side of the bed.

Ah, life in tropical paradise!

Luckily, the air conditioner and the circuit I'm using doesn't go thru the roof but outside house, so I can blog.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Cartoon of the day

Rain Rain Rain

Another day, another typhoon...actually, it's mainly rain here...
we got wet while jogging with the dogs...guess we'll have to buy one of these

Chano and Joy are busy at trade fairs. Chano has designed the decor for the local booth at the next countrywide trade fair.
He also has designed a candle/lamp from Capiz to sell..there are two variations, one closed (to keep out the wind) and one that has opening so you can see the candle. Quite beautiful, and probably would sell in high price gift shops/ if he can get a contract.

I got two boxes of books from my step daughter...thanks.
Lots of stuff, mostly history or essays which I can't get here. Thanks Robin.

It is now cooler so I can go outside...However, typhoon Glenda is going through north of here, so we have rain and clouds. So my allergies are worse. Oh well...

There's a silver lining in all of this.
First of all,
This should dampen the demonstrations in Manila for the State of the Union address today.

Second, as this photo from Grouchyoldcripple blog shows, there's something better than a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow...


Did you jump last Thurday to stop Global warming?
Why NOT?

LINK the site is now calculating if it worked...but it wasn't all a waste: Free MP3 here..and you can buy their tee shirt for only $23 dollars...

Mein Kampf

Iranian commentator Taheri describes Hezbollah's state within a state, it's connection with the theocratic government, and marks the ultimate goals of this organization, which is essentially a state at war with the West.
Which is, of course why the Sunni Arabs are worried...

Steyn comments about the Iranians, and then notes this:

Meanwhile, Kofi Annan in a remarkable display of urgency (at least when compared with Sudan, Rwanda, Congo et al.) is proposing apropos Israel and Hezbollah that U.N. peacekeepers go in, not to keep the "peace" between two sovereign states but rather between a sovereign state and a usurper terrorist gang. Contemptible as he is, the secretary-general shows a shrewd understanding of the way the world is heading: Already "non-state actors" have more sophisticated rocketry than many EU nations; if Iran has its way, its proxies will be implied nuclear powers. Maybe we should put them on the U.N. Security Council.

So what is in reality Israel's first non-Arab war is a glimpse of the world the day after tomorrow: The EU and Arab League won't quite spell it out, but, to modify that Le Monde headline, they are all Jews now.

No, I don't know much about the Middle East. But I do know that when terrorists take over governments, it is because the good people who love peace essentially left them do it...and that when these groups run governments, that not only do the people under them suffer, but the holier than thou pacifists move on to the next faddish conflict.

Robert Mugabe call your office...Ta Mok is on the line....

Globalization report

Korean soap operas/dramas are popular here in the Philippines...usually dubbed into Tagalog.

Now some are discovering them in the US and Canada...

Next stop: Ugly Betty...

Ronery no more

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Huh? What 's that Weird looking ship doing in Beruit...

Smash reports that the Navy is using a new type of ship to evacuate Americans from Lebanon. It is the HSV Swift.

But it's not new. It was used last year to bring supplies to the Tsunami victims.
It also ferried supplies during Hurricane Katrina.
LINK is a list of Navy ships that helped with Katrina...way to go guys...(sorry CNNI didn't notice you were there)

Awhile back (LINK ) I posted about a weird looking US ship that was bringing supplies to Zamboanga... that was the sister ship of the Swift, the HSV Joint Venture..

These Australian built ships are valuable for disaster relief is that they can travel in shallow water....Smash reports they can go 42 knots (48mph)...hence the name, HSV->High Speed Vessel.

Small versions of these, i.e. double canoe ships, have been around for centuries. But now they are being used not only by the Navy but also for ferries ...the link is to a French ferry that is essentially glass reinforced plastic...(the HSVSwift is aluminum)...

And for those of you who homeschool or need crafts for your cubscouts to make:

HERE is a link on how to make a Fast Raingutter Catamaran...

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Oh, my, I can't take the excitement!


Civilians crying when mass murderers die

Hundreds of mourners have paid their respects to Ta Mok, one of the leaders of the Khmer Rouge, who died on Friday...Nicknamed "The Butcher", Ta Mok was the regime's military commander and linked to many atrocities of the 1970s.

About 1.7 million people died under the Khmer Rouge, through a combination of starvation, disease and execution.

Yes, some locals mourned him...and those lovers of peace in the US who looked the other way when he killed will undoubtably ignore the news.

Civilian Casualties

Alan Dershowitz explains the nuances of what is loosely called "civilian casualties" in the MSM....

There is a vast difference — both moral and legal — between a 2-year-old who is killed by an enemy rocket and a 30-year-old civilian who has allowed his house to be used to store Katyusha rockets. Both are technically civilians, but the former is far more innocent than the latter. There is also a difference between a civilian who merely favors or even votes for a terrorist group and one who provides financial or other material support for terrorism.

Finally, there is a difference between civilians who are held hostage against their will by terrorists who use them as involuntary human shields, and civilians who voluntarily place themselves in harm's way in order to protect terrorists from enemy fire.

Danger! Danger!



Grandmom in Africa 1976

 Posted by Picasa

And don't forget Africa

Cathy Buckle's letters report on the suffering in Zimbabwe.

With all eyes on Israel, (bad Israel...bad Israel) the uncovered story is that Mugabe is so bad that even the trade unions and left wing of America are starting to turn against him (although not the "liberation" tyrants of Africa).

Also ignored is the war of the Islamacists vs the UN in Somali and their newfound war against Ethiopia...

And in Uganda, there is a very nasty group of "christian" terrorists, who kidnap children to turn them into soldiers, maim civilians, steal at will, and terrorize that country. The government there rightly has just refused to call a truce because "The head of Uganda's delegation, Internal Affairs Minister Ruhakana Rugunda, told reporters that the LRA have used past ceasefires to recruit, reorganise, treat their sick and loot food..."

My African blog is HERE.

Hello Kitty themepark

Hello Kitty Land has gotten attention from BoingBoing....second link is from BB and has a family's film and photos and story of their visit.

The English website is HERE...

Friday, July 21, 2006

It's been a baaaaad week

Everything in the news is bad...
Wars, typhoons, corruption, dengue fever, refugees, birdflu, tsunamis, volcanoes and your manicure was ruined when you pulled up your pantihose....Is that what's bothering you, Boinkie?

Well, here's a CuteOverload photo.
Cheer up...things could be worse...

Support PETPU

Pronounced pet-poo, we are an organization dedicated to the rights of pumpkins. Is there any more deserving entity? ...We at P.E.T.PU. strongly believe in eating meat. We know far less about a pumpkins state of existence than a cows. Isn't it possible that pumpkins feel pain and anguish?

And don't forget to support SPCP!

Bedsharing drains men's brains

Your headline of the day...

It's a's a's ROBOFLY

Sahara drying up...It's Bush's Fault

For centuries the region supported savannahs full of wildlife, lush acacia forests, and areas so swampy they were uninhabitable....

But around 5300 B.C. this climate-driven environmental abundance started to decline, and most humans began leaving the increasingly arid region.


Good News: Hell Freezes over: Maher and Slate defend Bush...

Bad news:On the other hand, maybe the reason that "they" hate us is that they are fed propaganda...
'It must be remembered that to this day, few Palestinians have any idea that in 2000 the United States and Israel offered a comprehensive negotiated solution including an independent Palestinian state in all of Gaza, most or all of the West Bank, and much of east Jerusalem.."

CnnI is busy quoting Kofi Annan saying that Israel is overreacting to the 1000 missles fired at them by Hizbolah, should be noted that the UN never did anything but send a "wery Nasty Letter" saying Hizbollah should be disarmed...

CNNI is busy showing the anxious civilians trying to get out...LIST HERE....Terrible, but one wonders if the networks are just replaying the Katrina card...
Austin Bay says: It's the logistics, stupid, and notes that they'd be even more unhappy if their ship was hit by a Hizbollah missle...
Again, instead of pointing out that Hizbolah hides among civilians, and that the low casualty rate shows that Israel is trying not to hit civilians, Caritas moans about the baby milk factory being destroyed...sounds familiar...
Rev Sensing has an essay on Just war theory...

GMA orders Israelis and Hizbollah not to kill Pinoys...well that settles that. We can all go home. Now, if she would only tell those "unknown assailants" to stop killing leftist agitators and reporters....

But now for the really bad news:
China outlaws R rated Kareoke...

Healthy Food

Thursday, July 20, 2006

State Slogans

Dr. Sanity posted the slogans of the various United is an excerpt:

Our Taxes Are Lower Than Sweden's
And Our Senators Are More Corrupt!

First Line Of Defense - From The Canadians
(Dr. Sanity Note- I also like: "Road Work Ahead")

10,000 Lakes...And 10,000,000,000,000 Mosquitoes

Come And Feel Better About Your Own State

Your Federal Flood Relief Tax Dollars At Work

Land Of The Big Sky, The Unabomber, Right-wing Crazies, and Honest Elections!

Ask About Our State Motto Contest

Hookers and Poker!

New Hampshire
Go Away And Leave Us Alone

New Jersey
You Want A ##$%##! Motto?
I Got Yer ##$%##! Motto Right here!

New Mexico
Lizards Make Excellent Pets

New York
You Have The Right To Remain Silent,
You Have The Right To An Attorney...
And No Right To Self Defense!

North Carolina
Tobacco Is A Vegetable

North Dakota
We Really Are One Of The 50 States!

At Least We're Not Michigan

Like The Play, But With No Singing

Spotted Owl...It's What's For Dinner

Cook With Coal

Harry reviews next 911 film


Wiaton Willie

Wiarton Willie heads off to big burrow in the sky

WIARTON -- A career that began in a burrow of controversy ended quietly yesterday when Wiarton Willie, one of Canada's best known weather forecasters, died at about eight years of age.
The albino groundhog, who had been ill for more than a month, died from a stubborn infection after his vet took him off life support, his handler Holly Morrow said, adding, "He had a good life."
This Willie will be cremated and his ashes buried at a memorial service on Monday.

It's Bush's fault...

Mind reading game

Headup from Cowpijournal who gives the mathematical explanation

Just leave the maids behind

Many of the Filipinos left behind are maid stranded when their richer employers fled.
Right now many of them have been given refuge in Catholic churches, and the Philippine gov't will fly them to other Middle East countries from Syria...but since the Philippines has no ships, getting them out is a problem. The American government says they will help and take them out in ships with Americans. LINK

200 left already
and maybe another 1000 will leave, but most figure the war will be over soon and won't leave...there are an estimated 30 000 Philippine citizens in Lebanon (scroll down to previous post for statistics).

is sending warships to help evacuate their people...estimated 12,000 Indians are in Lebanon.

Mr Ghimire is one of the forgotten foreigners of this crisis - stranded in Lebanon without a car, boat or plane ride out of the country. Lebanon has a cheap supply of labour from Asian countries such as the Philippines, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. They number in the tens of thousands and are often exploited..


You know, CNNI and BBC show interviews of local families fleeing, and the refugees start with "why don't the Israelis stop killing innocent people" and proclaiming they are innocent of any wrongdoing, but by the end of the interview, they admit they are Hizbolah. One lady even said that not only did she support Hizbollah but she planned to teach her children to hate Israel...

On the other hand, I haven't seen one person in Israel saying they hate all Arabs/Lebanese or Syrians...

And in the meanwhile, "under the fold" are the other stories:

death toll now 500...

And the local Catholic bishops are being accused of taking bribes for supporting GMA and of opposing her, including hiding and assisting in a coup trying to overthrow her...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Attention world

The only way to have a friend is to become one...

The news is so bad I thought I'd post something nice for a change...

and if you are hungry, the carnival of the recipes is up LINK

Headlines, all bad

It is becoming more obvious that the war is to take attention away from the Mullahs in Iran. LINK2 and HERE, and HERE; and Pajama Media has ongoing coverage.
The CNNI/BBC has all sorts of reports of countries trying to evacuate civilians...alas, the Philippines doesn't have warships or money to do it, but they are trying and even helping
Thailand to evacuate their citizens.

Defensor and Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez said the current situation showed that the Filipinos were still safe where they were. The two officials said that it would cost $300-$400 to ferry each person out by ship, or $12 million for all the 30,000 Filipinos. Defensor and Gonzalez also said that should the government use its C-130 plane, this would cost P280,000 per hour in gas consumption. The flight would take 12 hours and a C-130 plane could only accommodate 100 people per flight.

The Leftwing blogosphere, who apparantly didn't see THIS photo of Bush holding hands with Angela, decided that THIS photo showed sexual harassment...BADBUSH

Must bash Bush...

This is the same press that ignored Bush's coup at the G8 that stopped a condemnation of Israel...but then I haven't read much about the G8 conference at all...Tony Blair's report is HERE...and points to Iran causing trouble not only with Hizbollah but in Iraq...

This situation therefore began with acts of extremism by militant groups that were, as the G8 said unanimously, without any justification and of course were designed to provoke the very response that followed.In the communiqué issued by the G8, we refer to and condemn the activities of the extremist groups and, more elliptically, "those that support them". For most of us at the G8, we can be less elliptical. Hezbollah is supported by Iran and Syria, by the former in weapons, weapons incidentally very similar if not identical to those used against British troops in Basra; by the latter, in many different ways and by both financially.

Blair also points out that the G8 agreed on helping African countries with HIV treatment, and notes that India and China are planning on developing Nuclear power...sounds like they figure the oil supply will be a problem, and prefer Nuclear power to pollution producing coal...

And now, for REALLY depressing News LINK Carmen Electra has split from rocker Dave Navarro.


Go Fish !

Your Yamaha timewaster of the day.


Maybe it's NOT Bush's fault...the latest Mid eastern least Sadam Hussein say so...

Seven habits of not so effective people

1. Be Late: if they can’t find you, they can’t bother you with their silly little problems.

2. Delegate: a task delegated is a task completed. Now, someone else has to worry about it.

3. Equivocate: Motto “They won’t be able to pin that on me.”

4. Objurgate: Often, you can argue your way out of an action item.

5. Complicate: If they can’t figure out what the problem is, maybe they’ll forget there’s a problem.

6. Obliterate: If you can’t beat it, have some plausible deniability.

7. Celebrate: The end of the day! Another day, another delay.

From Abovetheworldblog

The ten commandments of cell phone etiquette

Ten Commandments of cell phone etiquette

There comes a time in any technological revolution when some basic guidelines need to be laid down. It happened when e-mail exploded on the scene and people started to learn some basic dos and don'ts around the new medium. For example, if you copy the boss in on an e-mail message to a colleague, it means that you are through kidding around. No one teaches these things in company training; they are just things that get learned.

Ten Commandments of cell phone etiquette, with amendments to follow:

1. Thou shalt not subject defenseless others to cell phone conversations. When people cannot escape the banality of your conversation, such as on the bus, in a cab, on a grounded airplane, or at the dinner table, you should spare them. People around you should have the option of not listening. If they don't, you shouldn't be babbling.

2. Thou shalt not set thy ringer to play La Cucaracha every time thy phone rings. Or Beethoven's Fifth, or the Bee Gees, or any other annoying melody. Is it not enough that phones go off every other second? Now we have to listen to synthesized nonsense?

3. Thou shalt turn thy cell phone off during public performances. I'm not even sure this one needs to be said, but given the repeated violations of this heretofore unwritten law, I felt compelled to include it.

4. Thou shalt not wear more than two wireless devices on thy belt. This hasn't become a big problem yet. But with plenty of techno-jockeys sporting pagers and phones, Batman-esque utility belts are sure to follow. Let's nip this one in the bud.

5. Thou shalt not dial while driving. In all seriousness, this madness has to stop. There are enough people in the world who have problems mastering vehicles and phones individually. Put them together and we have a serious health hazard on our hands.

6. Thou shalt not wear thy earpiece when thou art not on thy phone. This is not unlike being on the phone and carrying on another conversation with someone who is physically in your presence. No one knows if you are here or there. Very disturbing.

7. Thou shalt not speak louder on thy cell phone than thou would on any other phone. These things have incredibly sensitive microphones, and it's gotten to the point where I can tell if someone is calling me from a cell because of the way they are talking, not how it sounds. If your signal cuts out, speaking louder won't help, unless the person is actually within earshot.

8. Thou shalt not grow too attached to thy cell phone. For obvious reasons, a dependency on constant communication is not healthy. At work, go nuts. At home, give it a rest.

9. Thou shalt not attempt to impress with thy cell phone. Not only is using a cell phone no longer impressive in any way (unless it's one of those really cool new phones with the space age design), when it is used for that reason, said user can be immediately identified as a neophyte and a poseur.

10. Thou shalt not slam thy cell phone down on a restaurant table just in case it rings. This is not the Old West, and you are not a gunslinger sitting down to a game of poker in the saloon. Could you please be a little less conspicuous? If it rings, you'll hear it just as well if it's in your coat pocket or clipped on your belt.

From an email from Col. Updraft.

Actually, here in the Philippines, talking on cell phones is expensive, but texting is cheap and even the help use their cellphones to text

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Don't know much about history

Now the WaPo is saying the roadblock to peace is a "european" Israel. Never mind that Europeans in Israel come to only 25% of the population there.

Argument and links moved to my Screedblog.

Summary is
1) "Palestine" was a real dump under the Ottomans Empire. It's a paradise now because the Israelis worked their asses off fixing up the place.
2) that the number of Jews thrown out of Muslim countries was higher than the number of Palestinians who were "ethnically cleansed" from Israel, but you don't hear them whining that they want back their farms in Morocco or their Jewelry shops in Iran.
3) that a lot of Arab countries need Israel as a scapegoat...get rid of Israel and they'll find someone else.
4) that a lot of us are tired of them playing the victim and not trying to help themselves and that they should "Get a life", as they say in NYC.

The Ten worst unintentional URL's

Go to link (this is a family blog...usually)

Headsup from Inprincipioeratverbum blog...

G-8 Summit in Pictures

BBC on line has a bunch of photos of the G8 summit...the "experts" note that Blair looked nervous and stiff, but that "Bush is a lot more media-savvy than people give him credit for..."

Last week, I watched part of Putin's interview with the BBC...LINK...and what is interesting is that he defended Bush, despite policy differences.

Reporters often ridicule Bush's comment that he looked into Putin's I find this exchange quite interesting:

What about George Bush's soul? What do you see there?

In the life of any political leader there's as we say the dark and light patches - it goes up and down - up and down. But irregardless of that - regardless of what his rating currently is, the main thing is for a politician to be a decent person and I believe President Bush is a decent person and to me he's a very comfortable partner. I cannot only talk to him, I can reach agreement with him.

I've had more than one chance to see that our opinions may vary - and they do - but we still arrive at some common grounds and he will take efforts, so I'm quite happy to say that such a person as Bush - not because he's the president of the United States but as a human being, I think I consider him one of the people I consider to be my friends.

Coverup, grandmom!

A couple months back, Manolo had a discussion on "coverup" swimsuits...well the WAPO ridicules the idea here...but HERE is the actual website she is discussing.
There are actually several outlets that provide attractive and conservative suits. PuebloTraders has long sold shortskirt swimsuits popular with the little old ladies...And LandEnd has special suits for another problem: Post mastectomy patients.

The WAPO reporter thinks bikinis are "liberating" but for us "full figure" gals, unless they have a bikini with a support bra and a long line girdle, flopping about does not make one feel confident and attractive...I usually wear a classic suit from Lands End, but since I tend to sunburn severely, I have to wear a teeshirt over my swimsuit to prevent severe sunburn...and when I get out of the pool, add a sarong to protect my legs.

GetReligion's opinion is HERE...includes links to other sites including this list of links at Amazon for modest swimsuits...


Headsup from Lileks, who discusses Rear Window...and notes a cameo by a songwriter...who later became famous as the father of Alvin...and then goes on to....well, read it yourself...

stuff in the news I didn't know

Yes, it was THAT Tongsun Park who was just convicted of money shenannigens in the Iraq Oil for food scandal...remember Koreagate?
That earthquake south of Indonesia did spawn a small tsunami...luckily, only a few dozen killed this time...but more bad news for that country.

Other Asian disasters include floods in China
and the Mayon volcano in the Philippines is due to explode...but in the meanwhile in a typical Philippine story, thieves stole the telphone wires to the scientist's office...
The Vikings are coming! the Vikings are coming! Norse ships make two headlines. First, a REAL Viking ship managed to get back to port..., Second: their ship is the first to arrive in Lebanon to take out stranded Europeans...

For stranded Pinoy maids, the churches will have to do for now...

And the BBC TV has it's knickers in a knot because Israel hit and destroyed a "paper tissue factory"...and a lot of pro Hezbollah coverage..."It's a strong and well organized organization and it seems confident that whatever Israel throws against it...(they will prevail)".
Yup...those strong and confident killers. Who just happened to "obtain" large complicated Iranian rockets...guess they bought them on EBay.... ---------------------------------------------------

Had trouble reading long, complicated government reports? Help is on the way...911 report:the Comic book...
Another reason not to diet: Dementia heralded by weight loss.. one way to diagnose early dementia is to check the sense of smell, and when you can't smell food, you tend to eat less...
However, lack of smelling ability can be due to a lot of other things, including allergies, colds and head injuries...
Finally: Father Heindl has died....his death won't make headlines outside of Rochester: how politically incorrect can you be? he was both a priest and a war hero....He won several medals for ministering to and rescuing soldiers under fire...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Miscellaneous laughs, if you have a twisted sense of humor

Tell George He's supposed to be diplomatic:

ST PETERSBURG, Russia (Reuters) - A microphone picked up an unaware
President Bush saying on Monday that
Syria should press Hezbollah to "stop doing this shit" ... Washington and its allies say Hezbollah is backed by Syria.

And THIS is one of the funniest satires I've seen in a long time:

The “Breasts Not Bombs”(BNB) anti-war movement that began last year in Berkeley, California, when women marched with bared breasts and chanted anti-war slogans, recently spawned an offshoot movement, “Vaginas Not Violence” (VNV)....They claimed that BNB’s emphasis on enormous sagging milk-sacks discriminated against women who had smaller tweeters, as well as transgender pacifists who were entirely tweeter-less....

Finally, how do you chase late night revelers back home?
You play Barry Manilow records....


While checking the USGS webpage about the 7.4 earthquake off southern Indonesia, I found they had a link to lots of fun stuff, including the above link to a butterfly page.

Stuff for kids to color and look at.

THIS PHOTO is of the

Atlas Moth (Atticus atlas)

Mayon volcano and other stuff

Mayon volcano expected to explode...evacuations planned.

Not near here, thank God...

also everyone is starting to plan evacuations from Lebanon...LINK is about the Philippine OFW's

Many of the Europeans/Canadians/Americans there are of Lebanese descent, so the numbers who want to go don't count...but the numbers are huge...and how does one "evacuate" 30 000 plus Pinoys when the airport is closed? rent a ship, like some Europeans?

and the latest scandal: The government is bribing, or attempting to bribe, the Catholic bishops...


How to get rid of smokers

Tired of people smoking in your house, but too polite to tell them?

Well, when they ask for an ashtray, just hand them this:

This cool ashtray is designed to look like a real pair of lungs

As you place your cigarette on the trough, it starts coughing and screaming as though the cigarette is lighted up in a real lung!


Gov. Rockefeller of Arkansas died when his bone marrow transplant didn't work..I moved my longer medical musing is HERE....although I still use the screed blog for more general bitching.

The Mideast is exploding...PajamaMedia has links...Ralph Peters has an interesting take on the roll of the UN and stupidity....and Paul Sheehan has another...Strategy page points out that Arabs are not Persians and gives us a 3000 year context for background...MEGO...

If you are worried about all this, don't warming is going to kill us all anyway.

oh well...don't happy...listen to one of THESE...

And boingBoing has a link to short films of the Canadian film board...enjoy!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

The middle east war

Former spook does his predictions at the link...

Pinoys caught in the crossfire

The way I figure it, go to Pajama media for links...the war is between Israel and , who is fronting Hezbolah, with a lot of the world keeping strangely quiet about it...

As usual, there are a lot of Pinoys caught in the crossfire...records show that there are about 30,000 OFWs in Lebanon...
Country, Temporary,.... Permenant......., irregular total
ASIA, West 2,312......1,449,031..........112,750 ..... 1,564,093
BAHRAIN ...64..........33,154.......... 3,500 ..... 36,718
ISRAEL ....104.......14,051........... 23,000...... 37,155
JORDAN.....108.......5,885 ,,,,,,,,,, 7,000 ...... 12,993
KUWAIT ...93........80,196........... 11,500 ...... 91,789
LEBANON....19.......28,318 ,,,,,,,,,, 6,100 .......... 34,437
OMAN......20.......18,941 ...........1,500.......... .......20,461
QATAR.....13.......57,345 ........... 1,000................ 58,358
S ARABIA....243....976,134 ......... 18,000 ...............994,377

UAE .......405 ....... 185,562.......... 20,000........ 205,967
OTHERS 1,243 .....49,445 ..........21,150............... 71,838
USA .... 2,271,933.... 101,249 ..... 350,000......2,723,182

So, when Michele Malkin complains about undocumented aliens, she shouldn't overlook people from her parent's counntry...

In the meanwhile, Mayon Volcano is acting up again..and another soldier killed in nearby Bulacan...and boxer Manny Pacqiao is in the hospital with stomach flu...


what does Ann Coulter have in common with Cindy Sheehan, and other middle aged women who slowly evolve from passion to mootbattery?


ann coulter alert

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sweet overload alert!

Illegal Immigrants

When the US talks of illegal immigrants, they usually imply Mexicans but the dirty little secret is that they come from all over: I've heard there are 50 000 illegal Irish, and they estimate there are 400 000 illegal Pinoys in the USA.

Europe is now starting to discuss the problem, but I haven't been following it.

But every once in awhile, local Asian countries decide to deport illegals, and usually it affects the Philippines.
Today, it is Malaysia deporting an estimated 400 000 illegals, of whom 100 000 are Filipinos...

It says a lot about GMA that she sees visiting Pinoys in Saudi or in Libya as a big deal, and comes back bragging that Spain will let in 500 000 Pinoys to work there. The result is that this country is losing it's hardest working most ambitious workers, while corruption is discouraging business from starting factories here.

But today on TV they announced corruption was down...wonder how they measure it?

Snack of the day

Pinoy chip commercial


Pajama media has links, and a PODCAST

Do Infertility treatments cause premature births?
I suspect part of the increase is also statistical fluke: 40 years ago, if you delivered twins at 28 weeks, they would have quickly died, and be considered a miscarriage, not a premature babies.
West Nile Virus: fewer cases? Only ten so far this year. no deaths..but of course it's only July...
another "we're all gonna die" disease bites the dust.
But don't worry...the disease of this year is Bird Flu...
Another meteor hits Norway...what is it with Meteors...this is number three.
What is it with meteors? They like Lutefisk or something?
and don't worry about Snakes on a plane. Worry about laptops on a plane...LINK2

Friday, July 14, 2006

55 ways to have fun with Google

Free download...or a link if you want to actually buy it in hardcopy.

Headsup from OnlineBookPage...

and there is a one month free download of online books HERE...


Getting married? Can't afford a fancy cake?
Well, just go to link and voila: A Twinkie wedding cake!

and if you REALLY want to die of sugar and preservative overload, try DEEP FRIED TWINKIES
Recipe HERE...only 390 calories plus calories from dipping sauce.

The Wikipedia article claims:"Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas has marked the deep-fried Twinkie (which originated in his state) as the supreme example of bad eating choices..."

Actually, it's not...that prize goes to the DeepFried Mars Bar recipe has 900 plus calories each.

Headsup from FasterthantheWorld Blog, who loves little Debbie but hates Twinkies.

Me, I grew up on tastycakes

Game of the day

Feed Tootles...

Peter Rabbit!

It's been raining all day again, so I went to the local bookstore and found a used Beatrice Potter book about mice for my granddaughter.

LINK to fun pages..including games, some very nice colouring books, crafts to make, e-cards, and Squirrel Nutkins Videos...

My problem is that as a child I never was into Beatrice Potter, so when I think of Peter Rabbit, I think of THIS...

In examining a book such as Peter Rabbit, it is important that the superficial chracteristics of its deceptively simple plot should not be allowed to blind the reader to the more substancial fabric of its deeper motivations.
In this report I plan to discuss the
sociological implications of family pressures so great as to drive an otherwise moral rabbit to perform acts of thievery which he consciously knew were against the law.
I also hope to explore the personlaity of Mr.
Macgregor in his comflicting roles as farmer and humanitarian....

So if you too have a preschooler in your household, enjoy...
And to keep you busy, here is a recipe for Scones:
500g plain flour
- 2 tsp of baking powder
- 40g of lard
- 40g of butter
- 60g castor sugar
- Approximately 200ml of milk
- A pinch of salt & cinnamon


  1. With cool hands, rub together the flour, baking powder, lard & butter until crumbly
  2. Add the sugar (or extra salt if savoury)
  3. Add the flavouring ingredients (apples, cheese etc
  4. With a round ended knife, mix in the milk to make a light soft dough
  5. Don't over- knead (be gentle).
  6. Pat out or roll gently with a rolling pin to 4cm deep.
  7. Cut into 60 mm rounds, place on a baking tray with ample space around each for rising and spreading.
  8. Brush with beaten egg or milk. Bake in a hot oven, 200c for 12 to 15 minutes until well risen and golden brown.
  9. Now smother with butter, jam, Cornish clotted cream or whatever you fancy and eat whilst warm!
Ah....clotted cream....recipe HERE
hmmm...wonder if I can make it from Waterbuffalomilk?

Other news

<---Galeras volcano in Colombia is threatening to explode again... 400 000 people live in Pasto, at the base of the Volcano, including my son and his family. 8000 people have been evacuated, mainly farmers from the slopes.

Local news report HERE in Spanish...
Here in the Philippines, the storm Florita has passed, leaving 8 dead...
We're in the plain, so except for flooded streets, we have no problem...
Trivia news:

Comedian Red Buttons has died...

Women working long hours end up with health problems...been there, done that...

BBCMagazine has a report on piracy in Asia and off Somalia LINK

Good news: Angelina Jolie to play wife in film about Danny Pearl..
Bad News: Film to be done by director of propaganda film The Road to Guantanamo...... hmmm. You know that thing about six degrees of Kevin Bacon? This sounds more like three degrees: Danny pearl, pakistani Jihadists, Taliban...

Your headlines of the day:Lakas bets will take up Cha-cha...

Blanca Nieves y el Tao Tao

Attention moonbats: did you ever hear of a place called Asia?

LGF reports someone at the Daily Kos says: No Israel No Terror...
well, what do you expect from the Kossacks?

But one expects better from Time magazine, who published an article that dismisses reports of terror threats as being made up to win elections by EVilchimpyBush...

Something is very, very wrong with a MSM that prints unsubstantiated conspiracy theories...and something is VERY ignorant when a major political party associates themselves with such ignorance to win elections...

You see, they are ignoring Asia....Here in Asia, the war on terror started long before Bush...AlQuada members were placing bombs on airliners and tried to kill the Pope here in the 1990's...

And the Bali attacks did not have anything to do with Bush or Iraq...but were revenge for East Timor.

The attacks on Buddhists in Thailand show the influence of outside groups from Pakistan/Afghanistan and have nothing to do with Bush....nor are the beheadings of schoolgirls in Indonesia or the Saudi funding of Islamic fundamentalists who terrorize women for not wearing headscarves...or the link between Alquada and piracy , a problem that has led to attacks on Asian shipping but has raised little attention in the western has the Islamicist threat in China...which China has kept under control by mass arrests and closed trials...

And, of course, the country with the second highest number of casualties from Terror is India, which just lost 200 innocent civilians from Pakistani trained and Saudi funded terror attacks...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Gift for your favorite fisherman...

Fish skeleton extension cord...
Headsup from Dave Barry Blog....

Hmmmmm...or stories under the fold

Good News: Life Science has a series on Immortality HERE... and includes the ten top immortals of movies/literature

Good News:I ran across this in the NYTimes a couple days ago, and every paragraph stresses success at MSNBC.. is evilFoxNewsTanking in the ratings?
Bad News: the actual numbers HERE...Hmmm. 340000 vs 2.2 million...Am I missing something? Like does the NYTimes hold stock in MSNBC?

Good News: Asian economies are thriving...but they are worried about terrorism...LINK2...
Bad News: as the middle class gets wealthy, there is increased resentment by those left behind... anti globalist/communist/Islamacist terrorists all have in common that they hate the thriving business sector that is changing India, China and even the Philippines...

Good News: trial of the killers of 2 million Cambodians has finally started
Bad News: not well covered in the US is a "hot zone" report by a Yahoo reporter...

REALLY bad news: Is war breaking out again against Israel? Pajama media has reports...

Good news: Rain stopped...maybe by tomorrow we'll have dry clothes

Transformer movie at Holoman AFB

Check link above for movie...

I used to live near Holoman AFB, where they had stealth bombers...and the Luftwaffe...