Monday, December 24, 2012

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they are again putting on the play A christmas carol, in Klingon.

China's point of view on their investing in a huge Navy: They need them to protect their shipping.

but then why do they ignore the Law of the Sea?


Father L; did you know so and so was Catholic? He's taking suggestions from you trivia fans...

What, he didn't list John Wayne, Bob Hope, Tennesee Williams,or the Governator?

Remember: non practicing catholics are the second largest religious groups in the USA.
Will Durant was born Catholic but became a non believer later in his life.

His books are fun to read albeit out of date but can be found at various places on the web:

various downloads at Link
PDF Caesar and Christ
PDF the reformation.

and since I dissed Gibbons in a previous post, I should add that he too is out of date but easy to read, or you can download his book to fall asleep to LINK


I am for gun control, especially getting guns out of the hands of criminals (which the "gun control" laws don't do). But if you want links and comments on the pro gun side, check out Instapundit, who is a lawyer with an expertise on gun law.

NYTimes decides we don't need to train doctors quite so much.

Uh, duh: I became a doc in Five years by cutting out college courses duplicated in medical school. But they want to cut out the graduate level training.

This is bad, because the dirty little secret is that you learn medicine by doing medicine, not by reading books, and a lot of the "duplication" in the 3rd and 4th year is just to hone one's experience in general medicine before you specialize in post graduation work.

Why not let them start medical school after two years, as was done in the good old days, instead?


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