Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bloggers vs MSM

Bill Roggio says: Wait a second. The report was correct, but the WAPO summary of the report was not.
Why is it that Coalition press releases and statements from officers are often ignored, or must be balanced by outside reporting and observations (including the use of insurgent stringers, as bloggers Patterico and Flopping Aces recently documented), but the Devlin report is discussed without outside context? Michael the Fumento and Martin Fletcher were recently in Ramadi, and told stories about grudging progress in the city...which can yield even further results if the necessary troops requested by the report are provided.

Austin Bay questions the "source" of the story, but AP is sticking by the story, and they're now claiming that a reporter went to visit Jamil Hussein after bloggers raised a fuss, and that he definitely exists.

ClassicalValuesBlog summarizes the whole thing here:" It seems to me that it ought to be a relatively simple matter to determine whether the story is true or not. Once the truth has been determined, that should end the fight over the facts. The fight over credibility of sources is a different matter..."

(Headsup from Instapundit)

Is being "fair and balanced" believing the enemy more than your own country's press representatives? Check this story about how the media uses Taliban sources about Canadian soldiers.

And a follow up on the Lancet article:
Strategy Page puts the deaths in Iraq into context: The rate was actually quite low until the Shiites decided to start taking revenge on the Sunni Arabs this summer. And the article compares the usual rate, the increased rates now, the death rate under Saddam and the death rates from wars and insurgencies in other countries.


Attack of the tomato virus...
and if you want to cook but your fridge is half empty, check the mothersite for recipes.

You just enter what's in your place, and voila, suggestions and recipes. Great for exhausted moms and students who are tired of eating baked beans.

Want to draw like Jackson Pollock?

Typhoon, anyone?

Already windy in Bocol, but here we only have overcast skies so far.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Gift idea take 22

DAI186 Hello Kitty Drain Hair Catch
Copyright © J-List Other Images: [ 1 ] Click here to view this product

Number in stock: 5 Weight: 50 g. Price: $3.00
Product type: Bath Item Buy Now!
Here's a handy item from Japan for you -- a nifty "hair catcher" that you put over the drain in your shower or bathtub, or in your sink. It allows liquid to flow freely, while it catches hair and other foreign objects that your drain doesn't want. Pick it up and throw away the hair. Great design that features the one and only Kitty-chan!

Bollywood one, terrorists zero

HEadsup from DaveBarryBlog

Another day, another typhoon

Typhoon due tomorrow night...headed right to our area. number 18 this year. This time they will make sure the billboards are taken down before it hits.

Most of our rice is harvested, and we'll have to hurry to try to get the rest done tomorrow.


Thanks to the elections, the mideast situation will be settled in a few days... alas, probably not good news since Lebanon is on the verge of a civil war...

In from the cold discusses an article on WMD by Alqaeda, and supplies this link...and this old PDF link is really scary...and even worse, this updated one

Videsodownloadlink HERE

Educational web page of the day

(Caution: NOT work friendly...and yes, Luke you can view it, but not Dane).

(Headsup from Dustbury

Survival hints

Don't forget the duct tape

And Popular Mechanics has hints to survival here (Headsup from Blogfather

In rural South Dakota and Minnesota, we always kept survival supplies for the trip to Walmart...

Medical stuff

A Mango a day keeps Diabetes away.

BBC reports that Vioxx etc. counteracts blood thinning enzyme, so causes heart attacks. As I used to explain to patients, if they had a partial blockage, taking aspirin would keep the platelets from sticking and Vioxx would increase the platelet's tendency to stick together and causing a blockage.

Gee, couldn't they just add Aspirin or something similar to Vioxx and let us move without pain?

And, A libertarian take on the stem cell debate:
"Embryonic stem cell research has yet to produce a usable therapy. For precisely that reason, private funding of embryonic stem cell research is hard to come by. Private researchers want results. The voter initiatives showering taxpayer money on stem cell research have been specifically aimed at fetal stem cells, despite their lack of promise. The abortion agenda has trumped results in directing our taxes toward research."

Finally, that fake stem cell report by that Korean scientist has resulted editorial changes mandating closer analysis of scientific papers.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Gift idea take 21

The sun is so bright I gotta have shades!

Oh, I care I care

Tee shirt for the rest of us

Your email of the day from Col.Updraft

Pope Benedict the Brave

"...his bravery is not bravado. It comes from a spiritual conviction that some things are worth fighting for — and even dying for. As I will discuss further in the coming days, on the air, and in this column, the Pope embarks on this difficult trip with a three-fold mission: (1) build bridges of unity with the Christian Orthodox community, (2) encourage the Catholic faithful, and (3) establish foundations for dialogue with Islam..."

On the other hand, this MSNBC article fails to mention the 1.5 million Greek Orthodox Christians forced to leave Anatolia in the 1920's, the one million Armenian Orthodox Christians killed in the Turkish genocide...etc...MORE at screedblog.

Revenge or reconciliation?

An interesting post from Strategypage.

Purple prose alert

LINK I'm as cynical about the UN as anyone, but why is it that when "progressive" websites want to blast the authorities for accidentally killing people, the civilians are always doing something like "going to work at a flower shop" or "going outside to get money to pay for his wife's medical care"?

and speaking of purple prose, Flopping aces and others report a lot of the more lurid details about atrocities of Iraq were given to the AP imposter.

The fake reports include several non existent massacres by American troops who weren't even in the area, but AP printed them anyway.

Cat Stephens was followed by a moonshadow before he found Islam and became dedicated to peace and was invited to the peace prize concert in Oslo, but the NYsun finds his own website a little less gentle than his prose:"... "When asked about my opinion regarding blasphemy, I could not tell a lie and confirmed that — like both the Torah and the Gospel — the Qur'an considers it, without repentance, as a capital offense..." Ah yes, it's okay to behead infidels, heck just look at all those people Jesus beheaded in the gospels,...

OH THE HORRORS: Andrew Sullivan just discovered Mormon underware...attention Andrew. They may wear funny breeches, but they don't behead gays in Utah...

(headsup from Hugh Hewitt)

first they sent us Mc Donalds, then they sent us Disney world, and now, NASCAR...


Monday, November 27, 2006


Gothic Kitty Strawberry pretzel


LA Times has an article of prayer...and gets it RIGHT....

"Prayer is essentially man standing before his God in wonder, awe and humility; man made in the image of God, responding to his maker," wrote George Appleton, an Anglican bishop and editor of "The Oxford Book of Prayer." "It is in man's attitude of openness — looking, listening and waiting — which prepares him to receive whatever God may give, and to obey."
To the devout, God hears prayers and responds to them, even if the response isn't always what's expected or hoped for.

"God responds to our prayers not only with 'Yes,' 'No' or 'Wait', but also 'Yes, with pleasure,' 'Yes, there is a lot more good stuff coming,' 'No, not yet,' and 'No, because I love you too much,' " Tan said.

"God's 'noes' are as powerful as his 'yeses,' because God is sovereign, and he loves us tremendously."

How to open a present


Headlines below the fold

LINK another day, another terrorist caught.Of course, they blame the USA, never mind that they are a minority on that island.

HERE the first story notes the lack of finding the people behind a "string of murders" of politicians and businessmen in the area....another story on main page complains of politicians with their private armed guards.

Wild wild East, anyone?\

In medical news, the biggest imman in Egypt said female circumcision is a no no.
I posted longer explanation HERE about the procedure. I had to deliver women who had this done when I worked in Liberia.

Tut mania, anyone?

and the Freepers have lots of Tut links HERE

Gift idea take 21

Are you a lonely prime minister being investigated by someone?

Well, just send him a gift of polonium, on sale now for only $69.95....

Headsup from FreeRepublic.

Recipes, recipes, recipes

The Ldot forum has an open thread for recipes. The link is to thread one (and follow links to number two and three). Yum

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Where to take the kids after Thanksgiving

Your photo of the day from Col. Thermal Updraft

War in terror: The domino theory

Long post on this at link.

Essentially, the Philippines is already having outsiders make the local wars worse. That Indonesian group behind the Bali Bombings are coming here to teach the MILF in Mindinao to build bombs...and the cleric who inspired the Bali bombings but was left out of jail by that government, has declared a jihad against us.


Attention mothers of teenagers

It's now official.

Listening to loud rock music is torture.

Gift idea take 20

Feather Phone
Feather Phone...for your favorite Bird.

Gift idea number 19

HEDY MANON Cashmere Pet Vest & Polo

Buy an argyle cashmere vest for your dog...only $245.

New Medical disease: Blackberry thumb.


Recipes from geekland

It's a little late for Thanksgiving, but for the cooking challenged, Techrepublic has two recipes with clear instruction for non cooks.

Pumpkin Pies and Roast Turkey.

And save THIS link for when it snows. Includes making ice cream from snow and stuff for kids to do.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

CS Lewis trivia

I am listening to a lecture on CS Lewis, where the teacher mentioned about his problem in sports due to a stiff thumb. We were told about this in Medical school, and it took me awhile to find exactly what it was, but if you are interested in medical trivia, go to the link.

And here is a Flannery O'Connor quote about Lewis' books:

"This book of C.S. Lewis on prayer is a good one but I don't like to pray any better for reading it. I also just read one of his called Miracles, which is very fine. Deceptively simple. You really need to read every sentence twice. Go among the biblical scholars, says he, as a sheep among wolves...."

Find out where your IP lives

via URSI

Gift idea take 18

candles that look like Cinnamon buns!

Friday, November 24, 2006


(Heads up from Kerron Cross Blog

Another day, another volcano

Another shipwreck, another barge cleaning up the oil spill that spilled oil, another police chief removed for wrongdoing...etc.etc.

BUT the big news was the coming home party for Pacman.

Here in Gapan, the big news is that "Jesus heals" seminar a block away. They claim to heal everyone, but there aren't too many crowds there.

Israel and Lebanon below the fold

Lots of naive people in the US say the US needs to talk to Syria and Iran to calm down Iraq, who just had over 100 people killed in a typical Alqaeda like car bomb attack. (not insurgency, merely killing people to kill people).

But Syria just assassinated another Christian leader in Lebanon, so it doesn't look like they are honest in seeking peace.

What is Syria's aim? Check this discussion. VDHanson calls it an "Archduke Ferdinand moment.

Jimmy Carter, who gave us the Iranian mullahs, now says all the problems are the Jews fault...Alan Dershowitz begs to differ.

historian John Keegan discusses exactly what a civil war is, and is not.

This, of course, will not be read by the MSM who is busy spinning against Bush and Iraq by painting things as badly as possible and by ignoring history and context. Social historian James Q Wilson analyzes the data HERE

Gift idea take 18


(Via BoingBoing)

The Gobble song

Here it is the day after Thanksgiving, but it's such a cheerful song I thought I'd post it.

Tenere Me Ama

headsup from those Elvis loving conservatives at THE CORNER

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Origami turkey

LINK2 Ready to bake...(via boingboing)

However, if you want to decorate your table with the traditional type origami turkey, check this link or This one.

Other links to making great cheap decorations are HERE.

Well, they will keep the kids busy while you're in the kitchen.

Craft item of the day

A knitted artichoke Tea cozy

You still have time to knit it for someone you love for Christmas...

If you are too conventional for an artichoke,

she sells patters for eggplant and red pepper
tea cozies too LINK.

For the uninitiated who aren't into British customs, a tea cozy is the wrap you put around your tea kettle to keep the tea warm.

WOT: Below the fold

While CNNI etc. report only "insurgent attacks", Bill Roggio reports on Iraq Anbar tribes who are so sick and tired of foreign AlQaeda terrorists that they're helping the Iraqi government...
Lebanon assassination by Syria makes one suspect they aren't going to help Bush find peace, but then what do I know?
Priest and nun "peace activist" become human shields to a Palestinian "militant"...""It is wrong for Israel to bomb people's houses," Dougherty said. "We are here in solidarity, and to try communicate to the world what is really going on."

Well, what is going on is that the Israelis are trying to kill the masterminds behind rocket and suicide attacks aimed at Israeli civilians.
Speaking of press manipulation, CSI has an episode about photoshopping war photos to the the "real story"...LINK

Here's the report from KersherTalkBlog. (headsup from LGF)
Lileks has a follow up on the praying immans of MSP airport LINK. Unlike the reporters, he googled their names and, uh oh...remember that mosque in Tuscon?
Remember TomHanks as that refugee stuck in the airport? Well, a real life drama is going on with an Iranian dissident stuck in Moscow airport, and PajamasMedia is trying to intervene to save her. LINK
Quote of the day from VDH :"Carter reminds me of the timid parent who spanks hard the good son for the rare misdemeanor because he takes it with silence while giving a pass to the wayward son for the daily felony because he would throw a public fit if corrected..."

Alice, practicing synchronized skating

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Dullest Blog of the World

Ten things to be thankful for

John Hughes reminds us of things that are good.

And THIS LINK is to Thanksgiving songs...more can be foundHEREsuch as:

I Eat Turkey
(tune: Frere Jacques)

I eat turkey,
(Point to self)

I eat turkey.
(Point to self again)

Yes, I do, Yes, I do.
(Nod head)

Turkey in my tummy,
(Rub tummy)

Yummy, yummy, yummy.
Good for me,
(Point to self)

Good for you.
(Point to others)...

And, of course, turkeys are low in sodium and cholesterol.

So the multicultural Thanksgiving recipe of the day:Turkey fajitas

2 flour tortillas (approximately 6 inch diameter)
4 1/4 oz. boneless & skinless turkey breast
1 bell pepper
1 small onion
2 Tbsp. low-fat or nonfat sour cream
2/3 Tbsp. olive oil
Heat oil in a nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Stir-fry peppers and onions until just tender, but still crunchy, about four to five minutes.Add strips of turkey breast to skillet and continue to stir fry, about five to seven minutes more, until turkey is no longer pink inside.

Serve by dividing turkey mixture and vegetables onto each tortilla, roll up and top with a tablespoon of sour cream and a sprinkle of cheese.

Headlines below the fold

The Walls have Ears...the Immans claim they were "only praying" and discriminated against. But if you dig deep into the story, you find another passenger understood Arabic and was alarmed at their conversation.

Robert Altman director of M*A*S*H* has died. For the clueless, the name of my blog comes from Dr. Hooker's books, not the movie...when Hawkeye returned to Maine, he set up his clinic over a Fishmarket.

Don't mess with Shiva....headsup from the Freeper archeology ping.

Dinesh D'Souza,criticizes Dawkins and other atheists for blaming religion for war and massacres, while never noticing that atheist regeimes have killed more people than the "wars of religion" ever did.

Did you know about the forgotten Oriental Jews-- 870,000 Mizrahi refugees were driven out of Muslim countries since 1945, of whom 600,000 sought refuge in Israel, where they now form half the Jewish population...."

And BULLETIN BULLETIN (as DaveBarry often writes):
The Good News: Madonna now plans to adopt a girl so she can have a matching set of black orphans...

the bad news:alas, this kid is in the process of being adopted by some Aussie missionaries who live in Malawi

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Yup. Sounds about right

Turkey day recipe

I'm still trying to find a turkey recipe, but in the meanwhile here's a pumpkin recipe.

Kalabasa (Pumpkin) Leche Flan
This recipe is from the province of Bulacan. Source for this recipe is the wonderful Philippine Food and Live by Gilda Cordero Fernando. Published by Anvil Publishing, Pasig, Metro Manila, 1992.

* 2 cups kalabasa (pumpkin), cut finely
* 1 cup condensed milk
* 3 eggs
* sugar
* 1/2 teaspoon dayap (lime) or vanilla

Boil the squash. Mash until smooth. Add eggs, mil, rind or vanilla. Strain. Sprinkle sugar on the leche flan mold (llanera), and put the mold on the fire until sugar browns. Place the squash mixture into the llanera, and steam for about 20 minutes.

How to dress a turkey

Craft item of the day

Knit your very own



Adoption is not a social statement

Madonna's actions in adopting a poor child should be praised, not condemned says one writer. (see link). How dare you complain about Madonna adopting a child because YOU haven 't bothered to do it.

Well, sorry buster. Been there, done that.

A child is not a social statement. A child is a child, to be loved and cared for, not adopted by an aging rock star, publicist on hand, and then raised by various nannies and servants, unless he is needed for publicity photos.

My "MEGO" Screed on this can be found HERE

Headlines below the fold

TIME magazine just discovered Ratz... SISU blog comments:

Long before Cardinal Ratzinger became Benedict XVI, the great student of history and human nature was warning the West of the gathering Eurabian storm. But only when Time notices the "hard-knuckle intellect with a taste for blunt talk and interreligious confrontation" is this voice in the wilderness "suddenly" heard:

Few people saw this coming. Nobody truly expected Benedict to be a mere caretaker Pope -- his sometimes ferocious 24-year tenure as the Vatican's theological enforcer and John Paul's right hand suggested anything but passivity. But this same familiarity argued against surprises.

We guess it depends upon what your definition of "few" is, not to mention your capacity for surprise.

Ah yes...the "Pauline Kael" rule of journalism: If our elite group has never heard of it, it doesn't matter....

And another great university is bribed into allowing an "Islamic center"...

Harvard University just was bribed...oops I mean, received a grant, to fund a center. Presumably, like the center that they fund in Georgetown, it will address problems including "American policy in the Muslim World"...I wrote about Georgetown HERE..

Islamic women meet to try to establish an intellectual basis for modifying Islamic law.
The strong justice ideas in Islam will be the place to start...most westerners don't know that Islam granted women rights at a time when many countries gave no rights to women at all...

And Happy feet won over James Bond...why not. Who wants a "realistic" and pouty Bond when you can have humor and music?

Psst: Want to buy a kidney? Zenit, a Catholic news service, quotes the prices...(Go to 11-20-06)...

The group behind the press release has been working against slavery since 1218 A.D...back then, Muslim pirates captured Christians from southern Europe, and the Turks from Eastern Europe and the Ukraine for slaves...indeed, St. Vincent DePaul was a slave for awhile...and the Americans fought the Barbary wars over the issue...another fact few Westerners know.

Monday, November 20, 2006


as Dave Barry would say: What a great name for a Rock band...

Pakman wins!

well, the world is going to hell, but here in the Philippines, everyone is happy because Manny Pacquiao (on right) won again

He won in three rounds over his old foe Morales (seen on left).

So the "important" news is the trade talks, but the headlines are all about the Pakman...

Trivia in the news

MedPundit has a post on Tuvan Throat singers.
I was always a fan of Richard Feynman, and first learned about Tuva on a PBS special on Feynman...on a whim he and a friend decided to investigate Tuva...just out of curiosity. And now I've learned they use extra laryngeal muscles to sing.

Learn one fact a day, stay young.

And BNN has a letter from someone in Zambia...made me sentimental...sounds like when I worked in Zimbabwe 30 years ago...not much has changed.

The Climate change tourists are waiting for Bush to leave before they save the are asking for money for "sustainable development.
Well, if Africa ever decides to follow Asia, the pollution will be even worse. Of course, global warming has caused deforestation in Africa...After all, the Sahara was once a veldt...

Syria calls for a timetable to remove American troops....
They want them out of there before they and Iran invade Israel disguised as Hezbollah...and of course, if the US continues to kill Syrians and Iranian "Iraqi insurgents" they will keep losing soldiers.

Richard Dawkin's book on athiesm is supposed to be heading Amazon's best sellers. A lot of people who take religion seriously think he is actually writing against an infantile form of religion not the real thing.
On the other hand, when you read stuff like THIS it makes you understand why non believers are clueless.

And for all those who think we can withdraw from the world, you might want to check out THIS site. It's the prewritten announcements for local officials to use in even of terror attacks (Headsup Medpundit).

Makes you feel all warm and cuddly, doesn't it.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Help...I need lots of these

Three toddler puppies, and six more who haven't opened their eyes yet...

Boy, could we use lots of these:

Whimsical Rubbish

Have an old bundt cake mold?

What about those doorknobs that
don't work anymore?

Well, just don't stand there,


(headsup from AmpleSanity

Headlines below the fold

Mark Steyn on global warming:

"... "We are," warns Al Gore portentously, "altering the balance of energy between our planet and the rest of the universe."... The "balance of energy" between Earth and "the rest of the universe"? You wouldn't happen to have the statistical evidence for that, would you? Universal "balance of energy" graphs for 1940 and 1873?"
John Bolton speaks the truth to the UN.
Note to Israel: You now have six friends in the world. The USA, Australia, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru and Palau...
European bureaucrats makes meatpacking company change the name for their sausages because ...Welsh Dragon sausages are NOT made of dragon meat....
Tired after heavy exercize? Try chocolate milk LINK
Latest disease: is caused by chronic heat application. We used to see it over the back or in front of the legs from sitting in front of a fire, but now we are starting to see it...from laptop computers.
Philippine headlines are about dropping trade barriers, but what everyone is waiting the Paquiao-Morales the Manila Bulletin puts it:

in his homeland of the Philippines, traffic is going to stand still, morning church-goers will opt to attend the afternoon service and the crime rate in the hours the fight is being shown on TV should register a zero incidence...

Bad news take two

The CNN special on radicals who infiltrated mosques and Arab countries that encourage hatred of others is now on YouTube.

As for Bush being the problem, or Israel being the problem, then why are Buddhists being killed in Thailand?

Oh, I forgot...Asians don't count.

Indeed, when a Saudi was convicted of imprisoning, not paying, and raping his Indo maid while living in Colorado, the Atty General of that state actually traveled to SAUDI (NOT Indonesia) to apologize...what's wrong with this picture?

Similar mistreatment of Pinoy maids in Saudi is an open secret, and no one cares about that unless, like a case a couple years ago, the maid fights back and kills the guy.

No, it's not Islam as much as the Saudi misreading of Islam that allows men complete control over women, including their employees.

Headsup from LGF

Bad news of the day

Microsoft bought Firefox...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Gift idea take 18

School Daze pendant large viewyou can either buy this for five hundred dollars, or have your preschooler make it in beading class for $4.95 and put it on a 1 dollar chain from dollar store...

View more images
View larger images

Mark your calanders

Tomorrow is World Toilet Day

Little known facts are found HERE

Actually, although this type of thing justs asks for jokes to be made about it, as a physician I am well aware of the problems of disposing human waste to prevent outbreaks of serious disease such as cholera and typhoid.

Indeed, one of our projects in Africa was to encourage building public latrines and caring for them...alas, since we were in a rural area they weren't used.

hello kitty
In honor of World Toilet day: TA DAAH:

Hello Kitty Toilet Paper....

it also comes in green...

headlines below the fold


THe pope last week was complaining of 800 million people suffering from hunger...but I am old enough to remember when we were told one third of the world went to be hungry.

The reason is, for better or worse, globalization. The only "red" countries are in Africa, and most of these countries could be bread baskets for the world if you got rid of two things: Bad governments and the tsetse fly...

and talking of hunger...not.

If you want to cook your 20 lb turkey faster, but don't want to deep fry it, Check out this link

Friday, November 17, 2006


We spent the day in Manila getting Lolo a new hearing aide.

Now he can hear me when I talk loudly, whereas before I had to yell at him.

Should save my vocal cords.


Tired of cute Gnomes and artificial flamingos in your garden.

Liven up with: Surfermonkey.

Or send it as a Christmas gift to the grandmother you love, to remind her to lighten up.

Headlines below the fold

Sometimes the things that may have significant consequences are "below the fold" several things today.

Milton Fridman died. His theories probably had more to do with spreading freedom and prosperity, yet I suspect most people have never heard of him, which says a lot about the MSM...

Wesley Smith warns the next "taboo" being detoxified is infanticide, coming soon to your hospital...

I have a long "MEGO" post about this on my Screedblog
and cross posted it HERE

Biodiesel is getting publicity...but if you make it at home, please don't burn down your house...LINK

Indonesia, which just executed some Christians who fought back against terrorists who killed a couple thousand Christians, has quietly released many who conspired in the Bali Bombing.

...wonder how many will head to Manila?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Gift Idea take 17

Your very own GIANT Whoozit!!!

Gift idea take 16

Your very own set of Beatles earrings.

Having trouble sleeping?

Let Hello Kitty take you to dreamland with this official set of Hello Kitty earplugs!


And this doesn't count the six newborn pups from our other dog...

The uncovered story

Transcript of a CNN program.
The next time you hear "Why do they hate us?", send this link.
And not mentioned: That the president of Iran keeps making religious references to the coming of the twelth Mahdi LINK2...


Lileks has updated his "curious Lucre" site....Bolivia anyone?

Retirement Q&A

Question: How many days in a week?
Answer: 6 Saturdays, 1 Sunday

Question: When is a retiree's bedtime?
Answer: Three hours after he falls asleep on the couch.

Question: How many retirees to change a light bulb?
Answer: Only one, but it might take all day.

Question: What's the biggest gripe of retirees?
Answer: There is not enough time to get everything done.

Question: Why don't retirees mind being called Seniors?
Answer: The term comes with a 10% percent discount

Question: Among retirees what is considered formal attire?
Answer: Tied shoes.

Question: Why do retirees count pennies?
Answer: They are the only ones who have the time.

Question: What is the common term for someone who enjoys work and refuses to retire?
Answer: NUTS!

Question: Why are retirees so slow to clean out the basement, attic or garage?
Answer: They know that as soon as they do, one of their adult kids will want to move in or store stuff there.

Question: What do retirees call a long lunch?
Answer: Normal .

Question: What is the best way to describe retirement?
Answers: The never ending Coffee Break.

Question: What's the biggest advantage of going back to school as a retiree?
Answer: If you cut classes, no one calls your parents.

Question: Why does a retiree often say he doesn't miss work, but misses the people he used to work with?
Answer: He is too polite to tell the whole truth

--Your email of the day from Col Updraft

Headline below the fold

I am ignoring the Democrats and Republicans choosing political hacks of the looney kind to lead them. Murtha and Lott? Bleech.
Earth to Congress: YOU REPRESENT THE PEOPLE. You're not there to line your own pockets.

I ran into this while posting on my Evilmugabe blog: LINK:
Nkomo soon got his answer in the most horrific of ways. What was to become the Fifth Brigade, a crack army unit answerable directly to Mugabe, was being trained clandestinely in Zimbabwe's Eastern Highlands by more than a hundred military instructors sent from North Korea by the dictator Kim Il Sung in preparation for a ruthless crackdown on the Ndebele people of Nkomo's home provinces in Matabeleland... in January 1983. ... some 20,000 Ndebele villagers had been massacred and countless others tortured and terribly beaten (by the Fifth Brigade).

Axis of Evil indeed...

BBC reports stem cells from adult blood vessels improved muscular dystrophy in dogs. The hype about stem cells makes most people think they come only from embryos, but the irony is that the adult stem cells are working just fine...Heart attack patients are being given stem cells taken from the patient's own bone marrow to improve the strength of the damaged heart muscle too....

Hmmm....first Fox presented a special on Islamofascism, and now CNN is presenting the information? And the NYTimes has an editorial that getting out of Iraq now is a bad idea LINK What'll they think of next...might make people think we're in a war....
Another political issue not covered before the election.

And PajamasMedia's Claudia Rosette suggests, tongue in cheek, that legally if Congress doesn't approve of UN ambassador Bolton, then Bush can reappoint him without pay, and let the public donate toward his salary.

And if all this has gotten you depressed, cheer up. The GrouchyOldCripple blog figures that since he posts his Saturdaynightboobage for the guys, he needs equal times for the ladies. So he has posted the photo of a gloriously naked fire fighter on his website. That should cheer up all the ladies.


As the darkness gets darker, the Stars get brighter.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Gift idea take 15

a Punkin Chunkin

Beer can coolie.

Dang, I missed it

Craft item of the day

My headphone foam covers are often "lost" or gnawed off by puppies.

So here is how to fix them with a pretty crochet cover

Why Catholics don't take their bishops seriously

The "who is buried in Grant's Tomb" wasted money joke of the day goes to the Catholic bishops, who are spending $300 thousand to discover the cause of "pedophilia", (80 percent is not "pedophilia" but gay priests hitting on teenaged boys).

Must be PC must be PC...

oh yes, they also released a statement that echoed the Democratic talking points on Iraq.

It was written by a bishop who frequently gives talks on Pedophilia...

However, the local press notes he roomed with a notorious pedophile in the 1970's...
And this is one of his statements link2 on Pedophilia:
" He cautioned that the molested boys are not necessarily the only victims. Pedophilia is an illness and many abusers cannot stop themselves, he said."Unfortunately society demonizes those who are abusers," Skylstad said. "They are human beings as well, and live with their own brokenness."

Ah yes....but the point is that we laypeople would prefer them to live with their own brokenness in prison....

headsup from BettNet


Checking the stories of the day, the good news is that the Iraqis rescued a bunch of hostages...the bad news is of course the police helped them get hostages in the first place. CnnI was portraying it breathlessly last night as a daring raid...

And the LA Times tells us how Saddam's health system is now decrepit...never mind that in 2000 we were told that sanctions was causing his health system to crumble. Must forget previous criticisms and devise new ones.

And we have had a lot of Dengue in SEAsia...not just here, but in Malaysia too.
Now there are reports about Cuba having an what's the big deal?
Well, in Cuba, it's a state secret:

The doctor spoke on condition of anonymity because of the possibility of dismissal from his job or arrest for discussing the matter with a reporter.

Socialized medicine

A dicussion on socialized medicine.

All theory, of course. All you have to do is check the VA or the IHS to see how bureaucrats can screw up medicine. Of course, if you can't afford medicine, it's better than no care, but next to the private system, it's second class.

So for immunizations, follow up, preventive medicine, and specialized care (Diabetes care for example) since the systems stress prevention, it is very very good.
TO pay for your bypass, fine.
But for "extras" like getting MRI's on your knee, forget it.

Family news

Family news: Black dog got all her stitches out and dehissed her wound last night. Luckily I caught her and checked the wound, which was fine at 4 pm, completely open. So there we were at 10 pm suturing a dog on the floor of the bedroom. Hope she doesn't die of infection.

Chano is still at his "retreat" with his cult. Peace and quiet.

Harvest sesason. With the rain and typhoons, we're not sure how good the rice harvest will be: We are "organic" and prone to rust and insects.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Gift idea take 14

Doreamon, the RoboCat and soccer fan, as a keychain.

News beneath the fold

The BBC has an article lamenting on how Maoris and other "indigenous" people are dying off from Diabetes. This is due to something called Metabolic syndrome.

I have a long "MEGO" post about it on my medical blog HERE

There is a huge hurricane on's Bush's fault.

The Japanese have a new illness: Retired Husband syndrome.. Women who stayed at home keeping house while workaholic husbands were away now are stuck with a stranger 24/7, and it's making them sick..sad...

War atrocities by US Troops are nothing new, says a Philippine editorial. Same thing happened in 1902.

And LGF notes worries about terrorists and nukes. UKTIMES article HERE

Quick scan of headlines below the fold

Today is housecleaning day, and Lolo is in the shower/bathroom giving our puppies their first just a few quick links.

Good News: VietNam has been removed from the list of countries that persecute religion...bad news: It's about opening Viet Nam for trade.
Worse news: Saudi is still on the list, but no one cares.

Good News:20 world leaders call to bridge Muslim/West divide and call for peace in the Middle East

Bad news: summary of their statement: It's all the Jews's fault...the difference between this group and Mel Gibson is that Gibson retracted his statement when he sobered up.

So now the new Palestinian president will be chosen by two terrorist groups, and Hezbollah is destablizing Lebanon...

Five Myths of Asian HIV. Summary: Good news: It's mainly in injection drug abusers and prostitutes. Bad news: Big shots acting as if it was Africa, where great white father aka NGO's takes care of you. In Asia, things work thru families, so civil society is not as developed, so you only need to target small groups of "Outsiders", and stop trying to push "they are innocent" on Asia, their behavior makes them outsiders.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Gift idea take 13

Cinnamoroll "Donburi" Bowl w/Lid

send one to your favorite Republican to cheer him up.

Gift Idea take 12

Tired of limp sandwiches and microwave soup for lunch?

Amazon now sells Bento Boxes.

It will carry a four course lunch. You can find some Recipes here

Archeology update

The "GodsGravesGlyphs" discussion on FreeRepublic (caution: right wing site blocked at many worksites) has a couple interesting links. I'll link to the newspapers too.

This old BBC link shows a crater that might explain why Constantine saw a light in the sky...The Freepers have links that update and photos.

And The Sea Peoples are a mystery for ancient history...long link that I'll have to read later.

Finally, an update on buying kidneys in India Pakistan...original link HERE.

Signs of the times

Veterans day take two

Yes, I'm a little late ...blame the weekend blackouts.

Veterans Day

Veteran's day was Saturday.
And yes, I kissed a Veteran on Saturday.
Lolo is a Veteran of World War II.

News below the fold

Stephen King interview HERE
What is interesting in his novels is not the horror but the character bits. If someone a hundred years from now wants to read how regular people lived, King is more accurate than, say, Updike or Wolfe.

Stem cell experiment cures mice of diabetesBone marrow stem cells that is...shhhh....don't publicize that you can get stem cells from all sorts of places that are cheaper and easier than killing embryos...

Mark Steyn discusses how the Islamofascist media strategy has won...not pretty reading.

Powerline wonders what is in the drinking water of those who think Syria and Iran, who are funding terror groups to destablize Iraq, will actually cooperate in decreasing that terror, especially when they are interpreting the election as giving them the win.

On the other hand, a Zimdaily reporter says that the US and the earlier Canadian election shows Africans a lesson on the peaceful change of power by citizen feedback...something he wished Mugabe would have learned 20 years ago.

and the good news: A Pinoy won the world pool championship.LINK.
Today, pool, tomorrow, boxing.

And finally, watch out Tiffany's...Imelda Marcos is launching a new designer line of jewelry, based on her vast collection that she amassed as First Lady...

The "human" Bond? Why?

The hype about the new Bond on TV shows an ugly faced actor who (if we should believe Time magazine ) shows off his muscles.
Daniel Craig and Sean Connery as James Bond
The right stuff? Daniel Craig and Sean Connery as James Bond

Great. A gay icon. Pumping Iron II.

James number two: Connery.

James Number One: The "new" Bond"
Caption: Where is my pacifier, mommy?

Euthanasia confusion in language

Wesley Smith clarifies the statement of the Anglican church on fragile infants. Smith posts links and says the paper got it wrong.
Their statement is similar to what Catholics have long believed: If extraordinary treatment increases suffering, it may be withheld.

This is not the same as killing, although many "ethicists" who support euthanasia often confuse the two.
However, THIS article confirms that it's about money.

The problem with all this discussion is what one surgeon reminded us when we had a debate on whether to operate on children with spina bifida: That treatment improves both their quality of life and lets them live longer, albeit handicapped lives. But "non treatment" does not always result in death, and these children who live have a much greater handicap that could have been prevented.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Paying for organs, bah humbug

I wrote an essay about those saying paying for organs is a good idea are naive.
I'm old enough to remember when blood banking in slums was commonplace, and how middle men made a fortune on it.
And, of course, exploiting the poor is a crime that cries out for God's justice.
Check the link for the entire sermon that will make your eyes glaze over.

Everyday heroes

GODE, Ethiopia - The U.S. Air Force delivered food and relief supplies Friday to flood victims in eastern Ethiopia...

The crew of the C-130 cargo plane was making several deliveries of food, water containers, plastic sheeting, bedding and water purification materials in a two-day operation near the Somali border...Ethiopia's Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Agency said flooding had killed least 80 people and left more than 217,000 homeless in the Ogaden region of Ethiopia. More than 360,000 people have been affected.

Gift idea take 11

Showing Mohammed is a no no, but Christ, AKA the God incarnate, as a dog...ho problem...

Headlines below the fold

Another day, another typhoon.
We just got thunderstorms with winds and rain. But it is harvest time, and rain means not being able to cut rice, and of course the rice already cut can't be dried before selling.

Local news: Leftist leader killed...but so are two government officials, and two people at a wake of a reporter. Luckily no one can blame it on Bush, so CNN is ignoring the news.

Church of England report agrees it's okay to kill newborns, showing the increasing moral collapse of a once great church.

War on Terror, blamed on Bush...but Eleven of our Muslim allies are backing the Islamicists in Somalia...which was abandoned under Clinton's watch...

After two years of attacks by Saddam's henchman allied with Sunni Alqaeda and backed by Saudi money, the Shia are fighting back, with help of Iran...the bad news is that killers are increasingly "independent" thugs, but since they are scaring the pants off the Sunni community, it looks like revenge is the rule of the day.

Iran also is offering their long range missiles to Israels' enemies...but they figure the election means no real US threat...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Toothpick art

via boingboing

Always do what you are told

Open Range


Well, headlines look lousy from here.
Alqaeda and Iran are reading the Democratic victory as a victory for them, so are getting aggressive.

The European search for "peace" seems to be appeasement, since they insist that they have to accomadate Hezbollah, so they will suckup to Syria and Iran, and insisting that the US pacify Iran to get peace in Iraq...I guess that means it is Iran's fault, not Bushs?

As a result, Israel is threatening to destroy Iran's nuke program.

Drudge says Germany will put Rumsfeld on trial...for what happened at AbuGarab, with the main witness the female general who actually was in charge of the place, who claims she didn't know what was going on so it's Rumsfeld's fault...guess this makes sense.

Hint to Germany: watch what you ask for, you might get it.

What is even more interesting is what is under the fold: the unrest in oil rich Kazahkstan,

The church related Asianews notes two things about this: One Nancy Pelosi is big on pushing civil rights in China...I hope so, since Santorum lost someone has to keep an eye on these things.

And Jack Palance died...

Family news

The older dog had puppies this morning...six. Now we know why she was so huge.
This is the third litter she has had since she was "fixed"...guess it didn't work.

The black dog has three puppies, and they are old enough to eat so we are getting her fixed this morning.

It's harvest season. Some of the crops were damaged by the last typhoon, but our fields seem okay and we harvest next week.

So everyone is okay now.