Monday, December 10, 2012

Sarcastic ? report of the day

From Reuters:

DOHA - At the end of another lavishly-funded U.N. conference that yielded no progress on curbing greenhouse emissions, many of those most concerned about climate change are close to despair.

As thousands of delegates checked out of their air-conditioned hotel rooms in Doha to board their jets for home, some asked whether the U.N. system even made matters worse by providing cover for leaders to take no meaningful action...

The conference held in Qatar - the country that produces the largest per-capita volume of greenhouse gases in the world - agreed to extend the emissions-limiting Kyoto Protocol, which would have run out within weeks.
then the article goes on to the PC whine about hurricanes in the Philippines and NYC....

These were not unusual storms (In NYC, such storms come once a generation, but the local politicians in NYC ignored the problem and didn't fix the infrastructure)

And much of the damage and deaths from the latest Philippine typhoon was from illegal mining and logging...

Geologists say the mountainous area is mostly unsafe for habitation. But numerous small, illegal or poorly regulated gold mines dot its slopes and the local government says they provide 40 percent of the province's economic output. Much of the forest cover was also cut down long ago to make way for row upon row of bananas to supply the major markets of China, Iran and Japan. The plantations and hopes of striking it rich have drawn hundreds of thousands of poor migrants in search of work. They settle in mountain hamlets around which poisonous mercury, used to extract gold from rock, is routinely dumped into rivers.

...but hey, look at the good side: The same politicians who accepted gifts to look the other way or who pocketed money instead of trying to fix the problem can now get rich by taking "aid" for climate change destruction too.

Ah, it's good to be the king.

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