Sunday, November 30, 2008

Science news you can use

A study called Women’s Bust Size and Men’s Courtship Solicitation, published in the journal Body Image, describes how Gu├ęguen tested “the effect of a woman’s breast size on approaches made by males.

"...We hypothesised that an increase in breast size would be associated with an increase in approaches by men.” The study ends with an 827-word ode on the topic sentence: “Our hypothesis was confirmed.” …


NPR's Science Friday archives has some podcasts discussing the ignoble prizes LINK


and for those of you over 21, GrouchyOldCrippleBlog has a photo of Thanksgiving Boobage for your enjoyment. LINK

Musical interlude for today

At link, Healing Piano...streaming music for your pleasure...

Gift item of the day

Don't know what to do with all that leftover food?

Try having a food fight....Gizmodo has links to lots of toys to help your side win...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Craft item of the day

the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness could not overcome it...

Make yourself an Advent wreath...

Get three purple candles and one pink one. The colours are that of the vestments (week three of Advent is pink as a celebration; the other three are purple to remind us of the penance and sorrow in the life of waiting for heaven...or waiting for the kid to be born.)

I first read of the custom in Maria Von Trapp's story of the Trapp Family singers.

Each night, you light one candle and read a short passage from the gospel or another book to remind yourself of the real meaning of Christmas.

Longer explanation at link...or try HERE.

Stuff below the fold

I've been checking on the Freepers (NSFW) and on their non political forums they have lots of nice links in their discussions.

This is one of several circles found in Oregon on the GoogleearthAnomalies website...

A tomb of one of the Emperors of the Medes has been found...the Kurds have a report...

Plagues have changed history
The plague of Athens was typhoid...and the Antonine plague, the Aurelian plauge and the later Justinian plague were probably bubonic plague, and depopulated the Roman empire...

Lady in Red....yup. Red dresses have been popular even 15000 years ago...LINK at least in China...

and on a lighter note: The Vatican has music on downloads...


just an FYI: For thanksgiving, we ate shrimp...

Keep trying...I know it will fit

your cute photo of the day from Cousin Maddie

Family News

Joy had her surgery and post op a bit blurry but now she can see...

I went to immigration trying to upgrade to long term visa as balikbayan...thanks to traffic we were late for the interview, and the guy wouldn't see us because Lolo didn't come along...

Will have to go back next month. Sigh.

Manila is starting to look like Christmas, with stars and decorations all over...traffic terrible as usual...Joy visited and brought supplies to two trade fairs...Chano is busy making capiz flowers for gifts ordered by a politician to give as presents...the place is chaos, with all sorts of people sleeping in all the rooms...and every time we think everyone is fed, someone else shows up to visit at lunch or supper time...luckily Dita usually cooks extra...last time we counted, we had five family and 20 help...more if the farmers are visiting...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Why walk when your friend will hop you around?

your cute photo of the day from CousinMaddie

Musical interlude for today

turn up speakers and try not to cry, it's that beautiful....

Mumbai attacks

Zakaria of Newsweek comes from that area of India, and brings up several points that haven't been noted elsewhere:
That the hotels attacked are not the usual ones where Americans stay but have important symbolic value to Indians...unlike in Jakarta, the Marriott where most Americans stay was not attacked...(side note: maybe the Marriott had better security?)

he also points out that they terrorists didn't speak probably they come from Kashmir, and are not Alqaeda.


Canadian Mark Steyn's essay is worth reading...he reminds Americans of the blessings of democracy and political stability that allows ordinary people to thrive:

. “The New World” is one of the oldest settled constitutional democracies on earth, to a degree “the Old World” can barely comprehend. Where it counts, Americans are traditionalists.... The US Constitution is not only older than France’s, Germany’s, Italy’s or Spain’s constitution, it’s older than all of them put together.... Three hundred and fourteen years ago, the pilgrims thanked God because there was a place for them in this land, and it was indeed grand. The land is grander today, and that too is remarkable: France has lurched from Second Empires to Fifth Republics struggling to devise a lasting constitutional settlement for the same smallish chunk of real estate, but the principles that united a baker’s dozen of East Coast colonies were resilient enough to expand across a continent and halfway around the globe to Hawaii. Americans should, as always, be thankful this Thanksgiving, but they should also understand just how rare in human history their blessings are.

Everyday heroes

Guarding you from terrorists at Time square station....
our Pinoy cops are doing the same: Watching for robbers and terrorists, knowing that they are essentially a "speed bump" to slow down the attack until backup comes.

did you know that here they inspect packages when you come into the mall, checking for weapons and explosives?

And remember: Policemen are the people that Obama's friends Ayers and his friends called pigs and wanted to kill...the reason that it is ignored is that the MSM and Chicago elites are upper class, and the cops tend to be working class...don't say class warfare doesn't exist...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

LIFE magazine photos on line

History and photography buffs might want to check out Goggle images website with photographs from LIFE magazine...

ah, those great bathing suit styles...

(headsup Digitalworldtokyo)

Green invention of the day

a solar power bra to power up your cellphone or mp3 player....

unanswered question: does a D CUP generate more electricity than an A Cup?

Tip for the day

Hate wobbly videos? Gizmodo suggests:

strap the camera to a chicken's head...

film at link

Musical interlude for today


Terror attack in India...

one hopes that the bozos here won't try it in Makati...

Headline of the day

Carjacking suspect hit with frozen turkey

(headsup ConfederateYankee)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Craft item of the day

make a papercraft turkey dinner

(headsup BoingBoing)


go to link, put in your blog, and voila: Instant personality test.

so what am I?

ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers
The responsible and hardworking type. They are especially attuned to the details of life and are careful about getting the facts right. Conservative by nature they are often reluctant to take any risks whatsoever.

The Duty Fulfillers are happy to be let alone and to be able to work int heir own pace. They know what they have to do and how to do it.

but if I put in my other blog, I am listed as a "THINKER"...."They are great at finding subtle connections between things and imagine far-reaching implications."

and on my medical blog, I am listed as a "MECHANIC"..."The independent and problem-solving type. They are especially attuned to the demands of the moment are masters of responding to challenges that arise spontaneously. They generally prefer to think things out for themselves and often avoid inter-personal conflicts. ..

Nice to know these things are accurate...

Family News

the good news: Ruby's small white dog had four puppies...

the bad news: The father is George, our killer watchdog, so we don't know if the puppies will be large or small...

The good news: Blackie's three puppies now have their eyes open and are walking around.
The bad news: They puddle everywhere, so we had to move them out of our bedroom.
The really bad news; as soon as they were moved out, the mamma cat and her half grown kittens moved in...and they like to sleep on the bed.

Photo of the day

from Col Updraft

Headlines below the fold

Obama promised to remove all abortion restrictions...that would mean forcing Catholic hospitals to do abortions...but the bishops said they'd rather close the hospitals....
well, that will bring America together.
Why hijack a plane when you can hijack a supertanker?
Yup. In a plane, you would have to fight off passengers, but supertankers could become floating bombs.

Embryonic stem cells have problems... you need to buy new "eggs" to make new embryos...discussion HERE
Adult stem cells are cheaper, more abundent, and are less prone to cancerous degeneration, but you wouldn't know that from most reports in the MSM...

Russia may play hardball with the Pirates.
Good...If Bush tried this, the headlines would count every dead body as an innocent civilian... but the Russians don't care...


And the headline for today:

Japanese man releases hundreds of worms in train

How to make a Redneck Christmas Tree

step one: Collect all your Mountain Dew cans for the last year...
Arrange them carefully around a stick, and top with a two liter empty bottle...

add lights, and Voila:

A redneck Christmas tree..

your email of the day from Col Updraft...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Headlines below the fold

Michael Yon explains why...

The most depressing story of the week...

‘Arroyo bribes total P100M' ...Money was to protect her from impeachment
Hmm...only two million US Dollars...but bribery comes cheap in the Philippines.


in comparison, Mark Rich's "ex wife" had to give $400thousand to the Clinton Library and a million to the Democratic party to get his $70thousand to Hillary's campaign to become a senator, and 10thousand to Clinton's defense fund...
and now the Justice Department lawyer behind that scam is up for Attorney General.

Even the NYTimes blasted Palin for her Turkey Day interview...
But the farmer involved said he assumed they were taking close up photos of her, and he assumed that he wasn't in the shot...

altogether class: it was a setup....

More press bias: in the past, this type of remark would have gotten you fired for vulgarity...
CNN... anchor Rick Sanchez showed video of foreign leaders shaking hands with each other but not with Bush. "He seems like the most unpopular kid in high school that nobody liked, the one with the cooties," Sanchez said. (but) the president had shaken hands with the leaders earlier.... CNN says Sanchez's show will air a clarification today.

another herb bites the dust...Ginko doesn't stop Alzheimer's....

Cyberwar update:
StrategyPage has a report on taking child pornographers and spammers off line ...they also have a discussion of Chinese hacking and about those who hack into chinese computers...

Stratpage also notes the link between Obama and the lack of terrorist attacks in the US:

It's because of the lack of racism in the USA..

Well, I guess my cats missed me

I was away yesterday, and today blogging in my easy chair, I have three cats sleeping on my lap while trying to blog....

Family news

We spent all day yesterday in Manila.

Joy saw the docs at the Asian Eye Institute to arrange cataract surgery.

She will have it done on Thursday...outpatient.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


! Genetically modified Enviropigs...whose poop contains less phosphorous than normal pigs.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beware of Identity theft

your email of the day from Col. Updraft...

Gift item of the day

a computer for your favorite "traditionalist" clergyperson...

Bored? Try one of these

Random Wikipeda Link

Random quote generator

Flickr Interesting Photo

HolyWhappingBlog also suggests "catholic" versions of TV shows...only for those who love absurdity and who have knowledge of Catholic trivia...such as:

House, O.P. - This week, Dominican Fr. Gregory House diagnoses a case of ruptured hermeneutic in the visiting Cardinal Kasper, even though everyone thinks it's just a mild, harmless case of ecumenical rash. Guest appearance by Edward Schillebeeckx as the text of an eye-chart, and a lot of weird, atmospheric tubular music.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Asian Stuff below the fold

Little Known facts about Japan at DRBBlog
the word "Japan" in English comes from Dutch sailors interpretation of the Chinese word for Japan...

Don't try this at home...Crab Cupcakes...
well, after all we have fishballs and prawn flavored snacks...

More from Japan: PinkTentacleBlog has 60 top new phrases used in Japan...

this is a Hime Den..."princess phone"...a decorated cellphone popular with teenaged girls...


But of course food should be cute too....

cute sushi!

From PurpleslinkyBlog.

Gift item of the day take two

Now that we force smoker to site outside for a puff, we see a lot of cold fingers....

well, just give a pair of these to your favorite smoker....

Gift item of the day

dragon straws...

Headline of the day

New Con-Ass resolution gaining ground in Lower House: sources


A resolution calling on the Senate and the House of Representatives to convene into a constituent assembly has been quietly going around the House of Representatives for signatures.

and then there is this one:
cha cha is charter change...the Philippines is discussing if they want to change from US style to UK style with a Prime minister.

And yes, locals are aware of the humor behind the names...

Attention Sarah Palin

forget the gun...use one of these...
(headsup FatherZ)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cute photo of the day

Balloons hovered over the Palote Dam during the Hot Air Balloons Festival in Leon, Mexico, Tuesday. (Mario Armas/Reuters) via the WSJ

Gift item of the day


for your cellphone..

Musical interlude for today

my sainted mother told me about the Flanders and Swan point out, the song is usually whistled because they are whistling dirty words...

and now, the rumor is confirmed as true...

Heartwarming story of the day

Rabbit Ethel gets a wheelchair...

Tips you can use

eating Broccoli lowers lung cancer rate in smokers...maybe...

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon...the concept could save the internet.

The best way to make your hands germ free? Ordinary soap and water...not because it kills the germs, but because it loosens their grip on you skin so they slide away with the running water...(the technical term is that soap acts as a surfactant)...

It's official: The Hope Diamond was stolen from Louis XVI...'s article is about the curse that goes along with the gem...

All I want for Christmas is a....Tessla Supercomputer... coming to you soon for under $10,000....

Your download of the day

To ease your commuting:
Tarzan of the Apes is now available for download from Librivox...

So is Jules Verne's Five weeks in a Balloon...

But if you want a book to help your insomnia, try Herodatus' History, part one...

The "Watch out what you wish for" post of the day

Those Somali pirates are getting lots of news.
Why doesn't "someone" take them out, whines Europe and the Saudis...someone of course is Uncle Sam....but US remembers the last "pirate" they took out and is staying quiet:
StrategyPage Explains:

That leaves the option of a military operation to capture the seaside towns and villages the pirates operate from. This would include sinking hundreds of fishing boats and speedboats. Hundreds of civilians would be killed or injured. ....

Given the opprobrium heaped on the U.S. for doing something about Iraq, no one wants to be on the receiving end of that criticism for pacifying Somalia. ...

update: Well, maybe India will step into the gap...

Podcast of the week

Podcast of the week is astronomy cast...

this week the title is return to the moon but they also discuss things like gravitons, spiral arms, and ice in space...

Don't eat the paintings....they are made from food...

your email of the day from Cousin Maddie

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

growing organs

via Drudge:

Tranplant of trachea grown from patient's own stem cells.

News below the fold

NYTimes objects to a Bush administration regulation that protects health care providers from being fired if they won't cooperate with abortion...but a close read shows contradictions and suggests that the law is indeed needed.

Every Christmas, Christians have to put up with historians claiming Jesus didn't exist...ah but now, Spengler notes, a German scholar claims that Mohammed never existed...and that Islam is a form of Gnosticism...and elsewhere, he notes the X rated Sufi poetry.

Murdoch's speech telling the dead tree media to clean up their act is a podcast HERE....

headlines prefer explosions and two year old corpses to the news that democracy is slowly working things out...

But the news that's not fit to report is that Michael Yon and StrategyPage agree:

The war in Iraq is over, and the good guys won. So some bloggers are promoting
November 22 is Victory in Iraq day...
of course, bombs continue, just like they do here...and the bad guys can reemerge if Obama screws things up...

and attention, out for exploding greese guns...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gift item of the day

Have Mr. Bacon slug it out with Monsieux Tofu...

but will someone tell me why a Chinese food has a French name?

headsup Epi-log

Musical interlude for today

LINK they won't let you embed...

turn up speakers and enjoy

Jesus and the mud puddle

Howard County Sheriff Jerry Marr got a disturbing call one Saturday afternoon a few months ago.
His 6-year-old grandson Mikey had been hit by a car while fishing in Greentown with his dad.

The father and son were near a bridge by the Kokomo Reservoir when a woman lost control of her car, slid off the bridge and hit Mikey at a rate of about 50 mph.

Sheriff Marr had seen the results of accidents like this and feared the worst.

When he got to Saint Joseph Hospital , he rushed through the emergency room to find Mikey conscious and in fairly good spirits.

'Mikey, what happened?' Sheriff Marr asked. Mikey replied, 'Well, Papaw, I was fishin' with Dad, and some lady runned me over, I flew into a mud puddle, and broke my fishin' pole and I didn't get to catch no fish!'

As it turned out, the impact propelled Mikey about 500 feet, over a few trees and an embankmentand in the middle of a mud puddle. His only injuries were to his right femur bone which had broken in two places.

Mikey had surgery to place pins in his leg. Otherwise the boy is fine.

Since all the boy could talk about was that his fishing pole was broken, the Sheriff went out to Wal-mart and bought him a new one while he was in surgery so he could have it when he came out.

The next day the Sheriff sat with Mikey to keep him company in the hospital.

Mikey was enjoying his new fishing pole and talked about when he could go fishing again as he cast into the trash can.

When they were alone, Mikey, just as matter-of-factly, said, 'Papaw, did you know Jesus is real?

Well,' the Sheriff replied, a little startled. 'Yes, Jesus is real to all who believe in him and love him in their hearts.'
'No,' said Mikey. 'I mean Jesus is REALLY real.'

'What do you mean?' asked the Sheriff.

'I know he's real 'cause I saw him.' said Mikey, still casting into the trash can.

'You did?' said the Sheriff.

'Yep,' said Mikey. 'When that lady runned me over and broke my fishing pole, Jesus caught me in his arms and laid me down in the mud puddle.'

your heartwarming email of the day from tia maria

Monday, November 17, 2008


We grow organic with plastic mulch similarly to this photo from Killerplants site...
Photographed by: Chelsie Vandaveer
Credits: Eggplant field photographed in DeSoto County, Florida.

pest control is a major problem, leading to huge pesticide use on regular crops. (and the smaller Asian eggplant is cooked skin intact, so that means pesticide may get into the food).

A new GM eggplant is now being developed...and we won't grow it, but it may mean more eggplant for poor people..

Class assignment: argue expensive organic natural versus cheap veggies for poor people...


decorate your sugar cookies with turkeys

from BillyandGreenBlog

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tony Hillerman interview

from the history channel...a couple days ago I noted about ceremonies for returning veterans...he discusses it here:

Navajo beliefs and culture were at the heart of Tony Hillerman's novels.
Along about Crownpoint, we pulled off the main highway onto a dirt road, and coming out of the hills was a whole column of Navajos. I was used to Indians, but these guys were really dressed up, all on horses, men and women, and we stopped to let them go. When we got to the ranch, I asked the rancher about those Navajos. He said some of the boys had just got back from the Marine Corps, and they’re having an Enemy Way ceremony, a curing ceremony. I said, “Boy, I’d like to see that.” He said if you stay sober and mind yourself, it would be all right. So I went.

What was it like?
What impressed me about it was how all their kin showed up. They weren’t curing bullet wounds or broken bones. The whole point was to teach them to get rid of their bad memories, their anger, hatred and indignation for the way they’d been treated, been shot at, just to get them back in what they call Hozjo, harmony with the world. I thought: “Boy, that’s wonderful; that’s the way it ought to be.” Nobody greeted me. I would have liked to have somebody tell me it would be all right. That stuck in my mind.

Musical interlude for today.

Smithsonian magazine has a series on Colombia...including an article on Colombian folk accordian music.

Turn up speakers and enjoy!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'll drink to that

along with drinking your turkey, you might want to add these traditional holiday foods to your Thanksgiving feast.

start your meal with good old fashioned Corn Whiskey in a jar...

Cranberry wine
instead of that sour glop of cranberry jelly from the jar.

and don't foget the BrusselSprouts Soda...

and end the meal with Pumpkin ale instead of pumpkin pies...

Gift item of the day

Thanksgiving is coming...

Don't forget to buy:

Turkey soda....
(headsup PhysicsGeekBlog)

Sorry, officer...guess I was driving a little too fast

your email of the day from Col Updraft

Friday, November 14, 2008

Gift item of the day

is your Sunday school holding it's own Christmas play? Need costumes?

Well just go to link and your problem is solved.
The photo is the "brokebackmountain" shepherd costume...

And for Wiccans, yes, they sell a Zeus wig and beard...that will make you look like Evan Almighty.

Craft item of the day

DadCanDoBlog has instructions on how to make your very own MadEyeMoody eye...

Stuff below the fold

India has landed a probe on the moon...

Will a bone marrow transplant "cure" HIV?

TeaAtTrianon discusses the painter Velazquez HERE, and has links to his paintings.

The Phoenicians are still with us. Their numerous colonies disappeared 2000 years ago, but their genes live on in their descendents. LINK2

Usually the Phonecians only get mentioned because they were rivals of Greece then later of Rome...
Right now I'm working my way through UnivBerkeley's History of the Mediterranean world

my next "class" will be Donald Kagan at Yale, on the history of Ancient Greece.


We have all the puppies (and kitties) we want to watch here (right now, Blackie's three pups are living in our bedroom and approaching the "cute" stage when their eyes open).
But if you don't have this type of luck, BoingBoing links to

Photo of the day

photo of the day from Engineer Hamid of poultry fame
more photos on his blog HERE.and HERE.
Looks like it's snowing there already...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tip for today

Gomestic has suggestions for using common items found around the house.

For example, cut the cake in half for layer cake by using dental floss instead of a knife...

or use bread to pick up those tiny shards of glass that are so hard to pick up...

Craft item of the day

Science toymaker has instructions on how to use the cap of an acorn as a whistle.

He adds: If you can't find an acorn, you can use a sodabottlecap. Good advice for those of us who live in the tropics.

and more about whistles HERE.

(headups Scribbit Blog).

Stuff below the fold

Good News: We think we got the internet connection fixed, so maybe I can go back to blogging....
Bad News: whoops...another brown out...

Good news: human pollution may have prevented another ice age..

Bad news: Chickenlittle still says the sky is falling if we don't repent and go back to living a carbon free lifestyle...

Weird news: Foot number seven washes up in Washington state...

Monty Python, plagerist?

The "dead Parrot joke" goes back 1600 years...

for those from Mars, or other Republican voters, here is the dead parrot joke:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

uff below the fold

HelloKittyHell links to a university survey on HelloKitty...

Sign in and mess up their statistics!

Obama's fund raising won't be audited,
because he declined to limit his funds by taking government funds as others in the past have done...but McCain's fundraising is in trouble...

It's nice to be king...

However, even though the feds won't investigate ACORN, the Catholic bishops are asking to check their books: The bishops are pissed that they might have used charity funds given for helping the homeless to fill the coffers of ACORN's founder's pockets, or to register votes in a partisan fashion...


Wesley Smith podcast on what it means to be human LINK.

Zimbabwe still in ruins...five million need food...past aid money was "borrowed" by the government, who now gives it back and promises never to do it again....and asks for more money...
Mugabe continues to use the police, military and his private "green bomber" gangs to terrorize the people, and although the police were supposed to be supervised by the winning opposition leader Tsvangirai, Mugabe has refused to do this so far.

So what does South Africa's mediators do? Tells Tsvangirai to "compromise" and then blames him, not Mugabe for the failure of the talks.

But there is a bit of good news:

the Billings Gazette covers the homecoming of Marine Sargent Tyson TwoTwo.

As a Cheyenne, they welcomed him back in the traditional way to help a warrior return home:

"It's a big relief that he's home," his mother, Mary Ann Bearcomesout, said. "I was worried about him when he was gone."

Two Two's uncle, Charles Bearcomesout, is also a Marine Corps veteran, having served in the early 1960s. He said that with Two Two's return, family and friends can help him adjust to life back in America. Much of the ceremony - including the singers and drummers and a ceremonial dance - was designed to cleanse Two Two and help him recover from any spiritual and mental wounds he may have received, and a sweat lodge ceremony is being held in Lame Deer today to pray and let him tell his story.

"People who have been in combat can change," Charles Bearcomesout said. "We have to become aware of that. That's why we included the medicine (singers) - to help with the healing process."

(personal note: I once worked with the Oklahoma Cheyenne, not the Montana band. But many tribes have similar cermonies for returning veterans...)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Stuff below the fold

Weird headline of the day:

Unknown "Structures" Tugging at Universe, Study Says

Well, we have dark matter and dark energy so they are calling this "Dark Flow"....

Have a defibrillator? Watch out for your Mp3 headset...LINK..

Was the press biased for Obama? The WaPost, which was the least biased paper in my opinion, says YES WE WERE...


It's official: Kids bring happiness..(viateaattrianonblog)


North Korea's Kim is being photoshopped, the police are confiscating cellphones, half the population might starve this winter...and experts warn the place might just implode....

Think Zimbabwe (or Somalia) with nukes...

nope, no headlines here, folks, just move along...

Here comes abortion to be promoted overseas with US Tax money, embryos bought to make stem cells, and green restrictions on carbon dioxide production...
thereby screwing the Kmiec catholics who voted for him...

Why pets hate Haloween

your email of the day from Col Updraft

Family news

internet out for three days due to our wireless is off, but the modem works with the desktop up in the blogging will be slow..

we are fine

Friday, November 07, 2008

Hmm....maybe they just hate women

The press drumbeat against Hillary just went on and on...what did she do with her hair?.... she wears ugly pants suits...she is showing wrinkles...she uses botox...

then later, the ridicule of Palin became the "in" thing for bloggers and the press.
She dresses like a hick...she spent 100thousand dollars for dresses...what did she do with her hair?

Well, now the catty types have another target: Michelle.

Jeff Weinstein (commented):

".... It was definitely a lava lamp look,’’ he told the paper, “with a volcanic nod to her hubby’s Hawaii.”

Sheesh! give a gal a break, fellahs, she's a lawyer not a movie star...

AudioBook of the day

fans of EE(doc) Smith might want to know that
Masters of Space audiobook is now available for download...

and they're working on Skylark of Space...

Extreme sports

First they had


Ah, but now a sport for the rest of us:

Extreme Scrabble!



Stuff below the fold

Good news: WOZA women released from jail in Zimbabwe...
Bad News: Violence against opposition continues...

Good news: FCC passes white space agreement.
Bad News: Some now saying the internet is a "right"... translation: This means big brother will "Give" me this right for free...

Good news: The first internet president
Bad News: don't open that email...

and StrategyPage reports on the ongoing cyberwar...LINK...


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Family news

My laptop is fixed, so I can blog in comforts instead of having to use the business computer at odd hours.

One puppie died, but the other three are doing dog expecting anytime now is Ruby's small white dog...when she was in heat, she was locked up but got out somehow and mated with our large watchdog...we are watching her carefully in case she needs a ceasarian section...

Lolo is fine.

American patriotism interlude for today



Newborn koala takes a bow...from ZooBornsBlog.

Book stuff

UnderTheGables has a book review on Beatrix Potter...(headsup TeaAtTrianonBlog)

Michael Crichton has died of in peace.


Attention homeschoolers: TrinitySchools has a suggested reading list of books LINK
from Scienceblogs: This is your brain on art: