Thursday, December 13, 2012

Watch what you ask for, you may get it

Europeans have their knickers in a knot about a man supposedly "interrogated" by the CIA in what the man claims was a case of mistaken identity.

John McCain wants the investigation done too.

But the article has three problems:

One, it notes that McCain was tortured (true) but ignores that he was tortured to lie on camera for propaganda purposes.
In contrast, the CIA "interrogations" are to get the truth: information to save lives.

Two: The article denies claims implied in the new BenLaden film that they found out where he was by such "interrogations".
Yeah, and the Filipine cops found out about the plan to bomb the Pope by giving the guy a cup of tea...

Three: The dirty little secret is that one reason for the high rate of targeted killing of bad guys by the Obama administration is that they don't want to be accused of torture, so they just kill the guys instead.

Attention Europe: If the CIA were the "bad guys" you think they are, why didn't they just kill the guy? And if you start arresting them, maybe they will actually do it.

And, of course, there is the problem of exaggeration by those claiming torture.

My take is here: If you believe in God, then you don't commit an evil act for good purposes.

Alas, in times of war, sometimes people just go pragmatic.

And no, I'm not a pacifist: it's nice to say you would never kill to save your life, but what about saving the life of your wife, child, or your employees and patients?

And, if you were a Pinoy cop and found bomb making materials in an apartment at a time when the Pope was visiting, would you apply a little pressure on the guy to spill the beans?

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