Monday, April 25, 2011

Wars below the fold

The antiwar right seems upset that the Libyan rebels have been killing and decapitating some of the African mercenaries hired by Ghadaffy and their friends. Sigh. such things happen in every war, and are often not atrocities as much as "payback's a bitch". And Obama seems to be taking a lesson from Reagan.

But the Independent notes that there is underlying unrest in Tripoli.
and StrategyPage notes that the war is still early, and that many countries have special forces types helping to train the rebels, who lack basic war skills. They figure the war will go on for a few more months.

Strategypage is also a bit more optimistic about Afghanistan than the MSM, (the opposite point of view is seen HERE) and they are the ones who point out that the real "game changer" is Syria, not Libya.
and the joker in the deck is

I tend to trust them over most newspapers, because they get stuff right, such as that the real problem is corruption, not ideology.

Robbing the poor and giving to the rich.


Good news for gals with guns: They are finally making gal uniforms that fit.

Seven hundred outfits are currently being tested at Fort Belvoir in Virgina. They have shorter arms than the male versions and greater breathing room around the chest and hips. Designers have also repositioned the knee pads, to compensate for the fact that women generally have shorter legs than their male counterparts.

The most important feature, in practical terms, is said to be a redesigned crotch. The camouflaged uniforms no longer boast an old-fashioned zippered fly, but are made in way that allows female soldiers to urinate without the inconvenience of having to disrobe


I have a high waist, so always had to get the long issue pants to fit my bottom, and then had to cut off about 9 inches and rehem them...and the pockets were in the wrong place.Since I was only a weekend warrior and only used them to run around the Idaho desert (I was in the IDNatGuard in the 1980's) it didn't matter much, but for a real war it would be nicer to have such things available....the question is why did it take them 30 years to figure this out?

Maybe the "don't ask don't tell" policy will improve things: sounds like some higher ups need some input from the Fab Five.


more good news: The unicorn is back.

The Nepal one horn rhino (which was probably one of the inspirations for the unicorn) is now increasing in number now that the civil war in Nepal is "on hold".

Photograph by Dilip Mehta

all of this is good news for the Eco tourists,

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