Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Headlines below the fold

Not in the headlines for some reason, but if you scan lower down you will find that the Nobel Prize in Medicine has been awarded to the scientists who devised a way to make adult stem cells act like embryonic stem cells.

Japanese press story HERE.

Probably not in the reports: check NYTimes 2007 story about Yamanaka's decision to stop destroying embryos:
Dr. Yamanaka was an assistant professor of pharmacology doing research involving embryonic stem cells when he made the social call to the clinic about eight years ago. At the friend’s invitation, he looked down the microscope at one of the human embryos stored at the clinic. The glimpse changed his scientific career.
“When I saw the embryo, I suddenly realized there was such a small difference between it and my daughters,” said Dr. Yamanaka, 45, a father of two and now a professor at the Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences at Kyoto University. “I thought, we can’t keep destroying embryos for our research. There must be another way.”

StrategyPage report on the Philippines peace deal

Well, when even Binay and the Manila Bulletin (i.e. the business community) are praising him, it means this is a big deal. The indigenous groups, who predate the Moros, also are supportive.

(hint: The extremists will try to destroy it, so everyone is waiting for a few bombs to go off).


For the last two days I have been hearing prop planes and helicopters flying low overhead, meaning the AFP are training the Yanks in jungle warfare at nearby Ft Magsaysay again. And no: I haven't spotted any Harriers yet.

This would ordinarily be good news for the local working gals, but after the Subic rape case kerfuffle, the Marines are probably told local gals are now off limits.

One difference this year: I can't find reports of the left protesting the visit. Even the left hates China more than the US...but officials reassure China the fact the USS Bonhomme Richard is parked at Subic has nothing to do with China...

Related item: China's economic problems might affect the economic growth of Asia.
more HERE.

Strategy page keeps pointing out why there will be no peace with the Middle East: Two generations of hate propaganda in the media there.

Michael Totten links to this article in Arab news pointing out the same thing: Ignoring the Arab on Arab atrocities...

StrategyPage also report on the keystone cops infighting in the administration about the deaths at Benghazi.  Some of the post attack coverup it to keep sources from being outed, of course, but the key question:
That said, it's still unclear why the ambassador chose to spend September 11th (a day many Islamic terror groups liked to attack Americans on) in such a vulnerable place (Benghazi, noted for its many Islamic radical groups and in a lightly guarded consular compound, rather than the heavily guarded embassy back in Tripoli.)
Well, it was an open secret that the place was indefensible and going to be attacked: every gamer has known this since VileRat said goodbye on line.

  Mrs. Gay Caswell again blogs to correct a recently published book that whitewashes the history of "the ultimate mole" in the Canadian government...

Who do you believe, that nice elite writer who is "one of us", or the files from the KGB?

Bookmarked for later reading: Camille Paglia and Ricochet on the demise of the arts.

MoJo has an article on everything you ever wanted to know (not) on fecal therapy.

Could Africa become the bread basket of the world?

yes:  they need to copy Zimbabwe, where farmers grow wheat in the winter/dry season with the help of irrigation.

 (and if they get rid of the tsetse fly and start irrigating, you'd see wheat field where NatGeo only sees lion habitat ) 

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