Friday, February 24, 2006

The Forgotten wars

CNNI's Baghdad correspondent, after having a couple weeks of being ignored, is now salivating over the mosque explosion and the retaliation killings, which come to about 100 people.

Ah, but what if they gave a war and no reporters came?

That's what is happening in Africa...
At least Dafur's genocide gets attention on blogs...and in Christian churches.
And the cartoon violence in Nigeria got some attention, but without attention to the tribal aspects of interreligious fighting.

But once in awhile you see a note about central Africa where, despite 17,000 UN peacekeepers, people are dying...

Some 120,000 people have fled their homes in the remote Mitwaba area, where hundreds of women have been raped during fighting between the army and former pro-government militiamen that U.N. peacekeepers are unable to control, he added....Humanitarian crises elsewhere in the Congo, where aid workers say fighting and war-related hunger and disease kill 1,000 people a day, mean there are also only a handful of organizations looking after Katanga's displaced.


In what some experts call the deadliest humanitarian crisis of the last 60 years, an estimated four million people have died in Congo, mostly from hunger and disease, since civil war began in 1998. It ended officially in 2003, but deaths continue.

NYTimes has a story about Angolan refugees in Zambia...another "non story", since it was Cuban troops that kept the oil companies safe...

Anglican bishop notes the increasing persecution of Christians in Nigeria.

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