Friday, May 27, 2011

Stuff below the fold

Before there was Dunkirk, there was Xenophon and the ten thousand (Librivox link)
when given the choice of surrender or die, they chose "none of the above" and walked home.

Podcast about this episode and his other writings at the BBC.

they also have one on Custer and a few other recent ones HERE.


Interesting discussion on what to do about Somalia, with it's corrupt government, murderous gangs and pirates.

Note the part about China...


Did Braveheart have women in his army? Or Is this the skull of "Black Agnes"?

They are doing excavations on Stirling Castle and other areas in Scotland,and dug up a bunch of skeletons that date to the Scots war of indepence, including one woman...
actually, the skeleton suggests a hard working woman, so probably a commoner, but the Black Agnes story can be found HERE.

Another site, with photo.

She makes a stir in tower and trench,
That brawling, boisterous, Scottish wench;
Came I early, came I late.
I found Agnes at the gate.

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