Friday, July 13, 2007

Headlines below the fold

Bloggernewsnet is asking for a Blogburst about Pastor Son, a North Korean who converted to Christianity while in China and went back to his country to preach, and is now sentenced to death for daring to do so.
My contribution is background story about the Christian underground railroad smuggling NK Refugees...

Kenyan ladies of the evening have a new uniform:the buibui - a loose, floor-length gown and head covering favoured by Muslim women.

Jihadi TV
...nah, if it was reported they might have to acknowledge that Bush didn't make up these things.

Historian reminds NYTimes of reality LINK.

Good news of the day: Sending date palms to restore the Basran orchards. Spanish scientist hopes to help replant using Spanish seedlings. It's part of the Iraqi Marshlands Rehabilitation project. The marshlands were destroyed by Saddam to punish the locals. One of the major ecological atrocities of the 1990's ...

But the real danger to the world is....


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