Sunday, March 18, 2012

Science news below the fold

First Neutrino Message Sent Through Rock; Could One Travel Back In Time?

And they pushed the message — which simply spelled out the world "Neutrino" — through "240 meters of stone" (787 feet).

more at PopSci

this means you could send a message straight through the earth, and
theoretically this might mean you could send a message back in time.


Russian and Korean scientists will try to clone a mammoth.

heh: Manny lives again.

Manny factoid: His real name is
Manfred, his wife's name is Ellie, and his daughter's name is Peaches.

Fake meat that tastes good? Maybe.

and although Pink Slime isn't great, it doesn't taste as bad as it sounds.

don't look at me: We rarely eat beef (and most of it is local beef or water buffalo beef, and both are very tough: to get decent steaks you import frozen steak from New Zealand or Australia, and it costs too much for our budget).

ForWhatTheyWere Blog points out Blogger is now identifying your blog according to country, (so that it can be censored by the state where you live?)

But most worrisome is why is Blogger changing this:

Q: Why is this happening?
A: We are doing this to provide more support for managing content locally. If we receive a removal request that violates local law, that content may no longer be available to readers on local domains where those laws apply. This update is in line with our approach to free expression and controversial content, which hasn’t changed.

In other words: bending to the possible censorship demands from the states.

Q. Can users outside of the United States still access the service’s .com domains?
A. Yes, we allow anyone to view the .com version of a Blogger blog by typing: http://[blogname] – which always goes to the .com version of the blog. The “no country redirect” (ncr) will temporarily prevent Blogger from redirecting readers to the local version of the blog.


Now if I can only figure out if this blog is listed as Philippines, or US, where my official address is....actually, my official US address is in the semi autonomous Red Lake Nation, which does not have a designation, but that is another story altogether.

I probably should check the problem out on the tech blogs, but the internet off and on has meant I'm a bit behind in reading...

The UhOh post of the day:
Pakistan carts its nukes around in delivery vans

The nukes travel "in civilian-style vehicles without noticeable defenses, in the regular flow of traffic", according to a blockbuster story on the US-Pakistan relationship in The Atlantic. Marc Ambinder and Jeffrey Goldberg write that tactical nuclear weapons travel down the streets in "vans with a modest security profile." Somewhere on a highway around, say, Karachi, is the world's most dangerous 1-800-FLOWERS truck.
Tom Clancy should be suing Pakistani generals for ripping off the basic idea behind The Sum Of All Fears

heasdup Instapundit.

Maybe Armageddon was right: a nuke could explode a killer asteroid.

Wired reminds us of the good old days:

Niel DeGrasse video on forgetting how to dream:

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