Tuesday, December 18, 2012

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The Hobbit, reviewed by Brian Sibley, who has a long association with the Tolkien books, and a new book about making the film.

He also has some nice posts about Walt Disney LINK and a post about the versatile actor behind the voice of Sgt Tibbs LINK
if you don't have kids, Sgt Tibbs is the cat in 101 Dalmations, the cartoon.

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Via Tea At Trianon:

how did they dye cloth in the "good old days"?

To dye Wool, Silk, Cotton, and other stuffs, a permanent blue

Boil in a pipkin, or saucepan, nine parts, by weight, of pearl-ash, with as much bran, and one part of madder root, in a sufficient quantity of water, and add to this mixture nine parts of indigo, ground up with a little water, and keep the mixture boiling for about half an hour. 
 The real overlooked part of history is that it was women who carded, spun and wove the cloth too, until about 1800.
Ever read about the "Luddite riots"? They were protesting the professional weavers pushed out of work by machines, but in poorer houses, it often was the wife and women who had to do it in their spare time...not to  mention carding and spinning.
 Cheap cloth was a blessing for them..


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