Saturday, October 07, 2006

Medical Headlines of the day

First they came for the Spinich...then they came for the Carrot Juice.

See, mom, I TOLD you Twinkies were better than healthy foods for kids. When things are full of chemicals and preservatives, even Germs don't want to live there.

And (via Instapundit ) the WSJ reminds us that since kids spread flu, it's smarter to give them flu vaccine than Grandmom, who probably stays home most of the time...oh yes, and it also saves Kids lives.
This is ALSO the reason we vaccinate kids for Rubella...not that Rubella is dangerous, but kids spread it to their pregnant moms, and it IS dangerous to unborn babies.
It's the "drain the swamp" rather than treat approach to disease...

And the LATIMES has an article on how the medical infrastructure of Nigeria broke down, leading the the resurgence of easily preventable disease...
Luckily, NGO's stepped into the gap, which only shows that oil money won't improve the lot of common people when the government is corrupt.

Finally, the scientist behind the TV show BONES

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