Monday, November 19, 2012

Philippines in the world news

Oil company BP will pay a measly 4 billion for destroying the Gulf coast due to being too cheap to fix a plug, but the latest news about a fire of another oil platform that killed 2 and injured 14 will probably get little press in the US. Why? Because most of those killed/injured were Filipinos.

Probably a million Filipinos work in Saudi/Persian Gulf region: and although most are probably health care workers, clerks or drivers, quite a few work in blue collar jobs, including in the oil fields. They also work in the petroleum industry in countries from Kazakhstan to Nigeria.

StrategyPage has an article on piracy: most of the headlines is about Somalian pirates, but it is present in other areas.
Last time I check, over 100 of the mariners held hostage in Somalia are Filipino seamen, but piracy affects other  sea-lanes, including the South China sea and various Indonesian straits.

according to Wikipedia, 25 percent of the 1.5 million seamen are from the Philippines, and yes one of our relatives is a seaman.

University of Houston has a course on the history of Piracy if you are interested in the subject.


Want to invest money? The only country who was upgraded by the IMF is the Philippines.

StrategyPage reviews a book on the Buffalo soldiers.
The other half of the book is devoted to the service of black volunteers in the Spanish-American and Philippine Wars.  As these are largely overlooked subjects, the essays are often ground breaking. 

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