Friday, December 07, 2012

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Earth at night is a black marble

how to film a hobbit.


well, we might have silted up rivers and sewers and denuded slopes from illegal logging, but NASA is able to track how much rain a typhoon leaves behind. (9 inches)


related item: What area of the earth is safest from natural disasters?

a few folks suggested Ireland, pointing out that the potato famine was not natural but man made.

but I think they ignored the Tsunamis of 1755 and 1761

the 1755 tsunami was from the great Lisbon earthquake, but there is still a debate about where the epicenter of the smaller earthquake near Lisbon that was behind the one in 1761

The 31 March 1761 earthquake was felt in Lisbon at noon, alarming the inhabitants and throwing down ruins of the past 1 November 1755 earthquake. According to several sources the earthquake was followed by a tsunami that was observed as far as Cornwall (United Kingdom), Cork (Ireland), and Barbados (Caribbean). The Portuguese catalogs locate this event on the Horseshoe Abyssal Plain, south of Gorringe Bank, and attribute a magnitude of 7.5. The Caribbean tsunami catalog (Lander et al., 2002) locates the event further north 37° N 10° W and estimates of its epicenter intensity as IX.

more HERE.

TurtleBayBeyondBlog notes that the UN holds conferences where those hosting the conference already have drawn the conclusions they want.

to attend you have to sign a paper that includes “a commitment to the values of the ICPD” among the factors for consideration.




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