Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stories below the fold

Instapundit links to a Wired story on how modern video games now have dads as heroes.

The gaming site that mourned VileRat noted that he introduced diplomacy into their space war game, to the point that one group actually changed sides.

And I once noted that few westerners outside of WOW knew about Admiral Yi and his turtle boats.

Hmm...wonder if any Anthropology major is doing a study on how video games educate our young?


Some Catholic blogs are lamenting that  half of Catholics voted for Obama...Excuse me for being cynical, but Romney care was Obama care lite: And it also required Catholic institutions to give out abortifactant pills and fund birth control.

Don't get me started on the American bishops...some of the newer ones are stuck cleaning out the mess of the past, but until they clean up their bureaucracy who allowed a lot of the pedophilia and theft to go on, they will not be able to be Christian spokesmen.

Oh Canada: harassment of schools that won't teach the feminist propaganda.
GuessMrs Gay Caswell isn't as paranoid as she sounds when she discusses how bureaucrats harass those opposed to the agenda.


Foreign Affairs magazine argues that ex military officers shouldn't run for government posts because
a 2012 survey we conducted of registered voters measuring the effectiveness of these endorsements -- clearly indicates that veterans, especially retired generals and admirals, are involved in U.S. electoral politics in a way that could erode the public’s powerful support for the country’s armed forces.
Translation: Unlike the past, where Democrats like JFK or Reverend Wright were proud veterans, the modern elites of the Democratic party disdains the military, which is why there was so little outcry in the press about the soldier's votes being lost or arriving too late to be counted.


Was that Sudan raid a "headsup" to Iran that they are next?


Book review on the "MadMax" aftermath of World War of several new books telling this story that was mainly ignored in the west for the last 60 years.

a similar horror occured after World War I, but unless you had a relative to tell you about it, you probably didn't study that in school either.

Big Brother is watching you, or at least watching your emails. No, the general and his bimbo weren't caught by the Patriot act: it was the Electronic Communications Privacy Act that allowed snooping into data stored more than 180 days without a warrant.:

SenseOfEvents has more background, and a cynical analysis of the kerfuffle: the FBI is trying to hide that the initial FBI investigator started snooping as a favor to impress his own honey, not to see if there was a crime.

presumably this will be made into a Danielle Steele novel or a major TV movie in the near future, if Law and Order doesn't beat them to it first.
They obviously didn't check Dave Barry for email advice:


actually, don't check the link, instead read about it at Wikipedia. 

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