Monday, December 03, 2012

Yeah, just let'm die

How many weeks after the storm hit, yet only today we read that the reason that they didn't evacuate a couple thousand nursing home folks in NYCity was because the mayor and the governor told them not to do it. why? Because their priorities was to avoid being criticized, not to save folks lives: .
Before Tropical Storm Irene, the officials ordered nursing homes and adult homes to evacuate. The storm caused relatively minor damage, but the evacuation led to millions of dollars in health care, transportation, housing and other costs, and took a toll on residents. As a result, when Hurricane Sandy loomed, the officials were acutely aware that they could come under criticism if they ordered another evacuation that proved unnecessary.
Sorry, but when the Red River of the North was rising, we got a lot of folks from Fargo and Grand Forks to house during the emergency, even though Fargo did okay, but Grand Forks got flooded when the sandbags couldn't keep up. This is a no brainer, but never mind. they're doing an "internal examination" of the problem, so don't hold your breath.

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